January 19, 2020
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Sunni v. Shia: Iran’s strategy | IN 60 SECONDS

The oldest division in the Muslim world is the Sunni-Shiite split. Downplaying its ecumenical approach towards spreading the Islamic revolution, Tehran has now embraced Shiite supremacy. And Sunnis and Shiites—from Lebanon to Afghanistan, Syria to Yemen—are nearly equal in number. Iran has tens of thousands of foreign Shiites under the command of the Revolutionary Guard. […]

Why Do Atheists “Witness”?

>>ZJ: Someone recently asked me why it is that atheists share their views with others or try to persuade people that atheism is true. They pointed out that when religious people “witness”, as they call it, they’re usually doing it because their religion commands them to introduce others into the faith, and because they’re worried […]

Millennials are leaving religion and not coming back | IN 60 SECONDS

Young people have earned a reputation for taking down industries and institutions, from Applebee’s to breakfast cereal. And although many of these critiques are exaggerated, the effect that young people have had on organized religion is indisputable. More than four-in-ten young people are religiously unaffiliated today. It is the most common religious identity among young […]

Peer Critique: Creating a Culture of Revision

>>Student: Wait should I clear out this?>>Jodi: I numbered the lines in your tribute poems. When somebody is giving you feedback, they can name the specific line number.>>Student: I like stanza one, because it has really strong figurative language.>>Jessica: Because our students participate in critique protocol, they have the opportunity to really understand what quality […]

“I only teach my children the GOOD bits of my religion!” (Arguments For God Episode #3)

If you know anything about me, then you probably know that I am not too fond of the idea of Dogma, And I’m even less of a fan of bringing up children in any environment which parades it as a virtue. Now I don’t think I’m particularly alone in my view, and in fact, I […]

Faith & Co. | Caring for Employees (Adrienne Tafilowski)

(soft music) – My title, really, care and culture. And that is how I describe my job to anyone that asks ’cause it is a very unique title, and not every company has someone that full-time focuses on the care of your employees and making sure you have a healthy company culture. So I work […]

Inclusive culture in schools transforms communities | Heidi Heissenbuttel | TEDxMileHigh

Translator: Kirstie Neo Reviewer: Ilze Garda Imagine. Imagine that schools recruit children who have the most different thoughts and behaviors. Imagine that children who learn differently are considered children with special rights. Imagine that educators have all the tools and strategies they need to meet all the needs of the learners in their classroom. Imagine […]

Why Did Hassan Choose Islam? 02

okay um could you please tell us the reaction of your parents after your accepting Islam okay my parents actually were less accepting initially of my conversion to Islam they actually accepted more of my wildness from when I was in high school in college initially and I would get more fallout for a practice […]

Julio From Guatemala Embraced With Islam

okay Salam alaikum could you please tell us your name and some things about your history in your family my name is Julio mala I I grew up Catholic and then it became a Christian after that because I was never happy and I was too many questions in the religion I came to United […]

Why Did Hassan Choose Islam? 01

okay um could you please tell us your name and where you’re from oh my name is major almost I go bahasa I’m actually originally from Los Angeles I live in North Hollywood right now but I come to this message it every Sunday to teach there but first to them to introductory how to […]