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let's get right into the subject this is the hobbies that I want you guys about to be listening or having your eyes on when we cover any of the six winners of the month Dena hadith is the practice of our descendants as narrated by Abu Salah and haboob really a lover who in hadith of bokhari that the process of law I am said and so on Eman sama dama ban emanne87 what they do not undermine them be whoever fast a mentor from a bank a man with a man what he said and having become the hope or seeking the reward only from Allah will have all of his sins forgiven what does that mean first of all we're going to cover only the Iman Park okay how can a man in Allah help us to fast in the month of Ramadan if that's used you've never fasted before how can art Iman in the Angels help us to fast in the month alone a lot in fact you've never experienced before and so on okay because over here the próximo re7 said whoever fast the month of Ramadan with Iman now Imam what is email the six pillars of Eva which means your email in Allah so okay my Eman in Allah how can I have my Eman in Allah help me to fast them at the burner so that way my sins can be forgiven right all right fasting and the connection with email with the connection of al Qaeda those of you that know me will have taken my classes they know that this is something that is that is very here they feared so what is the connection after Omaha with Athena first pillar of capito or first pillar of Iman is Allah Allah he says in chapter 339 verse 2 indeed we have sent down to you the book o Muhammad in truth so worship Allah being sincere to him in religion Allah subhanAllah releasing that we have sent down this Quran in truth there is no doubt about it so worship Allah be sincere to him in this read our we are we mentioned we have desires but we know that Allah he is greater than our desires Allah he is greater than our dinners if we can think about that huh for a moment then when there is the desire to disobey Allah you will remember Allah in the maja he is greater than your desires so the desire let's say to gossip and backbiting you will say Allah he is greater than that what Mike is really just wings not even desires Allah he is greater than our design we say Allahu Akbar Akbar is superfluous which means superlative which means he there is nothing grated there is nothing grated also the problem very similar he said in hadith of and by happy that fasting is a shield from the punishment of Allah so when you are fasting you know you've been you are being shielded from the punishment so your belief when you fast you fast out of belief and opens it in the reward from Allah which means you fasting and the connection that you have with a lot will help you to facts such a fasting that Allah will shield you from his punishment you know there is a dried approximate itself used to make oh Allah I seek refuge with you from you I all my secret eat with you from you meaning from your wrath from your punishment mentor formula so fasting we read your fasting is a shield fasting to the ship what is it a shield further from did anyone ever explain to you what did you ever understand what is fasting the shield from did you understand as I'm she what does that mean fasting is the shield from the wrath of Allah so when you fast knowing Allah is greater than your desires when you fast knowing that it is a shield from the punishment from the punishment of Allah how are you going to repay back a lot with gossip and backbiting in Hara you're gonna pay me back with gratitude Vika not a tarot card he gonna pay you back with much more beautiful and handsome words number three the propsal of our lives and when he said all the deeds of the son of Adam that Allah he says this hadith Qudsi know that Allah he's at the process of our incident with Nerys from Allah that Allah he says all of the deeds of the son of Adam are for him except for fasting which is for me and I alone will give the reward for it when you fast with the belief in Allah you know only alone you know that every did you do there is some way that it is also for yourself anything except for except for fasting am I saying this is for me why for me this person this person when he is fasting not every time he has interaction of the people he can go into a corner into a closet eat some cookie no no but he is fasting only for Allah why did his belief in Allah all I think your belief is so strong in me then I can be only one devil rewarding what does that mean who can tell me Allah he is the only one that reward I thought Allah is the only one that rewards Allah as well what does that mean it has been reading this hadith for how many years huh is this the first time you guys heard this hadith no can someone please tell me because I like to also learn from my students but this is heavy for me he's keeping a secret Philippe then and then the reward for Sarah he's keeping it here no he didn't tell I'm he he doesn't tell he doesn't tell me just told us good try though anyone what does it mean what's the question I mean he doesn't the hadith is the question that Allah he says all the days of the son of Adam are for him except for fasting and because it's for me only I am the only one that will reward what does that mean yes sister you have on the tip of your tongue when it's fasting is also that nobody knows whether you're fasting that be okay it's problem so we covered that / how is it only Allah will