August 25, 2019
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WTH? Literal HELL BREAKS LOOSE When Town Meeting Opens With Prayer Only Satan Would Love
Foreigner Attends Trump’s Rally And Is BLOWN AWAY When A Prayer Starts
⭐⭐⭐ Will You Join Me in Prayer Patriots? Do You Need Prayer?
Pelosi Gives Congressional Opening Prayer Duties to Anti-Semitic Imam who Compared Jews to Nazis

more anti-semitism bela pelosi gives congressional opening prayer duties to anti-semitic imam who compared jews to Nazis I'm Josh Bernstein filling in for Gary Franchi and the next news network according to Jim hot from the Gateway pundit on Thursday Democrat speaker bela pelosi gave opening gavel duties to imam Omar Suleiman go ahead and […]

⭐⭐⭐Is this the Religion of Peace? A Video Montage

now is is all about telling Christians how they can live or die under Isis what they're saying is you can convert to Islam you can be killed like these Christians Isis claimed in this video Shiite men are herded together and executed in mass graves here Shiite men are shot in the head one […]