September 17, 2019
  • 7:12 pm Wo sagte Jesus, ich bin Gott, betet mich an? Sam Shamoun
  • 7:12 pm Warning for Christians
  • 7:12 pm Удивительное, Залипательное и Странное Видео, Релакс ☬ Relax, Amazing, Strange and Beautiful Video
  • 7:12 pm সর্বসেরা নতুন ওয়াজ তৈয়বুর রহমান || Taibur Rahman New Bangla Waz || Bangla Waz 2019
  • 7:12 pm Richard Dawkins VS Islam Debate Q&A
Idol Worship Right or Wrong | Vigrahaaradhana | Hinduism | Nammakam Nijam

Vigraharadhana God is one Then, why different semblance? Why so many forms? Why places of worship in every nook and corner? Why so many pilgrimage sites? Body itself is a temple If life itself is God Why to worship another form? Like wise for many doubts… We would try to search for precise answers I […]

Ramayana Stories By Dr Janvi Jyothi  | The Bravery of Ram and Lakshman | Kannada Video | Naya TV

Hello, all. I welcome you all in today’s episode. In the last episode, I’d told you that the veneration had started. Then, the exhaust of the fire reaches the monsters. Then they inform their leader Subahu Maricharika. Subahu Maricharika, along with their monsters try to obstruct the veneration and reach there. Vishwamitra, who was in […]

Ramayana Stories By Dr Janvi Jyothi  | Mithilanagari | Part 2 | Kannada Video | Naya TV

Hello, all. I welcome you all in today’s episode. In the last episode, I’d told you that Vishwamitra went to River Shona along with Ram and Lakshman. While telling the story behind the place he says, there was a king called Kusha. He was a noble soul and believe in justice. He had four brave […]

Requirements for Devotion: Vegetarianism and Forgiveness – JKYog Retreat Q&A with Swami Mukundananda

Life is not over until the last breath, even if you ate meat you can still change, for the past is over finished done cast its phantom arms away, the future is before you, never mind what you did, if you think about it or become a slave of it you will ruin the future. […]

What’s a Go-to Spot to Explain Christianity?

So this week we are wrestling with great, honest questions and hopefully great, Biblical answers. Remember, my job is to pose a question, to open the Bible and answer it. Your job is to make sure that what I say is true. So, here’s today’s question. What’s a great spot to turn to when you’re […]

What’s the Purpose of Life?

You did it. You made it to the last video here on the book of Jonah. And Jonah’s still complaining. That’s where we left him off. He was complaining that God would show this big forgiveness to the city of Nineveh. He has gone to the city. He’s preached. He’s proclaimed. He’s knows that God […]

Warren Jeffs’ polygamous sect, FLDS, in ‘sacred land’ standoff

Would you give up your home for your religion? We’ve always had a place here. We’ve always called it home. The community has mostly been evicted. Short Creek. Technically, two towns: Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona. The community straddles the state line just south of Zion National Park, not called Zion by chance. These […]

An Invitation to Freedom

[music] Monte Sahaja Silent Retreat An Invitation to Freedom 10 August 2017 Satsang 1: Excerpt [Mooji] Can I take it for granted that all of you here and also those watching via broadcasting, all of you sitting outside, and wherever you are hearing my voice now, that you have come open and with the purpose […]

When Being “Spiritual but Not Religious” Failed

Did you that in the Bible, there is a time when God’s people tried to be spiritual but not religious? It’s called the book of Judges. And it was kind of like a 300-year experiment where people believed in God and they still prayed to God but there was no king, no authority, no structure, […]

Everyday Faith Day 29 - Worship