reward no one else as if to suggest that the other surah other people can reward now how does it only Allah reward who else can be what is in other things and use it but here after the judgment oh yes I see like what I see I know I'm sitting all the way in the back we eat we drink so the question is the process of our licenses is heavy of that Allah he says that all of the needs of the son of Adam is for him except for fasting because for me and me alone I alone will reward him for it now my question is what does that mean that only Allah will reward I thought Allah rewards the other things as well and then so this Hadees is as if to suggest that a lot doesn't reward us for this and for somehow okay go pray you know go take it from someone else or whatever we we we are alive then we die then we get resurrected right and then there is a bridge of Sirat and we go some people go in the speed of lightning some people in the speed of a horse some people who speed up awaiting some people running some people jogging some people walking some people crawling and this is Jahannam okay hey that's Jahannam then he goes okay Jana masha'Allah he sees all the beauties of Jenna can he go – Jenna right away we're half way he has to cross onto the smaller bridge what is the name of that bridge anyone I gave him 1 million rupiah that starts from cute honey my bridge of gunpowder this is where you set all your dissipates so a person will come all like this person he abused me he slept and he backed by the he slandered me pay attention he took my rice he took my honor he accused me he listened to other people's accusations he spread it he spread lies he took my money he never painted back to me he defended I told them to say a hundred tell you something don't tell anyone they and then they went and told someone hey I couldn't tell you you don't tell anyone and this kind of trickery or this kind you spread the whole sitting up nose now just by saying I'm gonna tell you keep it to yourself that's a trust that's an Amana and the moon effect is someone who betrays that Amana right so you took one drinking you never paid them back gives us enemy so that to him you took 100 rings you never paid them back you shortchange them take seventy thousand you went for Hajj mama you slander that person okay give your – you go for Oprah the time will come what happens his subhan allahi wa bihamdihi is also given to someone else still there's more people or Allah he took he took my rights this person he enjoyed backbiting evil in this world so this person he has no more good piece to give the other person said I have a lot of cities to give away take his sense a lotta Kissin give it to him because of someone else's sin the guy he was a drunkard used to smoke used to do zina he used to back by work because someone else's sin someone else the only deed Allah will not give to from take it from them and given is fasting you do what do you mean this Hadees just told you that stays with this why I'd like to say no one can reward because if Allah takes that reward me you need something good thing to be with you right alone that take away your your fasting reward and give it to because as if you rewarded someone else only allowed so what kind of facts may you gonna do some loose passing it barely protects you from jihad we said it's a shield from what I'm Jahannam you still enjoy on them but your fasting is still shielding you from some of the punishments do you guys understand what I'm saying you're fast you fasted it wasn't given away he wasn't given away because only a lovely words meaning you do not have the ability to reward someone else even though you constant arm and whatever you can take his sins but you cannot give him the reward of fasting that fasting if it was done good what at least protect you from Jahannam or some of it some of the punishment because we said earlier fasting is a shield but but what kind of shield huh you've got it ask those people who are working in in what is it metal what is it iron iron Smiths you know you ask those people that mold the metals and iron you know have you guys heard of the samurai sword why how'd the katana and all of those things why do you think he has a name in the world why because it takes years to build I started months if not years to build it so much just one katana sword you know why because they make it so strong you will not fail you anything heat of battle you know the heat of battle when you are you you're doing the swimming and protecting yourself someone is about to get to you you block it imagine if that sword broke so that shield so much effort was put in there right and concentration he didn't go around saying what's the easiest way for me to go ahead and move you know just you would you would you have a katana made in Japan or made in China made in Japan so why are you going around saying give me two short cut in records or 20 records so now depending on how you fasted based upon your Iman in Allah you will get that shield what kind of shield that's why I said some of the punishment good enough shield but it's something okay so what are the wrath of Allah to break that you so you will be protected from some of the punishments of Jahannam inshallah even though you're there you're still feeling the heat the discomfort you understand you're still you're still feeling the discomfort of Jahannam and you're not and the discomfort of not being with your family and friends who are enjoying Jenna right so when when