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SSB Evolved Vegeta Vs God Vegeta NEW Character Skill Comparison Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC 9

hello learner one it's me considered you here but that's not important what is important is if you leave a like on the video and subscribe so you're constantly updated on when new stuff drops all right okay now this is gonna be an online comparison between our evolution blue and God Vegeta and you guys can decide which one you think is better I already have my opinion down first I want to talk about these cool charges blue Vegeta's evolved is really really really slow at the stop it gets super quick and gums the Jesus is super quick at the start that gets really really slow so it takes you know it takes my rival some time to charge up I don't really have the teleportal fine it looks evolution which is has a ton of cool moves and I think I'll just let you guys on check them out same thing about the cheetah and I'll pop in toward with you so let you know hey this cool thing is happening okay I'm about to explain this all right okay I'll see you guys later on in the video I [Applause] ah [Applause] I barely have to move a muscle now I know some of you guys are noticed with Vegeta's moves they are just advanced versions or specialized versions of moves he already has I mean with evolution Vegeta for example final flash is no longer an ultimate for him it's his super attack of course two balls of ki what does so much so much so much damage to come it's Mahad a little bit crazy now I will say the only thing about this guy that I'm disappointed with is maybe as combos by I'm definitely disappointed it is important for unique ultimate the final gala crush it's just a bunch of combos I want final question it's just a bunch of combos already in the game and then the super Dalek no it's a bunch of combos then it's super back jump and then it's super galaxy um and I mean I get that you can use it a long-range reason is at the end of number 13 effect it's an effective also you don't get me wrong it's a good Ottoman times but it's so boring to look behind me it's not really interesting uh his ultimate is do anything that makes me believe that they really rushed his character because everything else was pretty cool I like the idea of a super tight final flash and it's almost blasphemous charges up three times rather than just once or twice it's you know they they made a lot of good strategies work now the main reason are competency upset neolution to be just on vagina some people may say well you know more mad about fumbles it's some it's the same person you're still gonna fight very similarly I can't get mad at something that just makes sense so I won't get mad at something because it doesn't make sense number Brigitte I can understand Super Saiyan God like to come to mind anybody but we're gonna find them more you know relaxed members that I can forget and same thing with also bringing people can visit but yeah I hope you guys enjoy the rest of this planet final blow by the way teleports and final blows let me get up OCC's please okay thank you see you guys later that is so good-looking it's teleporting finally final blow my favorite thing in the whole movie set Wow Python super sec final flash isn't even as cooking and teleport and finally look now obviously I'm not gonna be biased I will play up the cheetah so you guys can see I know a lot of you guys like scope the cheetah and I like good Vegeta – he's uh it's really well done character I feel like more DLC character should be designed like him I'm going to make this quick guys can we get like just for God Vegeta alone I think of the Jeter ax is cool enough just for that I like for the Crimson King some of you are gonna turn that into a jerk and I trust you it that wasn't the intention right he's just for principal sands and he's red give me them good exercise though I seriously want the players I would say I have the same fun playing both the characters but he's better is what I'll leave up to you and nothing we've got Vegeta now contra jeeesus combo just ultra tasty they're just really appealing to look at and they make you feel really cool when you land room I don't know where is this gonna be funnier when you're doing certain actions earlier here this weird metal sound and I swear to god there's no me editing anything and it's just something that happened to the character it's like this weird weird sound sometimes happens when I'm not people down sometimes I happen to want to touch it's not me around just when you guys make something that happens all right okay I'm gonna let you enjoy these fights now we've got the Jesus revolution Vegeta again I'll see you guys [Applause] I think you've had enough I will not hold back no matter the opponent now God Vegeta he unfortunately had to hold vilasa but I think you guys can kind of get an idea of which Vegeta is the better one so far one of them is a Vegeta that was already really really good in the game and has combos that are pretty you know hard to forget because it's Vegeta not to mention he just has buffed versions of every you know have a Vegeta mu W Jeter is new so it might take us some time to get used to him eventually I personally think looks for blue of blue evolution I keep seeing that I keep I think blue evolution is better by quite the stretch but God Vegeta is also a very good character you know fun to players and the thing that happens when you get a weird metal sound and it blows apparently people time the button just right as that happens you get more damage you can turn knock down through the hard knock downs and a few other epic stuff I did I know that why would they put such a secret mechanic like that in a character and they do this for more characters because that's genuinely cool either way rematch with gods Jeter one more time because you know I lost the last play and I have to get my paper next time you guys see me will be at the end of this video so I hope you enjoy this final fight take care peace hope you guys dress that crispy final fight I enjoyed it because God Vegeta is so fun my verdict blue ultra blue is way better blue evolution is way better by far God it's much more exciting to play and maybe you have time will get better with him because I couldn't actually figure any stamina bridge with blue evolution with Super Saiyan God I could actually find quite a few so you know maybe it's just the way the characters do let me know whatever DLC content you like to see me cover just let me know obviously by leaving a comment down below and of course the only way to see it and a way to actually support me for creator is by subscribing to the channel that's it's always been no way to help me out even the like on the video also helps hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you all in the next video take care peace

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