April 7, 2020
  • 12:59 pm Lecture 11 – Hiring and Culture, Part 2 (Patrick and John Collison, Ben Silbermann)
  • 12:58 pm Coffee Ritual of Iranian Arabs
  • 12:58 pm 001 Skincare London – The Pick microSculptor Ritual
  • 11:58 am “A Faith That Counters My Bad Habits” with Pastor Rick Warren
  • 9:59 am Coronavirus: Growing Concern Over Religious Liberty And Public Health As Holy Week Begins | NBC
Wednesday Night Message: Genuine Faith

Well good evening it’s Wednesday night and this is normally a time when we meet together and we have Bible study and a prayer time Certainly we need to be encouraged to remember to pray and especially in the situation in which we find ourselves today with this pandemic that is sweeping around the world […]

Witchcraft is the Religion of Fallen Humanity

This is the second talk in our series on The Enemies We Face. In our previous talk we looked at the nature and the structure of Satan’s kingdom and we saw that his kingdom operates on two levels. The upper level is in the heavenlies, somewhere in the heavenly region that is not the heaven […]

Is there any credible evidence for God outside of the Bible? | Abdu Murray | Q&A | RZIM
How Can I Be a Peacemaker Between Generations? | Ravi Zacharias and Francis Chan

– [Audience Member] So I come from an immigrant background from Russian Ukrainian churches and so what we have is the older generation who sees America, unlike the brothers here that were sharing, they see America as synonymous with the world and then we have the younger generation who is seeing all of the value […]


– Hi, my name’s Michael Ramsden and I’m speaking to you from my home in Oxford to introduce this morning’s Saturday session with you. We’re hoping every Saturday to bring a message that speaks and says something about the world in which we’re currently facing. And this particular message shared by Ravi Zacharias a few […]

Can suicide be the easy way out? | Vince Vitale | Q&A | RZIM

– But I know that for some of us actually the suffering that you’ve been enduring, whether it’s to do with what you’re going through at the moment, or whether it has been other sufferings in your life actually that have been so profound that you may feel like I don’t, forget about prayer, I […]

How to pray and share your faith when God doesn’t seem trustworthy/safe?  | Jo Vitale | Q&A | RZIM

– I think there are so many facets to this virus that people are struggling with right now and I think one of them is the loneliness that comes with socially distancing ourselves from each other, but I think perhaps an even deeper level to that is for those who actually feel like this has […]

Faith Seeking Understanding: Episode 3: What is the Crossings Method?

Here we are another section of faith seeking understanding where we as the crossings community respond to a variety of questions raised from by ordinary people about ordinary things in life, experienced culture and the scriptures itself. Today I want to address one of the most fundamental questions that often gets asked about crossings. Namely […]

Subjective Faith | Misconceptions

As I stated before one of the misconceptions I had that thinking that the Christian faith was a subjective faith. In other words, it didn’t really matter what you believed, as long as you believed it enough. That is pathetic when it comes to Christian faith. Now, I want to make a statement here that […]

A Question That Made My Atheist Friend Stop and Think

Hi Thinkers. I asked my Atheist friend this one particular question. To which she said, if more Christian people asked me that question, maybe I had considered becoming a Christian. I’m going to tell you what that question was in this video. Hi, I’m Erika from Believing Thinkers. In this channel, we talk about three […]