you fast how are you going too fast even a fast out of Iman in Agua knowing only a low of the world which bad thing no one house can reward you you better make sure this fasting you hold on to it you don't break it and it's a shield make sure you don't break that she'll that shield is top of the line it's not something you know you you want to do shortcuts or things like that that shield you want to really make it you know something that can withstand a lot of things number what 3/4 forgot when we fast out of Amman in Allah the purpose of adding to the system there are two pleasures that a fasting person will get you guys know this Holly the proximal resources there are two pleasures for the fasting person what at the time of breaking his fast and the other at the time when he meets his Lord meets his Lord it is too too much they call too much it meets his Lord when you are fasting the whole day you are worshipping Allah you're reading the Quran not the whole day you are worshiping Allah meaning you're standing to prayer making Vicar even you are working you're working with honesty that's worship and when you break your facts what kind of treasure do you get the kind of fasting what Allah he the person who is spending his alone sleeping under I said he is my God he's saying I have enough for a different reason just he's saying I'm gonna find him he gets to eat the other person was spent his day in the worship of Allah in the convenience of a money saying hamdulillah that because Allah gives him an inkling his fasting has been accepted that's why he sneaked he said I am fasting he gave him that satisfaction and on the day of judgement when everyone was running around naked sweating drowning in their sweat when everyone is running around from themselves the mother from the from the son the daughter from the father the brothers from the system the husband from the why everyone is running around guess what Allah will make his heart full of contentment he will be happy when he meets his wife will he be happy because he spent his aroma Don all of his fasting in the way that pleases Allah in this world unless his oh you gotta do this please allow from fetcher actor mother hello thank you from day one till day fifty thousand years until you detained together and he will not take away your rewards to advancing to give to keep don't worry survive Hajj and Umrah which takes longer and more effort more money in zakah give it to someone else if if they deserve it fasting in this world I might give you a small little inkling he has accepted when you eat that food it tastes different you know the date mashallah you've been eating going for hydrogen Umbra getting all kinds of day but when you break your first thing they do different kind of a that sip of water will buy that sip of water as if if you had nothing else this is good in the free because Allah gives you the sweetness that's what you call the sweetness of Iman in this world for you that when you read Quran it makes a different sensitive because you took a lot greater than your desires so when we fast we fast with email in Allah knowing our this hour hour to an hour Lord is greater than our desires Allah will protect us through our fasting make it a shield against this punishment is rap and no one will be rewarded with our fasting only Allah rewards and number four number four what else we will get to eat we will get to meet Allah Allah gives us two pleasures when the pleasure in this world which is the pleasure of this world what kind of pleasure you want in a Allah Allah will be happy with you Allah will be happy number five six whatever number you guys have throw his names and attributes he will understand who is the one one of the names of Allah is and Holly someone who is forbearing you silly eleven months for another uncommon you understood how merciful Allah is he gave you one more year to live so you can come back to him Allah he's unclean despite you sending him what is it sillies what's the law of physics what goes up must come down you just give sins wrath must come down you give since my Pharaoh comes down more bountiful welcome to you your life everything Allah he is Allah Karim Allah is a lot of food however who you read it throughout the year but in Ramadan he makes a different sense that's why you ask a lot through his forgiveness his name of who we are I love the name Allah from of Allah the one who eliminates sins and we will talk about what this alone in the cou what it really means not what it means a lot after the name of Allah al Karim what happened you become Kareem – we start distributing you start cooking for people in one of our Ramadan two years ago three years ago two years ago we cooked our students I was a master chef yes from nine until four o'clock we cooked for like three four hundred people that that particular day was one of the most tiring days but one of the most pleasurable days why and you know because the heat and the boil coming on you what's going to happen you get me you get tired and you get dehydrated and there is I had to put myself inside the freezer it was so I was about to faint but you get that pleasure because you are doing one of the names of Allah which is to be with more generous mix differently it makes different sense to you all because of your fasting it even in almost one of the names of Allah is us summon you guys know a sonnet although I have loved what does summon me anyway we read this all the time you should know hearing