December 12, 2019
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Spending a year in God’s time – Faith in action

My name is Ludovic Claude. I’m from France.
I’m currently working in private equity, focusing on impact investing. Impact investing is trying to achieve a multiple
goal. So you are achieving a goal of financial return, as well as making impact for local
communities – giving access to finance the people who don’t have access to finance. St Anselm Community is a monastic-like community.
Archbishop Justin Welby has set up last year to help young professionals – Christian professionals
– to revisit the monastic life, in order to address the culture in banking. After work, we arrive at Lambeth Palace. We’ll
have supper together, catch up on the day. We usually have some professors or someone
who has certain expertise in theology, come and talk to us. And then after that we usually
go in the crypt. Sometimes the Archbishop will come down and
lead the service. The atmosphere in the crypt is very spiritual. It’s good to be able to
pray with other people. Singing, letting yourself go. I always feel lifted, and I feel like
I’d like to be like that all the time. I was reflecting on what’s my purpose in life,
and what am I called to do. Although we feel like, as a Christian, we are all called to
follow Christ. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is called to be a priest. Is it really
realistic to do that? Your call could be, actually, at the heart of a bank, and trying
to change things from within.

Jean Kelley