April 7, 2020
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Radical Atheists Eat People! (Comparing Islam, atheism, Christianity)

Now I do wanna write a letter to the creator of this meme. But before I do I have to explain why I’m giving him this letter. The letter I’m gonna give him is the letter “L”. And I don’t think he’s gonna have a choice but to take it. Because I’m about to show […]

Atheism vs. Science – Trolling Essence of Thought (Pencils & Prayer Ropes)

Hello my siblings in Christ, and also my siblings in Christ who don’t believe in Him. Some time ago, I made a video called my thoughts on atheism. It was very well received and it was, self-admittedly, very subjective. However, in this video, I will aim straight for the objectivity. So, what is atheism? Let […]

Atheists, You just want to sin!

“You don’t believe in God because you just want to sin.” This one makes absolutely no sense, because to me, what that says, is not that I’m a sinner — which by the way all Christians say they’re sinners, too. So, what’s up with that? — but it’s not passing any blame on to me. […]

Trump Says He’s a Cheerleader for the United States

-Let’s get to the news. In a press conference yesterday, President Trump said he doesn’t want to give the American people bad news during the coronavirus pandemic, and added, he is a, quote, “cheerleader for the country.” And I guess that is, you know, a good description. After all, he is standing on the sidelines […]

Atheists, Secularism Are The Enemy – Rick Perry

rick perry trying about church and state with reverend rick scarborough who’s putting together or use this in america resilience in america uh… by praying really really hard for me romney just reported at the end of world that the older one that’s amazing and i went to the house and i’m robert scarborough had […]

Christianity & The Rise of One World Religion

the other day as I was researching some scriptures I had been studying what popped up on my screen was atheists are sometimes more religious than Christians this article doesn’t surprise or shock me revelations chapter 17 foretells the growth of religious pluralism and the promotion of the idea that all religions are equal with […]

I’m going to be on Jeopardy! Here’s how I got there.

I don’t tell a lot of personal stories here, but I thought you all might want to hear this one. Almost exactly a year ago, I took the online test for the game show Jeopardy. At the time, they did it a couple of times a year — now they do it whenever you want […]

Theological knowledge: Theism, Atheism and Agnosticism – Richard Dawkins is a believer

Theological knowledge: theism, atheism and agnosticism When we are talking about religious or theological knowledge, we are talking about faith, in this way, there are three different positions: agnostic, theist and atheist. The agnosticism is a simple understanding. Etymologically – Agnostic from Greek ἀ- (a-), meaning ‘without’, and γνῶσις (gnōsis), meaning ‘knowledge’ without knowledge Then […]

Dr David Kyle Johnson joins us on The DAM Show 🌞 3-24-2020

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Vi La Bianca from Talk Heathen and GB3 joins me on The DAM Show 🌞 3-25-2020

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