February 28, 2020
  • 11:58 pm 700+ tour mosque in Raleigh to learn about Islam
  • 10:58 pm Anglo Saxon Pre-Christian Religion
  • 7:58 pm Relaxing ASMR massage & limpia espiritual (healing aura cleansing ritual) with Doña Rosa
  • 6:58 pm আল্লাহু আল্লাহু মন বলে বারে বার | New Islamic Song | Damama Shilpigosthi | New Song | Ibrahim Tv24
  • 6:58 pm Allah Knows – English Islamic Nasheed | Masud Parvej (MSD) | MSD Recordings
Reasons why I don’t believe in god (Atheism)

We are just a pattern of organization of a bunch of atoms that, by pure environmental circumstances and chance, gained consciousness; it would be astonishing that, only because of this awareness, we were destined for a greater fate than the other common bunch of atoms. We are going to return to our natural state, our […]

Fire in the Room: Atheist Battle Rap

You know what, these atheists are getting too rude you know That last video had a lot of hate comments mate They’re not even getting what i’m saying I think its time we done this the street way which is to jump in the booth, and have a rap battle yeah, thats right, you heard […]


– [Ligon Duncan] I have never heard a compelling case by an atheist thinker about what is true, what is good, what is beautiful, and is there ultimate meaning? I’ve seen pagans appeal to other kinds of theism to give answer to those things. And as a Christian, I have a theistic answer to that […]

Richard Dawkins Vs Bill O’Reilly: God, Atheists & The Bible

legendary uh… writer of course an atheist richard dawkins is going to go on that bill rise program and they have a fun debate dogs get a new book out orozco challenge in files with a fifty well everything about the natural world reaction by some as to whether the mock on them it basically […]

Bad Arguments for God | Will – Oklahoma City, OK | Atheist Experience 22.17

R: Line 5 … Will in Oklahoma City — where we both were last month. It was a very nice time that we had. You guys have some lovely hotels and convention centres, and that’s most of what I saw. How are you? W: Doing fine. R: Did you … You’re a believer, right? W: […]

Pope Francis: Atheists Can Go To Heaven

yesterday by uh… read a story about something interesting pope francis said in a recent homily namely that even eighty ists could be redeemed if they were good people interesting hats off to you well-done uppal princess quote the lord has redeemed all of us all of us with the blood of christ all of […]

Penn Jillette: Reading the Bible (Or the Koran, Or the Torah) Will Make You an Atheist | Big Think

In my church group in Greenfield, Massachusetts at the age of about 16 or 17, I had made a deal with my mom and dad—I was very, very close to my mom and dad. I’m a real momma’s boy and got along with them my whole life, hardly even rough periods. And they went to […]


Okay not gonna lie there will be some dark humor in this one so I have no choice but set the tone right from the start therefore I’m just gonna put this here Right? Alright. So hello I’m server and boy is this series something specifically I have an episode in mind that is quite […]

Are Atheists Open-minded?

Are atheists open-minded? Many atheists I talk to say, “Of course, I’m open minded, show me the evidence or proof that God exists and I’ll believe.” But when they are presented with proofs for the existence of God those same atheists will say, “That’s just fallacious God of the gaps reasoning. Your evidence for God […]

Dig and Delve 2019 – Science vs Atheism:  Is Modern Science Making Atheism Improbable?

Science is amazing. And I don’t mean like that friend of yours who thinks everything is amazing – Really amazing. For centuries, the scientific method of testing and observation has produced amazing results. We’ve been able to build bridges, fight diseases, and develop breakthrough technologies. And that begs the question: What can science tell us […]