January 26, 2020
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Actor Kirk Cameron shares his spiritual walk from atheist to evangelist | Power of Prayer

80s icon Kirk Cameron rose to fame on the TV hit ‘Growing Pains.’ Now, the actor is using those Hollywood connections to spread the gospel. And in tonight’s ‘Power of Prayer’ our Lane Luckie shares how Cameron found faith after leaving behind an atheist upbringing. Someone will say “Hey, Mike Seaver,” you know and remember […]

Why Do Atheists “Witness”?

>>ZJ: Someone recently asked me why it is that atheists share their views with others or try to persuade people that atheism is true. They pointed out that when religious people “witness”, as they call it, they’re usually doing it because their religion commands them to introduce others into the faith, and because they’re worried […]

FAITH OVER FEAR | Overcome Fear – Inspirational & Motivational Video

How many God-given dreams Have you and I left unrealized because fear placed us in a prison that we could not escape from Let me ask another question How many God accomplishments with your name written on them with my name written on them have gone unaccomplished because fear paralyzes. Think about that question So […]

Why a Hindu Priest Left the Religion to Follow Christ

[MUSIC PLAYING] Growing up in London, my parents were Hindus. That automatically makes me a Hindu. Hinduism is a canvas of hundreds of religions with different doctrines and ideas and philosophies. I was so desperate to search for God that at the age of 19, I flew to India and trained to become a Hindu […]

Archbishop Justin introduces Everyday Faith

The Everyday Faith booklet will take you on a 21-day journey to reflect, to pray, to discover more about what this means and how we can live faithfully, hopefully, lovingly, joyfully as a Christian in the 21st century. The resources are available as a booklet, as an app, on social media, by email and audio. […]

Atheist Rapper Greydon Square on Religion, Serving in Iraq, Black Americans & Religion

graydon squares in eighties rapper and founder of the creative science collective grand unified his music deals with philosophical issues including a season in science political issues the war in iraq and his experiences as a soldier so i want to get to know if this is great but first let’s start with wid you […]

Science and faith part 7 kiwiconnexion practical theology

Just moving across now; what you’ve called experiences. There’s a tremendous difference between each of these experiences. Would you like to just guide us through this? David L: Well, what we asked is – these were a number of questions that we wanted to know about; had they personally experienced any of these things – […]

“Saved by a Faith that Works” – 2/11/17 broadcast

Well, we’re gonna begin our study portion for today’s broadcast. And I wanna start with asking a question. Have you ever heard this idea of once saved, always saved? Have you ever heard of that before? In other words, people typically baptist, well for the most part. Not all Baptists believe this, but that once […]

Faith & Co. | Caring for Employees (Adrienne Tafilowski)

(soft music) – My title, really, care and culture. And that is how I describe my job to anyone that asks ’cause it is a very unique title, and not every company has someone that full-time focuses on the care of your employees and making sure you have a healthy company culture. So I work […]