February 28, 2020
  • 11:58 pm 700+ tour mosque in Raleigh to learn about Islam
  • 10:58 pm Anglo Saxon Pre-Christian Religion
  • 7:58 pm Relaxing ASMR massage & limpia espiritual (healing aura cleansing ritual) with Doña Rosa
  • 6:58 pm আল্লাহু আল্লাহু মন বলে বারে বার | New Islamic Song | Damama Shilpigosthi | New Song | Ibrahim Tv24
  • 6:58 pm Allah Knows – English Islamic Nasheed | Masud Parvej (MSD) | MSD Recordings
Atheism Cannot Justify Reason and Truth

[Questioner] Mr. Zindler, if reason and logic are convention or custom or arise by evolutionary chance out of the material universe, what is your reason for using reason for testing truth and reality? In other words do you have a reason for your reason, or is it just your blind faith? [Zindler] The ability to […]

Religious Epistemology

during this workshop that I'm going to be doing over the next few days we're going to be focusing on philosophical apologetics and I want to just say by way of introduction to this section that in the anglo-american world in the last 40 years there has been literally a revolution in the field of […]