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Signs Of Spiritual Awakening. Your Not Crazy! Your Just Waking Up!

okay guys in this video what I want to be talking about is well the warning signs not what not warning signs that makes it sound as if this is a bad thing which we all know it's not I mean those moments of lucidity in 3d those moments where you become aware that this reality possibly isn't for you and you start asking the bigger questions on life so in this video I'm going to be addressing the ten signs that you are waking up starting with number one the urge to move okay may appear as a sort of phase coming-of-age type deal where you get to a certain point with in your life where you want to move get you you start traveling with your friends what the difference here is you want to move on your own you want to start traveling on your own you don't want to be necessarily around the same kinds of people you're used to being around nets simply because you've all heard about the collective consciousness right the larger global scale of world this phenomena you also have pockets of collective consciousness or better known as think tanks or think groups groups of people within certain towns or cities or countries that think a certain way is because of the ethers a big cloud you may not be able to see it from 3d but there is a thought cloud within a separate dimension that is directly responsible for the thoughts of everybody within your town you know if we put this the culture cloud the problem with this is it keeps you grounded into that think tank that group of people your neighbors your friends anyone within your town or city or country think a specific way now your higher-self that part of you which you may be disconnected from the schooling it your intuition knows that for you to become something else for you to shed the ego and all these characteristics these traits which you have topped it from your parents and that you've adopted from your friends or your idols school teachers whoever it may be these traits these habits could be hindering your success when it comes to you shedding the weight the pounds all of this nonsense we call an ego it's nonsense for a while the least the unconscious ego which everyone is born into until you become aware but that's a different a different video but the main reason why I'm stating this fact about you becoming aware and wanting to move is because a part of you your higher self doesn't want to be around the same types of consciousness constructs that are keeping you the hell down bogged down in a depressed feeling so you want to fly want to get away from it one around you and you don't want to come back my advice here book a holiday challenge yourself jump on some planes venture out into the world on your own every time you do that you come back not just a better version of yourself but it's like you're going there to retrieve a part of them so if you find parts of yourself you start doing these missions self-discovery journeys it's a sign waking up number two you'll stop laughing at your friends jokes why it's because originally they're not funny this is the thing with consciousness we're geared towards wanting to experience what feels good and when we're kids our subconscious mind tends to mimic the behaviors of the people around us that are expressing joy so when you're seeing a kid laughing at another kid getting beaten up if you're not careful you could end up unconsciously laughing at others who get picked on or being up it's not your problem it doesn't mean you're evil or bad it just means that your subconscious mind is actually working properly until you beat on that person yourself and then it doesn't feel to goodness because honestly we're not supposed to laugh at someone else's pain you'll see this displayed a lot in movies you know Back to the Future is one that comes to mind where seems Marty McFly gets beaten up and people around him are laughing well when you're watching a movie your subconscious mind will think okay I need to be in that situations that I can you know laugh and feel good but is again everyone's give it towards feeling a high vibrational frequency towards wanting to feel happy so people watch these things on TV then they'll practice it in real life only something's different their heart it's not in it I promise you this is no problem okay your sex drive will go you'll drop the sixth drive will be low doesn't matter try not to listen to the nonsense people are going to be shouting at you because of this nonsense such as you may have prostate problems or if you find someone who's constantly aroused one of the Tigers here's something a lot of guys won't say okay we don't like being horny all the time I'm pretty sure females what can I make that I can't make that assumption I have no I'm not a female let me tell you this one male's perspective guys don't like being horny all the time okay and when they see someone else who isn't aroused they could get annoyed because they are where they want to be and then they'll start to project all this hateful crap towards them I got a few in my time I got caught a monk I got called celibate oh yeah don't show you in that photo he's Sullivan and no to start bickering amongst themselves you know but your sex drive will be low and it's simply because of this one fact your awareness won't be situated within that lower half of your body anymore you'll be more up into either your head or run about this area your chest or your heart and when your head space is within a different area of your body we all know that when solid head space is below that pants they're more privy to thinking a specific selection of thoughts mainly dealing with or you guessed it sex but we're not going to be like that because when you wake up you tend to leave the norm of society to start thinking up right and I'm not saying thinking up right is better okay I'm not saying that the curves all aspects of consciousness is divine you need that part of yourself not to procreate it's beautiful thing but what I'm saying here is this it's the control aspect of things the influencing aspects of things when you try to keep somebody who's unaware of these other modalities or thought down into a certain head space which would only benefit other people who are trying to market sex for reasons of and maybe they trying to sell products or maybe you know sex sells because obviously wherever your head space is that that's the reality you're going to prefer so when you see people living in their heart and they love everyone they're going to prefer the peace rallies rather than go into the strip clubs it's just the way it is and problem is within the society is everyone pretty much there headspace is below the pants and it may not be you and if not guess what you're waking up here's another and this one relates to the last one that I just mentioned with the sex drive you won't get sex metaphors if you're listening it's because your headspace won't be blow your weight therefore when someone says metaphor dealing with on the fourth or latex Lube gel whatever it is you won't get it because your head space will be somewhere else for example you'll be a better match to thinking about well someone says banana you think smoothies where they mail deliberately stated that for the purpose of a sexual metaphor you literally only went to health and food and dieting it's because of where your head spaces are they're in two different locations that's a good thing you'll stop watching TV okay just stop watching TV I know this may seem scary when I first heard somebody say I'm spiritual when I'm not watching TV anymore I thought well I'm not gonna give away my right to watch TV that wasn't a case that person actually meant was you just lose interest everyone here who's watching TV who enjoys it I got news for you if what you'll see on TV isn't real or is not for your growth then you're most likely going to shy away from it simply because you're gonna put your life ahead of their life that scripted media that you're watching whether it be on your iPhone's on your laptops or on your computers or TVs the reality is you're gonna value your life over something that doesn't exist so you'll be putting more time and effort into well becoming better experiencing something that's real and there's nothing wrong with that that gets me to my next point there you become more self focused you'll be more interested in the things that you can do to help you achieve a certain goal whether it be you becoming the best version of yourself or whether that be you becoming one Stressless free and you won't care what's going on in it anyone else's life because it has nothing to do with you that's just the way it is so you'll start prioritizing your time not just with TV but with other people as well you won't be interested in the stuff that they are interested in because they are interested in that stuff just because their stuff is their life it builds their life that's their reality it's their bubble it's got nothing to do with your reality your life or your bubble you'll be more self focused you won't stick your nose in other people's business because it's not your business and that's fine because your business is better than anyone elses business because it's tailor-made for you that's a good thing number eight you'll begin to question everything mainly what do you think you know that has been taught to you within your past lessons in school college university things you've heard from other people if it doesn't match up with your experiences it's not like you discredit it and just call it nonsense but you're more skeptical yeah that could be true but that's someone else's his story that they've experienced a lot less that you give me a way to experience what they've experienced I'm just gonna shelf it for now and then you become a truth seeker you'll start deliberately putting yourself in certain experiences just to experience well the truth and then you become more mature why it's more knowing and then you can tell other people how you got that which gets me to my next point you'll drop out of crowds you drop out of society and you'll start to become a natural leader officer exploring people gonna see you explore and they're gonna see this pristine perfect example of a human being and they can look up to you and then you'll lead by example they're gonna follow you and they're gonna want to know what you did in order to have these epiphanies these moments within your life that have made you who you are but then they're gonna start you know embarking on the same journeys in order to discover what you've discovered you'll stop becoming a sheep you'll stop becoming a follower of both people that just aren't interesting and you'll start to become the example that honestly we need more off with in this day and age and that's a good thing next you begin to feel so connected to everything you'll start to be able to perceive new aspects of the senses which no one else even knows about we're all taught that we have five senses which really is just one which is touch but there are so many different ways to experience the whole of reality different dimensional layers of reality that you may not be accustomed to which deal with a whole different range variety of senses just to experience another point of space and when you become aware of these other places then you start to travel to these other places or even just feel into other places you like so I'm standing behind you you can astral project you could probably see that there is probably some behind you sort of we get into other locations it deals with an extrasensory state of perception so if you're waking up the proper experience in that's here some round Jason this has been your potential subscribe for more videos like this comment below if you've experienced anything else which deals with your condition of waking up and chasse your development and waking up because condition just makes it sound like it's a problem this by no means is a problem on Jason this has been your potential I'll speed you guys pretty soon peace