sister all Jiri uh-huh what's it mixer a sermon that is Samia has summoned us women a summit I love this word you guys should know you read it but in every rakah right you don't know the meaning of Allah if it really affordable overhead for 40 years you don't know the meaning of it what does that tell you about your so much means what what is self-sufficient means is this he doesn't meet us um he doesn't yeah our summit it means one whom everyone independence the pipe but one who does not depend upon anyone that's the meaning of Islamic yeah in the translation is a self-sufficient it doesn't really give you the bigger picture or the complete picture rather one whom everyone depends upon to fulfill their needs and but one who needs no one and depends upon that's Islamic so this in the month of Ramadan to his names and attributes you say oh hi you're hungry you you see if there's any fact what if I can break my fasting have you ever come across one day in in your life where you're so thirsty you know you don't know how you're gonna make it especially if you're working right well money that's when a summer you will understanding on new to make my day so easy and Allah he does not need anyone of us to make his days for Allah is easy understand so how are you gonna happen are you gonna be seeing they know you're going to ask about to one of his names as well as if you need Nocturna and if you need a fear and if you need anything you ask these things of Allah make has a unique meaning a special meaning in the multiple alignment more so than if it was to be read or understood outside of Allah because of the blessed nature of the angels how do we fast with our amount in the angels and how does that be man in the Angels houses in our past on the day of judgment or rather in this world Allah he has given us to Colleen you guys know curry what does carry me that's it have you guys heard of the name Luna color name o my Shalu means the possessor blue means the possessor carbon means horns and then when you say carmine these two hands what does that mean cut so now what does Karimi cut it means something there is so attached to you inseparable inseparable that's what kadhi means some of the Sahaba were considered to be Kadena at one another to the point where they used to be tied back to back and beaten in in in Makkah so they were called the curry of one another in separate every time you see this – happy hobbies they're like ooh let go working in the props alone it's an aura looking grandma every time or they has an interesting I said they say every time you see her this is right there next to it that's what the meaning so we just do shortcut which means companion so what does companion me it means the work we had to go back to the Arabic word Cuddy Kali means just like horns inseparable you can't why was the door that ain't called the possessor of two horns because he wore not because he had horns he wore a helmet because he was always in Jihad that had the horns you know like back in the days they had just one more he wore one with two horns that's why his nickname was called little cutter name that was his nickname that wasn't his actual name so now we have two types of Korean in this world one is the Korean of the Angels and what is the Carina of the genius yeah they are so attached to us no one can separate them can anyone separate the Jin's from you know so now so now listen up in Chapter and so little pop so that I didn't break down the verse number two of these Koreans on the day of judgment they will say mechanically who had that man that they are at even the angels will say this record is what is with me prepared the angel you're free and the day of judgment he will come I'll give you guys the exact verse this is in chapter 50 in Chapter 50 a lot he talks about two different cadine and they're very opposite of one another what is the Colleen the companion is called the angel and the other Kareem is the companion which is called the shape on one of them under the agenda which is the jinn the sari which is the angels he he will say Veronica I knew who his Kareem will say had mild a year a kid this is what I have meaning the book of these these two angels you know Kareem say all about this one I have of the deeds I have prepared with me this is it what kind of seeds do you want them to show goodness the chapter of f fasting I'm not the F word that should be very long enough the chapter of s so loud that the other one should be very long now only long but good a lot doesn't tell us too much he says I said my mother so rough moon it's hard to see you know me what does it say about Olivia demon initiating and levy her lap and motor well hi oughtta be a bloke oh my you go past some accent superlative just like akbar allah akbar accent means comes from the word has an accent the best accent a mother promised we did not Achtung Achtung it's the Morse but doesn't want the most he wants the best he wants you to pray 2 rakaats the way the process of law and a seventh grade if you never pray 2008 so in chapter v at the verses 23 chapter 50 verse 23 what kind of account you want the angels to prepare before Allah it depends on how you spend a moment because I mentioned earlier as preface I said the a news they love to surround people who recite the Quran you are praying and praying right behind you you spend in Ramallah one ringgit touring is five minutes to buy something for a fasting person you know what everyday you do that you know what