September 17, 2019
  • 7:12 pm Wo sagte Jesus, ich bin Gott, betet mich an? Sam Shamoun
  • 7:12 pm Warning for Christians
  • 7:12 pm Удивительное, Залипательное и Странное Видео, Релакс ☬ Relax, Amazing, Strange and Beautiful Video
  • 7:12 pm সর্বসেরা নতুন ওয়াজ তৈয়বুর রহমান || Taibur Rahman New Bangla Waz || Bangla Waz 2019
  • 7:12 pm Richard Dawkins VS Islam Debate Q&A
Asking Muslims If We Can Criticize Islam –  Sydney, Australia with Armin Navabi

it’s where we go whenever we’re going to makimba that how do you pronounce it the Kimber you asked me the Kimber musk recently learned southern Kenny then journalists went there and she got kicked out by the police saying that she was inciting violence because it was a very religious part of the city […]

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now is is all about telling Christians how they can live or die under Isis what they're saying is you can convert to Islam you can be killed like these Christians Isis claimed in this video Shiite men are herded together and executed in mass graves here Shiite men are shot in the head one […]