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  1. vellaW Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    May I invite you all to clean your karma? In India, they know that karma controls life, illness and death. Yet, in India today, more than a million people are cleaning their karma. They are escaping that karmic nonsense. In the West,1000s of people are doing the same thing. The Indians are right, you see. Here is a simple 35 minute video which will show you your karma and will tell you what to do with it. http://www.instant-freedom.com/fast-path.html
    And, if you want to take a further step, please click on Second Attention on the menu.
    Good luck.

  2. Yuot Lual Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    It’s a terrible thing god doesn’t want you to open your third eye. Doing this opens you to demons. Tell your friends.

  3. pinky maggot Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    Great video I can relate 💖

  4. Timothy Underwood Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

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    he has the key to the gates

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    This is me absolutely! Today I drove home 4 hours. I saw in first numberplate 888, the second was 777, third was 666 and the fourth was 555!! they came in perfect order! After seeing them I saw a truck which had a speed numbers showing 08, 07 and 06. Then I went to look for number five but couldn't see on this truck. That split second another truck came behind it with 555 on its numberplate! I hardly ever see in three them numbers on a numberplate but in twos. Today was magical! x

  6. Christopher Gagnon Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm


  7. Nim-che-che Sadawara Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    let me save you the minutes of watching this. look within yourself, take no fear in what you find, because all of it, is you. the good, the bad, and then there is just you, there is no classification, because it's you.

