September 18, 2019
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Spirituality and Why its Important Today.

what is spirituality and why is it
important in today's society spirituality in broad terms is the
ability to use your spirit or mind to understand and work with the Trinity
spirit or mind soul and body with God the universe the world and each other
and most importantly ourselves to obtain the Holy Spirit that is one and in
harmony with all spirits what is spirit well when referring to
spirit there is a trinity that it falls under soul body and spirit or mind soul
it's the eternal essence that animates our body it's what makes us our unique
or not so unique selves it's a collection of experiences memories
feelings and emotions that equate to the totality of our inner selves body is a
vessel that our soul animates which we have several bodies that I will discuss
in later posts bodies like our physical body energy body light body and so on
the body is nothing more than a vessel or containment of a person's personal
mechanisms spirit is really nothing more than the mind on many levels so when
anyone speaks of spirit they are speaking of a mind of some sort people
think of spirit as the bridge or connector to higher realms well the mind
is what accesses higher realms through the Pineal gland or what is commonly
referred to as the third eye along with other components of the brain spirit or
mind is the mechanism that makes connections between itself and in things
relative to itself to create a picture or idea of our perception of the reality
in front of us and within us why is knowing and working with all of this
important in today's society why is spirituality not religion but
unbiased spirituality so important today well if you haven't noticed
Society has a disconnect and by society I mean that whole of society including
federal governmental and media institutions and all of those in service
to these institutions how did this disconnect happen let's look at the
Trinity the soul guides the spirit or mind and the body follows what happens
when a soul becomes corrupt it guides the spirit or mind to Make
unhealthy choices that hinder the soul body and spirit how does a soul become
corrupt by unhealthy experiences not being processed properly memories of
unhealthy experiences that haven't been properly handled that all create
unhealthy feelings and emotions that make their spirits or minds unhealthy
that affect our bodies causing health problems they perpetuate the mind to
repeat the same cycles because that's what they've been programmed to do once
the brain gets used to producing certain chemicals like the ones that cause
stress and anger the cells of the body start to only respond and take in those
chemicals or neurotransmitters which lead to poor health which means worse
decision-making skills lack of focus and I don't really care attitude not only
that but traumatic experiences and memories can affect how the brain
develops which will affect our brain will work which will affect how your
mind or spirit works and not only its ability to make connections but the way
it makes connections it starts making more unhealthy connections in relation
to itself when ego comes into play ego as a survival mechanism that sees
threats and differences to itself as opposed to a healthy mind or spirit that
thinks of unity and common grounds and an unhealthy ego can lead to sociopathic
tendencies and behavior which a sociopathic mind is created as opposed
to a psychopathic mind which is born with deficiencies they lead to similar
tendencies and behavior such as a lack of compassion and or empathy which can lead
to negative behavior and even true acts of violence and this all starts from
birth and even in the womb with our genetics and epigenetics and how we are
raised and treated as children and how we handle it as an adult soul work is
more important now than ever and we do that through spirituality and spiritual
practices when you hear spiritual try to think mindful and the more people that
become mindful or spiritual the better from all having use of life from
government to you and I so we can create a healthy cohesive society grounded in
mindfulness and positive forms of expression and creation to perpetuate a
thriving world for the whole of humanity

Jean Kelley