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Spirituality Is Not Poverty! How To Be Multifaceted! Release LACK Mentality!

he's aquatic family thank you so much for tuning into my channel please do hit the subscribe button to join the aquatic family if you're not yet a subscriber so I know it's been about a week I have just been busy and like working and one locked-down just doing a lot of stuff but I do have a lot of exciting things in the works but I cannot wait to share but it really was on my heart today to do this video please excuse how I look because I wasn't even planning on doing a video today but I'm like you know what let me just get back to my YouTube fam because I know it's been like a week I it's heavy on my heart to give this message today I just wanted to let everyone know who was watching that spirituality is in poverty a lot of people have led us and have forced us and I'm conditioned us rather I don't want to say forced they have conditioned us to believe that spirituality and poverty go hand in hand but really spirituality is abundant so once you know that the universe is full of abundance and it's it's filled with endless possibilities and that the components of the universe we actually have within our own selves then you actually you're more empowered and you use more so know that even if you're given a know that you know how to receive a yes that even if a door closes you know that a window you know is opening that even when someone leaves your life or you leave someone's life you know that you are that you know you're gonna cross the you're gonna your path is gonna cross with those who are meant to be on it you know it's all just a journey is what I'm saying and we really have to embrace that the fact that we don't have to be impoverished you know we don't have to be in poverty we don't have to be broke we don't have to be you know what's the word down-and-out because a lot of people have made it seem as though you know being a poor righteous teacher or you know being spiritual means that it's okay that I have anything or that you don't have to have anything but the universe is full of abundant you have to you have to have recipe receptivity you have to you know allow yourself to be able to receive be receptive of receiving allow yourself to receive gifts treasures abundance prosperity you know new beginnings you know better situations better relationships better opportunities you know you have to allow yourself to receive it you have to actually people say see it to believe you have to believe it in order to see it you know that's where people go wrong with the manifestation they just are so stuck on they haven't seen it yet so it can't manifest no you have to actually believe it deep down in your heart you have to know it you know while you're actually putting forth a um effort and you know doing your due diligence and putting forth the work and the energy behind it so I just wanted to let people know that I am I I do not like that narrative that narrative is extremely unhealthy and it's detrimental too because then people are conditioned to thinking that you know they aren't to have anything or that they are to be at the bottom of the totem pole or the lessor or that it's okay for them to be skipped over for them to not have you know no you are to have so don't allow for anyone to make it seem as though that's what it is equivalent to because it is not it is not and I was tricked and fooled into thinking and believing that at the beginning of my journey because I was around I was around and was seeking information at that time from just a bunch of fake conscious people that made me feel as though you know in order to you know be spiritual and to you know be a manifester and you know in order to have a Great Awakening and you know all of that great goodness like that it it means struggle and it means you know poverty in a means hardship you know and that's not true and I feel like generationally for a lot of us that narrative has been passed down and we're forced to believe that it has to continue that way and it doesn't not to say that you know that there isn't oppression and that there isn't you know unfairness obviously that takes place but we are in control of our own lives so we must take accountability for self and our lives and in doing so we know that we don't have to follow a certain path or a certain narrative that other people are trying to lay out for us you actually want to question the people that are claiming to be so spiritual and so high and mighty on a white horse you know just a guru you have to question these gurus you know that that don't have anything you know tangible just to show for it you know people are saying they're these goals and they're these manifestos and these huge you know spiritual go-to people and they can't even manifest I'm a better situation for their ownselves for their own lives you know they're typically the ones and I know because I've seen this they're typically the ones you know staying in someone else's place on someone's couch and someone's floor and someone's air mattress life is in complete shambles behind the scenes and I'm not downing anyone whose situation isn't where they would like for it to be or where they would want it to be I'm extremely impactful Ike and I have completely been there but you have to question people that are saying that they are something and they they have nothing to show for that with these manifestation you know quotes and these manifestation you know and with all of this spiritual go to and know-how and judgment you know they're very judgmental towards other people when their own lives aren't together so a spirituality if not equivalent to poverty it isn't it ends now for those who have been on that path or narrative who feels as though it's supposed to be that way like oh if I'm gonna be you know a spiritualist or you know light-hearted or you know on you know focused on high vibrations or you know balancing my chakras or ascension you know or you know being more empathic whatever it might be that you're going through or walking on or facing you on your