October 18, 2019
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#spirituality Does God truly take care of us? Tamil, Hindi, English

Harry Krishna so have you ever thought that you know we do say that God takes care of us every single second of our lives but how far is it true because if you take a look at Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the earth he's just relaxing very calmly on a huge snake in the ocean so doesn't really take care of us and this was the same question that also arrived in the mind of Goddess Lakshmi and she decided to test Lord Vishnu so what happened let's find out so what she did one day is that she took a little ant and closed it into a jar and she said let me see how this ant survives because she had closed the lid and there was no way that the ant could survive because there was no food within the jar one day passed by and the end of the day came and girths Lakshmi thought that the ant would have died until of but when she saw the ant was still alive she was surprised and then she asked Lord Vishnu how is this possible I closed the hands in a jar and it is still alive and that too without food how did this happen so that time Lord Vishnu explains that when she was closed in the jar a grain of rice fell from her head and with that single grain the ant survived and then Goddess Lakshmi understood that Lord Vishnu is not just relaxing but he is truly taking care of each and every soul on this earth but so the answer to the question is God truly does take care of each of us every single second it's only that you know we don't realize that but actually if you join all the dots and see in your life you will realize if one of the previous incidents had not occurred then the next will not have occurred to do place your faith in God and realize that God is always looking at you watching at you sitting in your heart and seeing what you're doing and he's always there feel like odds this video may embark on a daring in a camper but such watch so we go hail rock thing he was such much heart ache but Marisol you're such much Michael 8:26 what is a good Catholic Rinnegan so is it brushed nickel job Adam so here is a wall a graph taken to mother Lakshmi came on maybe with pornography kyookie Mahalakshmi so Jackie Jo vishnuji here both of us she is Nagpur Arrancar ahead solder me okay occurring echo spinnaker a motto husband / Aram because they retain our mother Lakshmi on capella buddy here quietly wish no cheeks as much kuch kuch nahi hain ki nahi to Mata Lakshmi came on me SAH sawal whooping wok or ammonia jockey cello arts man in a fur clipping he acted ye Karthikeya mother Lakshmi Nakia here on Monique Jabalia or husky under eight teen decode Althea or say banker via toe of Maha Lakshmi Makaha Khomeini to his sin to go bonkers di of medics P who he is proc are op not even guillotine karika confuse Akana who's taking a token he pajama patina nano make it up to – tobacco Concordia second and Himalaya 3e our shady grip – Cobra pooja – is Nakia or for a horrid nvidia or pinky and me two metallics mini occurs they cut the baby protein the ability over submit must way harmful yet you see the creamy an interior LED TV the mother box – ooh turkey it is pro got some purple tone horn a su hijo de puta y mi casa Kia the Vishnu Shiva Tata he heats up metallics mini whose Deepika ban Piazza de Bianchi Marty say ich Anika Donna who's DeBakey under yoga or aspra girl who's teen teen who's Angie Danica's even here on both TV three 4s program mother Lakshmi copious vodka small rocky up here such much Joe Vishnu ji-hye was such much her eek give common so he is path cozy cottage a home equivalent is Johanna mile high to DC – Elizabeth copy porn roop SE Harlem the homilies spot codes are mature year or is commercially someone cannot idea if you go grabbed a kid oh c'mon hurts again how people know better who have guessed Putin a heckuva a cracker a candy correct suppose wasn't a hair all in seviche SoCo agarwood era haha after snapping it can I help as I had to be leather optic animal pushpin here basically um they came to America he had toe is back to 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