February 22, 2020
  • 12:59 pm كيف تدمر الإلحاد How to Deal with Atheism (Eng CC)
  • 11:58 am Penn Jillette: Reading the Bible (Or the Koran, Or the Torah) Will Make You an Atheist | Big Think
  • 11:58 am Lawrence Krauss vs Hamza Tzortzis – Islam vs Atheism Debate
  • 9:59 am Исламский мультик cвоими руками/Islamic cartoon
  • 9:59 am الاناشيد الاسلامية اناشيد اسلامية جهادية مؤثرة, اناشيد جهادية, جهادية 2020 🔫 ٢٠٢٠
Penn Jillette: Reading the Bible (Or the Koran, Or the Torah) Will Make You an Atheist | Big Think

In my church group in Greenfield, Massachusetts at the age of about 16 or 17, I had made a deal with my mom and dad—I was very, very close to my mom and dad. I’m a real momma’s boy and got along with them my whole life, hardly even rough periods. And they went to […]


Okay not gonna lie there will be some dark humor in this one so I have no choice but set the tone right from the start therefore I’m just gonna put this here Right? Alright. So hello I’m server and boy is this series something specifically I have an episode in mind that is quite […]

Are Atheists Open-minded?

Are atheists open-minded? Many atheists I talk to say, “Of course, I’m open minded, show me the evidence or proof that God exists and I’ll believe.” But when they are presented with proofs for the existence of God those same atheists will say, “That’s just fallacious God of the gaps reasoning. Your evidence for God […]

Wie Bin Ich Muslim Geworden? Die Atemberaubende Geschichte Von Nikolas 01
Atheism Defeated, Failed Thus Atheists Redefine Atheism

Hello, Christian here. Welcome to Christian Mission. Whatever integrity and legitimacy atheism may have historically had has been utterly and completely DESTROYED!!! It’s best… It’s BEST supporting arguments demolished by a revolution in theist thought beginning in the latter half of the 20th century, led by intellectuals like Michael Behe Francis Collins William Lane Craig […]

Atheists Sue To Remove Ten Commandments Monument

a group of eight years are suing ab rapper county florida because of the fact that they have the ten commandments monument in front of a public courthouse so clearly there’s this very wealthy businessman by the name of joe anderson and he’s donate all these much they’ve put that as uh… i’m sorry man […]

Atheist transphobia: Superstition over science

I’m going to Women in Secularism 3 this weekend, and I feel like this is a good time to get into something relevant: my experiences as a woman in the secular community. Particularly, my experiences as a woman whose gender is often considered debatable. When Dave Silverman went to this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, […]

Recovering From Religion? (The Hotline Project)

The Hotline Project is something started by a group called Recovering From Religion and the idea is there are so many people out there who have doubts about their faith, but they know that the church is not a place where you could talk about this stuff. They know you can’t ask your pastor what […]

Philippine Atheists and Agnostics in Luneta Park

Hi! were from the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society “My name is Gabriel Cruz” and we’re here in Luneta to ask people about their impression of people who don’t believe in God. what’s your religion? Catholic What is your point of view of people who don’t have belief in God? uhmm, it’s like they… they […]