March 30, 2020
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Zivilisation und Kultur im Islam | Stimme des Kalifen

certain governments and members of the public fear a clash of civilization and believe that Muslims are asset to their society and cannot integrate into the question box before responding to this contention it is important to define what exactly is meant by civilization in this regard I present the definition given by the second […]

Glaubensfreiheit als Grundrecht im Islam | Stimme des Kalifen

Anstatt Einschränkungen zu verhängen oder die Freiheit einzuschränken, ist die Wirklichkeit, dass die erste und vor allem universelle Charta der Religionsfreiheit der Welt, der Heilige Qur’an selbst war. Da der Islam die Glaubensfreiheit als grundlegendes Menschenrecht verankert hat, folgt daraus natürlich, dass wahre Moscheen Symbole für die Religionsfreiheit und eine leuchtende Hoffnung der Liebe, des […]

Der Islam gebietet die Religionsfreiheit | Stimme des Kalifen

furthermore many people question whether Islam advocates freedom of religion to answer this let me present another incident from the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad be some blessing of Allah be upon him once a delegation of Christians from the city of Nazareth came to meet the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing of […]

الإسلام ليس فيه خوف ولا شقاء – No Fear nor distress in Islam.

Video Clip #206 By: Imam Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn at-Tijānī al-Ḥasanī. No Fear nor distress in Islam. so our Lord (ﷻ) is saying here, “We have not sent down the Quran upon you …. ” “But only as a reminder for those who fear”, [Quran 20:3] Remind them of what? Those whose hearts are filled with fear […]

Negativschlagzeilen repräsentieren nicht den wahren Islam 1/2 | Stimme des Kalifen

in this era we all we are all aware that Muslims and Islam generally receive a great deal of negative media attention a major cause of the adverse coverage is that a small a small minority of so-called Muslims have been radicalized and behaved in a truly reprehensible way why is trying to justify their […]


We’re not only talking about events and mass gatherings that are being cancelled We’re talking about the Haram, the city that never sleeps has far come to a pause. And we’re having Masajids around the world that are saying “Pray in your homes” it’s a madness. It is but we have to rise to the […]

A Free Vision | Episode 2 | God Religion and Life

Hello, and welcome. In 1961, astronomer Frank Drake came up with an equation to help determine how many intelligent civilizations exist in the universe. The equation, or famously known as the drake’s equation, has 7 variables in it, which would help determine an approximate amount of intelligent lives that exist in our universe as we […]


Is that they make time in their day for reflection. We live in a time, where people don’t know how to engage in TAFAKUR anymore. Have you seen people the moment they wake up they have to look at their phone? They fall asleep on social media. If their phone is missing in for few […]

Universelle Liebe und Zuneigung im Islam | Stimme des Kalifen

In diesem Vers, in dem Allah der Allmächtige die Muslime anweist, Ihn anzubeten, weist Er sie auch an, ihre Eltern mit Liebe und Zuneigung zu behandeln. Wie kann diese Lehre, die von den Muslimen verlangt, ihre Eltern zu lieben und zu ehren, mit irgendeiner Religion oder Nation in Konflikt geraten? Der Vers verlangt von den […]

Love & Brotherhood : Ramadan Lesson Islamic Cartoon for Kids Ep # 13

Ramadan Lessons # 13 Love & Brotherhood In Islam love and brotherhood with each other is very important. All Muslims should be united together as one. So that means that our hearts should be connected with one another so that we can stay together as one. (pray scene). In Islam we are all brothers and […]