September 15, 2019
  • 9:12 am The 6 Questions That Led Me to Christianity
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Ausstieg aus dem Islam – Muhammad Syed (Ex-Muslims of NA) bei AXP – Deutsche UT, English subs

First of all, I think probably you should talk to people about the organization, how it came about, maybe how you got there. I’m president [of the] Ex-Muslims of North America, the only ex-Muslim organization in the US and I’d say the only one of its kind in the world, we’re trying to build and […]

Christians forced to convert to hinduism in India (The Infidel 2015-10-06)

“All authority comes from God,” especially the police In April, there was an incident involving a custody dispute, which ultimately led to a Texas Cop in Hunts County hitting a 38-year-old pregnant woman. A video footage showed the cops entering into the home of Deanna Jo Robinson, an Air Force veteran, without a warrant, in […]

Real Christians Cannot Believe in Evolution

A dedicated Christian cannot believe in both the evolution of mankind and believe in Christ at the same time. Well ok, you CAN believe anything you want, but if you believe the Bible is inspired by God, then you cannot also believe in evolution. Here’s why. According to Christianity, Adam and Eve disobeyed God in […]

Is the QURAN PERFECT? – Silly MUSLIM comments #6

Welcome to Stupid Muslim comments. This video series presents some of the amazingly stupid comments by muslims on youtube. Here are this week’s top 5 picks 1) Our first comment of the week is from SwaGun PL who said… In what way is the quran perfect? As I’ve shown in previous videos in this series, […]

Laylas Reise Zum Islam 03

also die reaktion meiner familie war im allgemeinen negativ meine mutter hat es sehr sehr stark getroffen als ich ihr das erzählt habe dass sich muslime geworden bin weil es einfach für sie eine total fremde religion war eine fremde kultur es war für sie abschreckend und deswegen war sie natürlich sehr traurig darüber und […]

Syed Rizvi – Sixty Years as an Ex-Muslim

When I went to college, 1950 I graduated, went to college and I became more vocal, but the situation was very relaxed it was not as it is today. You’d be Muslim or not a Muslim or an atheist, it was no big deal in those days. But I generally say, “Oh, I’m atheist.” Big […]

The Trouble With Christianity

I’ve had a number of strong responses to my last video from people who tell me I should be criticising Islam, not Christianity, because Islam is a major threat to our freedom. And yes, this is very true, but if not for the absurd level of respect, deference and privilege we accord religion in the […]

Why Christians Need to Accept Scientific Realities

In 1543, Copernicus realized that the planets revolved around the sun, and not the other way around. And several decades after that, the Catholic Church deemed heliocentrism heretical. They even imprisoned Galileo for promoting those ideas. But now, even the Church accepts this scientific truth. I mean, they can’t deny it. The evidence is overwhelming. […]

Sikh Coalition’s Amardeep Singh Interview: State of Belief September 22, 2012

(Oak Park shooting news clip: Harpreet Singh Saini Senate testimony) Senators, I came here today to ask the government to give my mother the dignity of being a statistic. [REV. DR. C. WELTON GADDY, HOST]: That’s Harpreet Singh Saini, an 18-year-old American Sikh who lost his mother in the tragic massacre at the Sikh Temple […]

Christian Martyr Loophole

This is your last chance. Renounce your faith in the Christian god, or you will burn at the stake! No, I will never deny my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Then, you shall burn! Renounce your faith in the Christian god, or you will burn at the stake! Ok, I renounce. Then you shall bur… […]