the angels do the angels make dua Allah increase for the one who gives and then there's another angel that says o Allah destroy it for the one who withholds ie destroy his wealth decreasing every single day in the morning the injured this they make means to so you're a man in the Angels will help you to make now his devil companion cutting the devil verse 27 the same surah they will say his demo companion will say our Lord I did not make him transgress but he himself was an extreme terror Oh am i did not me I was locked up but you knocked me up I didn't make him do any he he's the one that did so Ramadan is the month of lesson but also the month of no excuse you can't have any excuses look these two angels these two Kareena pure your angel saying all of this is Shaitaan saying all I didn't make him do it he was a clear transgression so what excuses them in hand what excuse even if the Shaitaan made you do it there's another angel that telling you don't you you don't shake on tells us this is the mercy of allah shaitaan tells you it's an angel I said don't do this fear Allah just to even it up there are jinns out there too harmless but they cannot do so because it's not the will of Allah and also because the protection Allah has provided us every single one of us we have angels in front protecting us how many times have you driven a car you nearly got into an accident who do you think was protecting your your wittiness your smartness you've known how many times you heard of the person that bullet missed one centimeter from his heart how many times did you hear person flying after a car accident where in the seatbelt flying out of this party comes up stands on his feet how many time who is protecting the baby coming up into this world you know they describe that force that force is like a car stepping over you again and that baby is being stepped that prayer I'm sorry the pressure that's being applied to that baby who's protecting Allah says we covered a sort of an arbitrary Thomas Sebelius era Eliza's we made way easy for indigo sometimes it's not made easy so what happened and that is from the width to the point where to the point where the mother will give her life just for the baby so the baby killed her yes that's how merciful mothers are and yet on the day of judgment some of the scholars say if I was given an option you want your accounting done by home if the G was given a choice what kind of a judge you want of course he's gonna choose his appointed judge right on the very judgment they say if I was given a choice who do you want your accounting to be done by your mother or by Allah I will say I want only a lot because all money if your own mother know some of your secrets you will not forgive you in this world forget about it your mother will say I think I need some of those with means so personally in those times they said if I had a choice who should take my mom or Allah I will say on the why cuz of my 77 universe evil and more just of course so many times no mercy for the my own mother so don't worry fast you'll be protected from the from from the punishment and those angels you read in your car you're in the must've from motive what do you eat we'll might try this huh I've tried it take some dates take some zum-zum you guys should have some time left back save some some of them for dislocated take a bar take about seven Edgewood dates eat that break your fast with that let's say in the Masjid after Ramallah after Maghrib drink that and just recite your Quran do that for your online can be different how we're not going to talk about how only spiritual internet is full of well you should and how to eat it and drink water before you do that but don't we do it when we go for too much it never wait what do we do we say we tell the the you know the most nice people the sisters to the statistics and the brothers were late hey where's this imposes samosa say right where ha samosa samosa not samosa where is this know what do they have been bred some yogurt some water tea and what do you do well now you praying there until midnight afraid and what can and Anaka they don't even give you that you go for a ride they go back to Masjid never win medida in Makkah they just you're lucky if you like worse the taste people the giving birth day you're lucky that you give you days there's a whole buncha sensor and yet you and yet you perform your and you're so much you didn't lose it did you lose anything you know Shaitaan example how can you start over all day make sure you eat as much as you can before you die enjoy this world fill it up that's how we think how come on try it ten days houses let's be fair no fair it is fifteen days do it you will see go to your favorite Masjid because if I say don't go to the musty you get more we were no one of listen so go to your favorites my students do this if no one else is doing who cares and what do you busy yourself now let's say there's less cleaning involved there's less will go involved they less everything involved so you eat you just you drink that what do you think you're gonna be doing the rest of the students for I bother that's what it's for that's what I'm trying to get to you guys that's what the ramen is for just like when you go in for homra do you go and say do you plan out your day like that no you plan out your day how we can stay as much as we can in the harem I'm telling you in Ramadan do the same thing and there's only one month and then at the end of the month your husbands