January 23, 2020
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Behind the scenes of Be My Lady || Hazel Faith TV 2

Because he’s so handsome! What was that, Direk? Say it again.

DFA Faith Communities

Today we are visiting faith-based communities. Individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia may face these challenges: memory loss that disrupts daily life, missing services or confusion over time of service, changes in mood or personality, withdrawal from an organization’s activities, or a change in a person’s level of involvement, problems finding […]

Faith Community Nurse Network Video, Bridging Faith and Health

All across America, government, business, and citizens have all been working to avoid a crisis – a crisis of providing health care for our aging population. Hennepin County, in partnership with local nurses and faith congregations, have joined together to do just that. Hennepin County’s data shows that eighty-seven percent of seniors identify themselves as […]

What constructive contributions can religion bring to Canadian society?

You know I think there is a lot of shared values in and amidst all the talk of all the mutual suspicion between the different groups and all the different kind of polarizations that are unfortunately deepening in society. I still think there’s a basic deeper level of shared humanity. Most people would like to […]

Actor Kirk Cameron shares his spiritual walk from atheist to evangelist | Power of Prayer

80s icon Kirk Cameron rose to fame on the TV hit ‘Growing Pains.’ Now, the actor is using those Hollywood connections to spread the gospel. And in tonight’s ‘Power of Prayer’ our Lane Luckie shares how Cameron found faith after leaving behind an atheist upbringing. Someone will say “Hey, Mike Seaver,” you know and remember […]

Why Do Atheists “Witness”?

>>ZJ: Someone recently asked me why it is that atheists share their views with others or try to persuade people that atheism is true. They pointed out that when religious people “witness”, as they call it, they’re usually doing it because their religion commands them to introduce others into the faith, and because they’re worried […]

Finding Faith, When You’re Born into Two Religions | Seehum Isa | TEDxUTA

Translator: Denise RQ Reviewer: Silvia Rivera Hello everyone! Hello everyone! My name is Seehum Isa, and I’m a Public Relations major here at UTA and before I begin, I’d like to share a piece of honesty with you all. I’ve had my fair share of public speaking, but never in my life have I ever […]

Millennials are leaving religion and not coming back | IN 60 SECONDS

Young people have earned a reputation for taking down industries and institutions, from Applebee’s to breakfast cereal. And although many of these critiques are exaggerated, the effect that young people have had on organized religion is indisputable. More than four-in-ten young people are religiously unaffiliated today. It is the most common religious identity among young […]

Living for GOD – Living the Higher Life

ANNOUNCER: The Believers Walk of Faith is paid for by Bill Winston Ministries partners and viewers. ANNOUNCER: Up next on the Believers Walk of Faith. BILL: Isaac sow in a time of famine and received a hundred-fold in the same year. None of that is considered anymore because you’re living a higher life. Say I’m […]

Faith and facts (Creation Magazine LIVE! 7-17)

So, there’s faith, and there are facts. But how do they relate to each other? Or don’t they? How a biblical worldview makes the best sense of the evidence, this week on Creation Magazine LIVE! Welcome to Creation Magazine LIVE! My name is Richard Fangrad. And I’m Matt Bondy. Last week we did a show […]