journey it does not mean that you have to be in poverty just know that because people who want you to believe that it makes them feel better about their situations because they're not able to better change their situations and it's four reasons whether it is you know karmic or bad decision making or just because they aren't you know what they want to make themselves out to be but be very careful and very mindful of that know that you have it in you to accomplish to manifest to have a better life for yourself for your family for your children you know you have it in you to allow your strength to be your anchor you have it in you you know to be able to decipher and see through the good and the bad you know and allow for that to be what keeps you going what keeps you pushing forward you know so many people just they are so stuck on the past and they're living in the past and that is what makes them fearful you know that is what makes them impoverished like that's poverty in itself if you can't yourself to get past things that happened to you in your past because they no longer exist you are past that and you reminiscing on it we're thinking about it or bringing it back up you are reliving it so you are then forcing your own self to be in poverty if your past was poverty if your past was you know abuse or depression or whatever it it might have been allow yourself to learn and grow and heal from that and to be on a new path to turn over a new leaf to heal to be free to be Liberty Liberty you know don't allow yourself to waddle in it or to reminisce on it or to let that be you know your sob story if you have times or moments where you have a flashback and you need to cry that's different but to just live in it you are then reliving it and that in itself is poverty so know that spirituality is in poverty spirituality isn't to be placed in a box it's multifaceted so it's not just you know oh I have to look this certain way or I have to talk the certain way or up to be the certain way or you know I'm not the one to keep up appearances like I'm gonna come as I am and you know have what messaged it is that I have to give you know whether it's just just talking you know doing my Tarot which I'm super passionate about I have other exciting things coming that I cannot wait to share um you know just things that I do on my channel DIY cooking different things I'm gonna be showing here on this channel which I'm excited to be doing but it's like it's not we're multifaceted people so don't allow yourself to feel as though you have to be in poverty you have to be impoverished you have to have a sad sob story you know or you have to walk around looking or talking a certain type of way to keep up appearances like most people I mean that's not that's just not realistic it's not everyday life in this you know reality in this realm you know that's why I say I just come as I am and I do the best that it is that I can do and at some times that means just to be you know at time that means stepping away or going within you know isolation whatever that might mean for me or even for you it's like embrace that and accept that but know that it doesn't it's not this certain type of image you know there's no image it's you it's just you and it really has only been just you here journeying you know on this on your mission you know on a mission and just let that be and let it take you where it takes you and focus on being a better version of yourself each day but don't feel as though you're trapped inside of this spiritual Pandora Box and you're just trying to break free want to come out or you'll just trapped us out of a box period of what other people expect of you to be or to sound like or to look like to dress like you know it's like some of the most spiritual people that I personally know you know it's it's not anything like the facade or the um or the you know props and wardrobe that people try to put together and make it seem like something that it's not you know so knock it off okay we're here to live we're here to learn we're here to love we're here to laugh and that's what we're doing thank you for holding space with me and for listening to my message please do subscribe to join the aquatic family again please excuse my appearance today because this was just heavy in my heart and I'm just like you know what even though I'm out and about and I know I've been posted in a week and I want to post and share with the aquatic family let me just deliver this message and so I did I can't as I am thank you for accepting me for that please do thumbs up and like this video so that other people can be able to have a chance to see this message as well and if it's on your heart to share this then share this as well leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts on you know spirituality or your spiritual journey or where its leading you where it's taking you what you've come across or what people have made it out to be let's just all talk about it below and until next time I'm leaving you all with love and a lot of life mermaid

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  1. kushiteprince Posted on June 13, 2019 at 11:13 am

    A week without a Muurmaid video is way too long lol

  2. kushiteprince Posted on June 13, 2019 at 11:13 am

    You are so right. Spirituality is abundance! I wish more people would realize that fact. You’re 100% correct in this video πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎ

  3. Whit Stone Posted on June 13, 2019 at 11:13 am

    Preach girl this is so true love this video

  4. personkid21 Posted on June 13, 2019 at 11:13 am

    Wonderful vid!!!

  5. Stephen Scott Posted on June 13, 2019 at 11:13 am

    You are looking as beautiful as ever .. I like your recent content .but I was wondering were you going to do some videos involving reading as you used to? ..they were really good …Poverty is the truth of opportunity and the soil from which wealth grows knowing this is Wisdom and the difference between the Conquered and the Conquerer this understanding is the foundation of civilization and the true work and purpose of the masculine itself