November 14, 2019
  • 3:42 pm Admitting Islam is Not a Tolerant Religion – Yusuf Estes
  • 3:42 pm Women’s Rights in Islam: Subjugation or Liberation? | Yusuf Estes
  • 3:42 pm Hillsong TV // My Faith – My Strength with Brian Houston
  • 3:42 pm Joni Eareckson Tada Interview: Icons of Faith Series
  • 3:42 pm Donald Trump: The First Atheist President?
Why Do Gurus Have Beards? | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: A beard does not grow on just Gurus, it grows on all men, really. really Believe me, it is so (Laughs). But they are all doing all kinds of funny things with it you must ask them why are they doing it. No body part has come without a purpose, isn’t it? For everything, […]

All religions started as a method to turn inward, but.. -Sadhguru about Religion

Participant: Religion is supposed to be the means of peace, attaining peace but in practicality in reality today every religion has got a base of fundamentalism and involve in terrorism. Can we not make an attempt to create a new world order where there is no religion at all? Sadhguru: Now, what you unfortunately know […]

Adiyogi Shiva: The First & Ultimate Zen Master | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: These questions and these thoughts are coming from a mindset which has grown in organized religions. We are not talking about Shiva versus somebody else because that you refer to as Shiva includes all these things that you are talking about. Just one little dimension, this or that they found out and they started […]

Understanding Our Belief Systems | Sadhguru

Welcome to Sync Mind. Please Use Headphones and Listen Carefully. What you unfortunately know as religion in the world today is just somebody’s belief systems. Somebody believes God is round. Somebody believes God is square. Somebody else believes he is a triangle, that’s the situation, isn’t it? And you must understand this, once you start […]

Is There a God? | Sadhguru

This audio session combines eye-opening speeches with binaural beats technology. Please use headphones and Listen carefully. Sadhguru: It once happened, Gautama the Buddha, you heard of him, hmm…? Everybody heard of Gautama? So Buddha is not his name. His name is Gautama Siddhartha. He became a Buddha. So he is not only the Buddha in […]

Temples Beyond Religion | Sadhguru

Questioner: You used the word temple city. Now, don’t you think that would be the beginning of all the problems because if you take history, all the major battles have been fought because of theism, because of religion. My this thing would be, could we label it differently, I mean temple in every city would […]

Three Dimensions Within You To Be Free | Sadhguru

Welcome to Sync Mind! Please use Headphones and Listen Carefully. When a human being is born, a certain software is set within himself which is a combination of time, energy and the information that he carries with him. These three together will determine various aspects of life. These three together will even determine how long […]

Give Yourself a Big Smile | Sadhguru

This audio session combines eye-opening speeches with Binaural Beats Technology. It was design to INSPIRE… MOTIVATE, and help people to REPROGRAM their MIND. Please use Headphones and Listen Carefully! What is the most important thing in your life right now? you’re alive right now? isn’t it? Sadhguru, that’s okay… Sadhguru, but I have a bundle […]

What is Karma? How Do You Break the Karmic Trap – Sadhguru

(Sadhguru): Now the essence of all this is, first thing is to understand the nature of how existence is happening. Either you can look at this (Gestures) or you can look at the atom or you can look at the universe. If you want to look at the universe, it is complex, it is difficult […]

Freedom to Create Your Own God | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: See, this is the beauty and the ugliness of Indian society is, in this society we have the freedom to create our own gods. Okay? If you don’t like any of the existing gods, you can create a new one. Because we clearly understand, god is our making. So we created thirty-three million gods […]