April 7, 2020
  • 12:59 pm Lecture 11 – Hiring and Culture, Part 2 (Patrick and John Collison, Ben Silbermann)
  • 12:58 pm Coffee Ritual of Iranian Arabs
  • 12:58 pm 001 Skincare London – The Pick microSculptor Ritual
  • 11:58 am “A Faith That Counters My Bad Habits” with Pastor Rick Warren
  • 9:59 am Coronavirus: Growing Concern Over Religious Liberty And Public Health As Holy Week Begins | NBC
His Eminence Dagyab Rinpoche – Logic and Faith in Tantric Practice

Whether tantra is based on faith or not, that’s a big question. That’s a big question, and I would say no. Logic and Faith in Tantric Practice Tantra is very much based on logic. This logic is very much related to the progress of one’s mental disposition. So if you understand tantra properly, there’s not […]


after you became a Muslim did you change your mind about Muslims and Islam that’s how I became a Muslim no I was first I was baptized the bathroom once I come to Islam I came under on lies Muhammad then the son took over in 1972 that’s when I came in 1975 I came […]

Faith and Festivals of Changthang | Living with the Changpas of Ladakh | Episode #3

Religion plays a very important role in the lives of the Changpas. They are devout buddhists. But while Buddhism preaches non-violence towards all living creatures, the Changpas raise their animals to be killed and sold off for meat. So their lives are bit of a paradox And in this episode we will see how the […]

Puressella From California Become a Muslim and Changed Her Name Here’s the Story of Khadija Part 1

I sound like my name is Priscilla kinesia Luka I’m from Los Angeles California and I am the daughter of Jesse Inhofe Issa a loopty again I was raised here in Los Angeles and I went to school I never got to a public school I’ve only gone to Muslim schools I went to and […]


“The US president has arrived in India.” “A lavish spectacle.” “…whole world watching the US president’s visit to India.” A lot of the news coming out of India has revolved around Trump’s visit. But I know that there’s a lot more going on in India at the moment. Can you tell us what’s happening in […]

Why Did Rachelle Become a Muslim? Part 5

what about rights what when I think of Islam do I think of having rights yes I I think it’s one of the few religions where you know you can’t come unless this you’re free real you know you have the right to choose is your free will to come into Islam no I can […]

Puressella From California Become a Muslim and Changed Her Name Here’s the Story of Khadija Part 3

my parents well my parents married my father wasn’t really deep into the church but my mother was my father mr. banks was a deacon in the Church of Christ and that’s how my mother was raised very religious married she made it quite clear to him that he would have to become a Christian […]

The Art of Indonesia: Tales from the Shadow World, 1990 | From the Vaults

(wind whistling) (singing) – [Narrator] The island was encompassed by ocean’s waters and resonant with the songs of birds. (birds whistling) There were wooded groves and well-kept fields, spacious villages, their lands neatly divided. The tips of the wild banana bent seductively to the hand. And when the wind blew, the gods let fall a […]

Mendut temple , the centre of Buddhism practices and rituals

Mendut is a ninth-century Buddhist temple, located in Mendut village, Mungkid sub-district, Magelang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia The temple is located about three kilometres east from Borobudur. Mendut, Borobudur and Pawon, all of which are Buddhist temples, are located in one straight line there is a beautiful religious relationship between the three temples although the […]

Why Did Rachelle Become a Muslim? Part 3

Oh um my my cousin I brought her here so she can see what I do my one of my good friends I brought her here twice so they can see what it’s about they always ask me questions you know about the prayer they ask me about you know events like what does that […]