November 14, 2019
  • 3:42 pm Admitting Islam is Not a Tolerant Religion – Yusuf Estes
  • 3:42 pm Women’s Rights in Islam: Subjugation or Liberation? | Yusuf Estes
  • 3:42 pm Hillsong TV // My Faith – My Strength with Brian Houston
  • 3:42 pm Joni Eareckson Tada Interview: Icons of Faith Series
  • 3:42 pm Donald Trump: The First Atheist President?
Hillsong TV // My Faith – My Strength with Brian Houston

This message is called “My Faith – My Strength.” Faith is a powerful thing. It’s never just faith in what God does, it’s faith in who God is. Faith in putting your faith in faith will get you nowhere but putting your faith in Christ will get you everywhere. So, I want to talk about […]

Donald Trump: The First Atheist President?

I received the really interesting email from Russell this week who said it would be interesting to discuss that Donald Trump appears to be the first truly atheist president of the United States, but for whatever reason it’s not really being discussed. And maybe just as importantly the evangelical right wing Christians still voted for […]

Gianpiero Vincenzo – New Ritual Society

According to you what are the most popular places of the earth? The ones where every year he finds himself the greatest number of people? Think about it. Perhaps the temples of all religions? Or the museums of ancient art or those of contemporary art? Or instead the art cities distributed in different continents? If […]

Israel targets Islamic Jihad amid rocket fire – TV7 Israel News 13.11.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel News broadcasting to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories; Palestinian Islamists are continually launching rockets and mortar-shells from the terror-infested Gaza Strip toward Israel’s civilian communities. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underscored that Jerusalem is not interested in a wider escalation. The European Union’s Court […]

Islam Net’s response to ”Burn a Koran-day”

– Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. May peace and blessings be upon you. Our message is that Islam is a peaceful religion and that the Qur`an is not meant to be burned,but to be read and understood. Because when you go deeper in this book and learn what is written in it, then you […]

HBO’s John Adams – Thomas Jefferson and John Adams’ faith in humanity

There is talk of a convention in Philadelphia. They are to discuss a binding Constitution; I hope to attend, if only to have an effect on the style of its prose. I expect that any constitutional document that emerges from Philadelphia will be as compromised as our Declaration of Independency. I am increasingly persuaded that […]

Scrapp DeLeon On His Desire For A Polygamous Marriage & Faith (S2 E5) | Brunch With Tiffany

I don’t see why nobody can be on time these days. Now where she at? Mm-mm (negative). Hey. Oh my goodness. Hey Scrapp. [crosstalk 00:00:23]. I’m so sorry I’m late. I’m glad you could make it. Oh, you give good hugs. You smell good, too. Good. Oh my goodness. My right breast thanks you. That […]

Go 01: Learning As We Go

– [Narrator] Church, what comes to mind when you hear the word church? A building, an event, a charity, a social club, something nice to do on a Sunday morning? Or maybe something more. What’s the purpose of the church? Why are we here? The word church means the gathering of people with a purpose. […]

Kartarpur corridor rules for Indians & construction details | करतारपुर कॉरिडोर

Hello friends Today on 9 nov 2019 Karatrpur corridor is being inaugurated Will see in this video Welcome to K P Constro A construction portal Please Subscribe and press bell icon Let’s first understand what is gurudwara darbar sahib it is in Kartarpur Guru Nanak dev ji (founder of Sikh Religion) Spent his life’s last […]

Fighting knife crime with faith and fencing – BBC Stories

I always tell these stories about David vs Goliath. What’s the Goliath in your life? What’s the thing that is stopping you from going to that next level? What’s that thing that you think you can’t overcome? I’m Steven and I am a fencing instructor for an inner city youth charity called XLP. And I’m […]