December 12, 2019
  • 7:47 pm Why Do Atheists Fight Over Small Things?
  • 7:47 pm Theistic Evolution: The Problem with Darwinian Evolution According to an Atheist
  • 7:44 pm 494 | Behind the Scenes: Developing Leadership Rituals
  • 7:44 pm Rituals of Rented Island: Michael Smith
  • 6:48 pm The Atheist Alternative To Religion -Re: Black Pigeon Speaks – Why Atheism is Vacuous Grandiloquence
How Gurbani Saved My Life | Kiranjit Kaur –

so I can definitely say if it wasn’t for sikhnet I really don’t think I’d be here today Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fateh I’m Kiranjit Kaur I’m 26 years old and I’m a newly qualified doctor and it wasn’t until second year of med schools I fell into really deep depression quite […]

Fighting Fear with Faith – Alli Worthington

for me I’ve realized I had a call from a good friend who and I was going through a really stormy season of life my husband was battling a chronic illness and she called me out and said I know what all you’re going through but the way you’re living your life trying to manage […]

Rationality Rules, Trans Athletes, and the Atheist Community • Handling Unpopular Views and Opinions

How’s it going, everyone? I’m Nick and you are listening to the Fresh Perspective Podcast. There is a YouTuber who I consider to be a fellow advocate for science, rationality, logic, reason, and skepticism by the name of Stephen Woodford. Although I don’t always agree with him, his channel called “Rationality Rules,” contains, in my […]


Asalaamu Alaikum guys and welcome to another episode of smile2jannah I’m sure you guys watched the last video where I was talking about Brad Pitt and his journey out of atheism What if they didn’t watch the video? Hopefully you guys watched my previous video which was about Brad Pitt. Hopefully? That sounds a bit […]

What is Buddhist Recovery? Mark Epstein M.D. & Robert A.F. Thurman : Buddhism Explained
“La Guardia Has Faith in His Future” | Pops Ep. 2

(upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Tell them how much this means to you that they watch. Yes, they watch it. Right, but tell. Okay. Right. Okay, you said that already. Having God in our lives has become so necessary, and it made me a person that is incredibly slow to judge. It’s made me a […]

Buddhism | The Cure For Anxiety?
My Path To Becoming A Buddhist | Emma Slade | TEDxSevenoaksSchool

Translator: Tijana Mihajlović Reviewer: Peter van de Ven You are cowering on the floor. Above you is an unknown man. He is pointing a gun at your head. He has your life in his hands. What matters to you now? What do you know which is of any use? This is the situation I found […]

Buddhism five precepts Explanation || To avoid unwholesome || precise motivation

Now I will elaborate all these five precepts one by one. The first precept : abstain from killing any living beings.. in this context Living beings includes not only human beings, but all living beings both big and small, Including animals insects, etc That share our environment with us. In addition to killing ,any form […]

Why Christians Quarrel – Philippians 4:2-5

today’s text will be chapter 4 and verses 2 through 5 I’ll have you turn there if you’re not there already and if you’re able I’ll ask you to stand you can follow along as I read if not that’s all right where you’re seated is fine now the Apostle Paul is writing by the […]