are gonna be like while you're looking so thin they're so beautiful and then you're gonna be telling your husband what happened to the fireman he's gonna be looking healthy and slim and more handsome and your kids everyone that you don't need to be taking so many diabetes pills and medication or cholesterol you go to the doctor the money that you spend in the doctor you can go ahead and spend that somewhere else do you guys understand and all of this is what your email in the needles help angels coming down and making dua for those who make support so know what did I say I'm sorry I'm not Malia those who eat the pre-dawn meal only in Iran and you think they come in any other way your email in the Angels will help you to wake up in support how many of us wake up for suppose we say we eat at 1 o'clock 2 o'clock 12 o'clock before we go to bed and we aim we cannot force at all right for your belief in the Angels will make you wake up for sahur so just you can have that's Laura after angles the proximal areas instead the angels pray for you when you mix it all so pathetic hadith narrated by in the Ahmed so now even if you don't feel like eating anything just a sip of water with that intention you have qualified for waking up for school when do we wake up for school so food is about a few minutes before finances not a few hours before buy them a few minutes before fighting now you will hear the thick of it and you will hear okay if I am drinking water and the other on cuz I do I do i do i do i stuff it goes to your co-stars and now you guys are wondering what's the answer right at the end number four number three number three the ages they come down is the billions making sure our for those who are observing later those who are making major but guess what angels are coming down not one or two angels how many how many you have taken hair thickness how many Radian it one two three four five started but not finished yet sure what you finish all right so look at this son I like to tease I do this on purpose huh don't think I'm doing this venison I'm doing this on purpose to make all of you feel guilty Rosella and Xena Xena this is far Allah Allah after Anna Department yes and I told you guys each one has right so now what does necessarily necessary means ha descend descend he says absolutely well ok ok but also one around sydney ok what about this one no that's that's what I mean descending and what does this mean these are different this is further this is far enough this is f the other version this is the Japan and so now another the needs to come down beside people no no the other one you think might be ok let me finish now you're ready no Sarah this is Mozilla ok no he doesn't give you you known as Allah Allah you Middle Fork for example Holly came down then when you have NASA now this describes what kind of coming down yeah this means like this okay under that means what coming down in one shot see he still has the meeting coming down he sent me but it means in one shot okay what does this mean pouring down you see that it's like the other day you know when they was rainy it wasn't like it was what was happening you could go out with him you know you know you kids can go out with this chef head hair and shampoo and he could take the proper bath that's how much you had these big pipes in Lake in somebody and it's just coming gushing forth right so now let's see where Allah says what and what in the Quran Allah he mentions that he revealed the Quran NASA's Ella he will build upon personal meaning coming down bit by bit over a period of 23 years I'm Sarah baba also we said he revealed the Quran answer in our Islands ulna and in the Zetas we see that onions and now wait aa feel a little color it means Allah revealed it from know and my food from the sacred tablet to the heavens in one shot this is one shot I mentioned you see that one shot on the night of color you guys understand and I have cutter him he brought it down but then from there to the earth he used this Mikado Lola New Zealand Akita we do not use this one then in the same surah to pattern Allah he says tannaz alone mother Iike to water that means the angels are coming down on the night of qatar how are they coming down they're not coming down bit by bit the heavens if you were to see there's no space for them to be coming up that's how much it is we just can't see it so when our belief can be whoever faster I'm about out of a man in the Angels they woman when you later to a cousin especially the last and nice what do you think they're gonna do they're not gonna go to sleep except maybe what two three hours maybe not even two three or they'll go to sleep after fighting and for this they say but I'm working you will combine your vacation you take them off in the last and days not in some other time so you can take your wife to Maldives or Caribbeans that's what smart people do but you guys get what one month off vacation per year yeah ten days you take off with why because you know tannaz Zulu that's how many angels are coming back coming down but guess what not only the Angels the best of them 100 and degree is awesome and what are they doing coming down can anyone tell me they're standing at the gates of the mustard shaking hands they are they're recording who's coming and pray to Allah they are making bla bla favor your special dance in the pocket who is making a debride never comes down into this world you know that right yes the only time he comes down this way but he's