September 15, 2019
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Sikhs 4 Humanity – Digital media platform committed to promoting positive image of Sikhs

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! A lot of us have been talking about the difficult
situation that minorities are facing, and the concern about the safety of our family
and friends, specifically Sikhs because hate incidents are on the rise, and they are likely
going to increase given the political and the divisive shifts that are taking place. But, Sikhs, whenever faced with these difficult
situations, have always come out stronger. So, we need to ask ourselves – what are we
doing this time around to take our come back to the next level, so that we are not simply
doing what we have been doing for the last 5, 10 years. “Sarbat Da Bhala” – welfare of all humanity
– it’s not just something that we ask for in our daily Ardaas. Sikhs, for centuries, have fought for equality,
justice, freedom and rights of everyone regardless of their faith, religion, beliefs, and even
status in the society. And, we continue to do “Seva” – Selfless Service
– in whichever communities we live in. Those are some of the core Sikh values – but,
we have failed to deliver that message, we have failed to deliver those Sikh values,
or convey those Sikh values to the mainstream populations. And, we continue to face hate, mockery, we
continue to be called names, and are often misidentified. So, at Sikhs 4 Humanity, we asked ourselves
– what can we do? We all do social media, and we love to share
and like content that puts Sikhs in a positive light, but that content keeps on rotating
within the Sikh community. Because, if you understand digital and social
channels, you would know that if you are not interested in certain content, it’s getting
filtered out. So, you might be sharing a lot of Sikh content,
but it’s not reaching your non-Sikh friends because they are not interested in it. And, then, there are traditional channels. It is extremely expensive to reach mainstream
populations, whether they are in rural areas, whether they are in suburbs, or cities, with
traditional channels like TV, Newspapers, or Radio. And, it is extremely difficult to track the
impact those channels are bringing, because there is no good way to know what impact those
messages had on these mainstream populations. So, that is why we are founding Sikhs 4 Humanity. We are a group of digital media experts who
realized we don’t need more content, we don’t need more Sikh related content because
there are a lot of great Sikh organizations and even individuals who are creating awesome
content. What we need are efficient ways to deliver
that content to the mainstream populations, who need to see those; the hard to reach mainstream
populations. So, we are building the most efficient and
transparent digital media platform that is committed to promoting positive image of Sikhs,
and the best part is, since it is all digital and social media, we can track each and every
dollar, impact it is having in terms of the audience it is reaching, the numbers, which
geography, and how this audience is engaging with this content. These are difficult times, we need unite,
we need to come together as a community, we need to organize better, and there is no doubt
in my mind that we will come back stronger! Sikhs 4 Humanity is just a small non-profit
effort from our side to make sure Sikhs are coming back stronger, and we hope you will
support this project. Please share this video and like our facebook
page because it will give us the right momentum as we are starting this project. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru JI Ki Fateh!

Jean Kelley