March 30, 2020
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Subjective Faith | Misconceptions

As I stated before one of the misconceptions I had that thinking that the Christian faith was a subjective faith. In other words, it didn’t really matter what you believed, as long as you believed it enough. That is pathetic when it comes to Christian faith. Now, I want to make a statement here that […]

Sunday service with the Archbishop of York

[Archbishop Sentamu] A sound heard in many rural villages in Uganda calling people to come to prayer. [Drums] Good morning. Welcome to Bishopthorpe. You are one of us. Thank you for welcoming us into your home or wherever you are. In the name of the Father And of the Son And of the Holy Spirit. […]

Where Is Your Faith?! ***DEEP*** #DeafAndWealth

Beautiful day, hope you are well, hope you enjoy my previous videos What am I going to talk about today? Fear. and faith The reason I talk about those two because not many people understood what is faith but fully understood what fear are how does the fear works? faith…sound like nothing but fear fear […]

A Question That Made My Atheist Friend Stop and Think

Hi Thinkers. I asked my Atheist friend this one particular question. To which she said, if more Christian people asked me that question, maybe I had considered becoming a Christian. I’m going to tell you what that question was in this video. Hi, I’m Erika from Believing Thinkers. In this channel, we talk about three […]

Faith That Sees through the Culture – Session 5

(uplifting music) -: We have arrived at a new question. When are we? Christ our Lord teaches us that how we view and live in time is a vital aspect of walking by faith and not by sight. Matthew 6 records Jesus as saying, “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, “for tomorrow will be […]

A Virtual Retreat with Cardinal Seán – Day 3: Faith

(mellow strings music) (mellow orchestral music) Growing up in the days before people had television sets, all of us kids, on Saturday, would always go to the movies, to the matinee, and then we go off to the parish church for Saturday confession. As my dad used to tell us, “When it’s time to get […]

The Purpose of Faith

I am absolutely certain that life has a purpose beyond what we create for ourselves. But I grew up in a household that wasn’t full of faith – it was a faithless household. I wasn’t raised by people who believed in Jesus and God and all that, and so I was able to see first-hand […]

FAITH – Caught Up in Time (Official Music Video)

I really thought you were the answer when you really weren’t I nearly thought you were the one, but you really weren’t The saddest part of this love story’s not the part that I’m still sorry All this time I was trying to be someone else But girl, you ain’t seeing nothing yet Things you’ve […]


– Welcome to the fourth section of Family Trees and Olive Branches. In this section, we’ll look at two different kinds of family trees. Is your family an oak tree or a palm tree? In other words, how do your people react when conflict blows through your family tree? Are rules and roles important? Or […]

Far Cry 5 | Faith Seed Preaching Part 2 (Audio with Transcription) 🌸

“Everyday you wake up, you’re confronted with decisions. What do you wear? What do you eat? Who or do you trust? We’re consumed by decisions. Every second of every minute of every hour all day long. When we start again, the best part. We’ve been doing this since we were children. It’s exhausting isn’t it? […]