giving YT what is giving worry that's the only time he comes you think it comes in businesses under the Angels then you go see my father angel oh yeah only time he comes is when he's giving ye no more watching so now what is the only time he comes only time he comes in a little puddle if your if your email in the Angels is weak of course you're not going to be could care less if you go and pray you can cure this but now you look a mess Monica na na Nana Nana Nana anything else they come okay there's no space in the heavens and they're making new sci-fi there they're shaping every person that's the place that's the place of worship for me it's already in the beginning and that Hadees was mainly for a woman that you when you pray you have the angels cranking that hadith nominees for women you make go out guess what they're racing who's gonna take it you meet Laura that girl has to go somewhere right does it have wings of itself no it needs other people's wings which is the Angels they are racing who's gonna pick it up make for example they were racing towards what's the Hobby who's gonna race this one first just to write it down that's what the angels are racing for that's what their invest their purpose their purpose is to fight people who are worshiping Allah we find people who has the best food which must did you go to the west or what line is good to this mustard they have this food every day every time or so-and-so is cooking I'm gonna go to that Musti you invite someone come to the Westin I'm cooking today huh make sure you come you could you were inviting them to the mustard to come from that means that is your it's worse – did you take medicine then which which which person you personally bring your person of the after you feel and that's when you know come sisters to my house we have to see Saturday I shower in her house I will give it a special class to see another soul of Solitude whether you never heard this to see in your life I guarantee if not I pay for your talking you guess not peseta the next the last Saturday I'm supposed to get huh whatever it is just a decimal the last Saturday from about whatever whatever date that about so that way it's easier for them to remember that's what you oh come come we are doing some charity work in Arma then that means you are a person that I can come we're cooking for some time a school students we're going to go to this premiere we gotta eat with them too come to my house is what I really Ramadan has become a month of feasting well why he has you go to like you know some of these bizarre making Dubai India Pakistan it's so colorful all kinds of spices offensive even the dates now you can almost pistachio we put this in him stuffing this is good has more protein they had more dissing more that keeps you going energizer better so now the angels are coming down they're racing towards who's who's waiting they done and guess what I landed the no cutter has decided who's going to go for Hajj and what your year is gonna look like actually it's political who what is your year okay and it's also determined whether you'll be going for – so now let's say let's say you're gonna die that here okay you're making dog won't like it because little hottie but give me a good ending these angels writing it down saying only ladies meetings unless they write that down yes or no write that down he wants trust no Fatima he will never stop sometimes the cutter is written by us what do I mean by us what I mean is what we do Allah already knew about that so he wrote it down something is not written by us what color eyes their flat nose big nose pointy nose that's not me other things we have a choice in later smoke are you saying pull Allah let me die in Bakke in height someone died recently so much for answering some fellatio Machida what happens what we don't know Jimmy what kind of glad she made two up like that she gave her the honour to die after performing in the hundreds of thousands of people virgin attended carry in Dhaka bearing with the rest of South we are dying every year we spending so much money we're not dying oh well then we come back disappointed okay go again for suicide mission not the blowing up China the kind word okay let me see if I can squeeze myself up you know along with the whole bunch of people even maybe I don't know yeah the robot someone steps on my head the teacher mother you know we don't need to take care of yeah that's what v tells you fix as well you have the right not to live with you mother Jeff tells you you have the right to have your own house but then what does spirituality spirituality teaches you take care of Allah take care of you Allah will help you as long as you're helping him spirituality tells you you the proximally it says me and the caretaker of an orphan or me like this region anywhere the process of is walking you're walking next time spirituality says you take care of your mother illa oh how is your care how does your taken care of will be in the grave who will be serving you nowadays we put forget our mother huh we call a monster we put even our own mother in the nursing homes we even put our own mother we don't even want to take care of our mother we tell her to shut up because it's a remove on and I'm fasting mouth yeah don't you hear those that goes way colder I forgot there was one name not a very good three hatched eggs calling their mothers by name pre hatched eggs meaning immature kids and calling fasting what she's fasting to

Jean Kelley