March 30, 2020
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  • 5:58 pm How to Quarantine as a Catholic
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How to Quarantine as a Catholic

In the 14th century, and uninvited visitor arrived in Europe: the bubonic plague. Arriving first in port cities like Venice, locals noticed that outbreaks occurred when travelers disembarked and entered the city. To stop the spread, new laws were passed requiring ships to remain in the harbor for 40 days before passengers could set foot […]

A Virtual Retreat with Cardinal Seán – Day 3: Faith

(mellow strings music) (mellow orchestral music) Growing up in the days before people had television sets, all of us kids, on Saturday, would always go to the movies, to the matinee, and then we go off to the parish church for Saturday confession. As my dad used to tell us, “When it’s time to get […]

God Never Fails Those Who Have Faith – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (23 Mar 2020)

We have just entered into the second part of the season of Lent. Yesterday during the Fourth Sunday of Lent, we have the story of the man born blind and Jesus coming to give us light. In the first part of the season of Lent for the first three weeks, the message tends to be […]

Ratzinger, The Natural Knowledge of God

3. The Natural Knowledge of God. We must now inquire whether there is an an­swer to such a question for man; and if so, what kind of certainty we are allowed to attain. In his Letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul found himself confronted precisely with these problems, and he responded with a philosophi­cal […]

Faith, Hope and Charity in time of COVID-19 pandemic

It seems like the unbelievable became a reality as the entire world has been lockdown by the Coronavirus pandemic. What we have normally seen in the Hollywood movies and treated as something distant, now we have to face in the real world. The amount of news that we receive through the social media every single […]

Chastisements: A Blessing or Curse? by Father Isaac Mary Relyea (COVID-19 Response)

good morning my name is father Isaac from the Fatima center and we have received many phone calls and emails requesting that we talk about current crisis so before we start I’d like to start with a prayer in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost amen remember […]

Ratzinger, Can Agnosticism Be a Solution?

2. Can Agnosticism Be a Solution? All this opens up perspectives on religious faith and allows us to discern some structural analo­gies; but as soon as we attempt to pass to this level, we encounter an objection that has a cer­tain weight and could be formulated as follows. It may, indeed, be true that within […]

God Uses Ordinary Instruments To Heal Us – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (16 Mar 2020)

We all want to be treated with privileges, especially for those of us who are rich and powerful and have status in life. We want favours. We feel that we should be accorded special privilege because we have a higher rank in society than others. This is also true even in the Christian community. There […]

YUF: Youth United by Faith (FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO)

Oh hi my name is Maria Gutierrez I’m 20 years old and I’m studying to become a medical social worker hello and I’m Justin I am 20 years old as well and am going to Bellevue college and studying digital marketing so we’re so happy to introduce our first video in our youtube channel thank […]

Imam Omar Suleiman: “Human Rights, Faith, and the Border” | 2019 Human Rights@Duke Lecture

– It’s my honor to welcome all of you to the Annual Human Rights at Duke Lecture. The Annual Human Rights at Duke Lecture was established in 2018, as a forum for scholars and practitioners to discuss current human rights research and activism. It is a collaboration between the two Duke human rights centers here […]