March 30, 2020
  • 7:58 pm Japanese CULTURE SHOCK!! What surprises foreigners who come to Japan?
  • 6:58 pm Las 8 claves para una vida mejor
  • 6:58 pm Getting better sleep in difficult times
  • 5:58 pm How to Quarantine as a Catholic
  • 5:58 pm How to Pronounce Friedrich Nietzsche | Friedrich Nietzsche Pronunciation
Subjective Faith | Misconceptions

As I stated before one of the misconceptions I had that thinking that the Christian faith was a subjective faith. In other words, it didn’t really matter what you believed, as long as you believed it enough. That is pathetic when it comes to Christian faith. Now, I want to make a statement here that […]

Sunday service with the Archbishop of York

[Archbishop Sentamu] A sound heard in many rural villages in Uganda calling people to come to prayer. [Drums] Good morning. Welcome to Bishopthorpe. You are one of us. Thank you for welcoming us into your home or wherever you are. In the name of the Father And of the Son And of the Holy Spirit. […]

Ravi Zacharias: True Love in a Time of Crisis

– The foundation on which you build your life is the only thing that will stand when the storms of life ultimately come, and they will come. It’s not a question of if, but when. (soft music) – Max Jeganathan here, coming to you from Singapore. The spread of COVID-19 all over the world has […]

Jerusalem Lights Parashat Vayikra 5780

Shalom. As of this moment an estimated one third of humanity are staying home, under some form of lockdown, to stop the spread of Corona virus. Billions of people are in the same situation. This affords us an unprecedented opportunity us to examine, consider, and ultimately to lend our hand in healing the human condition. […]

If God, Why the Coronavirus? | Vince Vitale | Q&A | RZIM

– This why question, often is asked, by on-chair philosophers, and some of us may even have asked a question that way at times in our life, but no one’s asking the question in that way right now, that why is being asked with real emotion, and for many people, even with desperation. I always […]

GOD IS GOOD! Drowning people from the beginning of time?

Ok, hold, on it’s 1:00 a.m. all right? Can we just stay on… which question you want me to deal with? The drowning, why would he drown somebody and do that instead of just poofy them out of existence? I’m interested in ethics and philosophy and you’re hearing all this new… you know, justice is […]

FAITH SEEKING UNDERSTANDING: Chapter 9: Why do bad things happen to good people?

Welcome to our next episode of faith seeking understanding this video series, uh, where, uh, from the perspective of the crossings community, we address a variety of questions that are raised by ordinary people about the faith and life and scripture and so on. And the question I want to address here is a question […]


Hey, welcome back to our conversation on “Why God Put an ‘If” in Faith.” Now, we’ve been unpacking some faith points – some ideas around faith that will help us understand it and I hope give application to it in our lives. I want to take a couple more off the shelf with you in […]

Faith, Hope and Charity in time of COVID-19 pandemic

It seems like the unbelievable became a reality as the entire world has been lockdown by the Coronavirus pandemic. What we have normally seen in the Hollywood movies and treated as something distant, now we have to face in the real world. The amount of news that we receive through the social media every single […]


David B: Welcome along to Live On Air this evening. We’re particularly grateful that David Lorimer from the Scientific and Medical Network has been able to join with us. David has been instrumental in bringing the network’s news and its opinions and views, and scientific papers and so on – he’s been bringing them to […]