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  10. dear diary, Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    hi. i am very new to spirituality and i have always been so fascinated with the subject, ever since I laid my eyes on a rose quartz for the first time or discovered that the iris part of our eyes look almost identical to the entire known structure of the universe. im 17 and am now in tune with this notion of energy, finally. i have become addicted to listening to 432hz frequency music at night which has made my dreams so incredibly vivid and detailed. i have also been finding many coins in random places, which I believe is a sign from angelic figures that are assisting me every step of the way. however, one of the things that has reassured me the most in this new journey, is that i have been seeing the numbers 777, 1111 and 11 REPEATEDLY, all throughout the day. these synchronicities occur so often every time i look at a number plate on a car and at the time. again, I see the number 11 the most, and this is also crazy because I’m born in November (which is the 11th month). i am also going through a very difficult time in my life at the moment as i am completing my final year of high school, which has ultimately caused me to lose touch with my “friends” who I realised weren’t really my friends in the first place as they were never supportive or considerate of my feelings, as well as always excluding me from social gatherings. i am slowly making new friends, and just last night i had a vivid dream that I was walking along the beach with my feet being coated by the foamy waves at the shore, and then i sat down in the water and began finding gold coins in the yellow sand; many, many gold coins. i had collected two handfuls of them… and when i searched for the meaning of this dream online, I discovered that finding gold coins represents positive feelings about gains being made in waking life. perhaps I am on the right track. 🙂 the reason why I have also turned to spirituality is because I do suffer from anxiety every single day, and it effects my life greatly. so, this craft gives me hope and allows me to heal and become a stronger person. I am finally expanding my consciousness with this spiritual awakening, and i can now say that I am optimistic about my future. your videos have also helped me a lot, so thank u !:)

  11. Bethany Kay Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    I've been really wanting to be in nature for the past few months too. I just shared the story of my own waking up from Mormonism on my Channel. The planet is ready to expand into enlightenment, more people are waking up from these damaging ideals, and I can't wait to join you and other lightworkers who are sharing this truth. Wish me luck, as I've just started posting videos that will startle people who are not ready, but hopefully open the door to freedom for those who are. I think there is a beautiful part of awakening, and that's what I hope to help people find.

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  14. Eline Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    I am so happy I found your channel, every puzzel piece falls in its place. I think it really is good I quit my job because I could not take part in the way how my colleage where thinking. How on school we where taught to put pressure on people. Instead of listinging. I understand why I cant get friends. Now I know why I never was bussy getting a relationship or wanted to get sex. I never understood why it was so important. I am so proud of myself that I always listen to my body.
    I love when I dine out alone. Now I understand why I dont watch tv.

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  20. godforever27 Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    The only way to truly "ascend" is to trust jesus as your savior believing he died for your sins. God sent his son to lead us all to righteousness and wake people up to the corrupt systems. In fact they killed him for going against the status quo, giving wisdom to all was willing to hear him, and confronting the self righteous priests who were using god for selfish gains. I highly recommend looking up and listen to the book of enoch, the book of ezra, and the gospel of luke. Wide is path that leads to destruction and narrow is the gate that leads to life and only few find it. I hope the best for all of you and know you all are being awakened for a reason and that is because god has lifted the veil from your eyes and heart that you may choose to recieve his love and forgiveness so you will have eternal life in the kingdom of heaven and no one can enter heaven but through jesus. God bless you all and may he awaken you more.

  21. tucan sam Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

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  24. Austin Howell Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    I agree with some aspects of this, but I believe it would be helpful to restate the prescriptive-ness of experience.

    What comes to mind is your video on the Akashic realm and people typical descriptions of it being a library. It is not an actual library but for many the words and language surrounding academia help them understand that reality.

    It's dangerous to generalize experiences like loss of sex drive, detachment from society, etc. as indicators of Spiritual Awakening. Everyone serves a purpose. I think this history we've been though revealing a pattern of the lives of those who are spiritual leaders. Typically those who are at the pinnacle of spiritual leadership (especially in Eastern contexts) are the most removed and ethereal minded. There focus on the upper realities/dimensions/vibrations etc. gives them a clearer understanding–an understanding which they can then impart to others. They primarily help people with pathways os Ascension (understanding the higher, connecting with it).

    However, I believe there is a subtle but important difference between Ascension and Transcension. Many who are awakening spiritually will find themselves consumed with higher levels of reality as they detach from the lower. However, there are also those who are awakening spiritually who will find themselves consumed with the lower levels of reality and life and bring the elements of Enlightenment (or however one understands it) into them, making them better, higher, and transcended. Both are awakening and awakened, but the wakened state is different.

    Maybe a more positive way to articulate this concept would be to say:

    "10 Signs Your Life is In the Wavelength of Ascension."

    If you think about the concept of being a light being/emanation of source/multi-dimensional being/etc. and the fragmented light spectrum as a metaphor for awakening, we can look at the different spectrum of awakening. Consciousness is like the prism light shines through. It strikes the prism and fragments into beautiful rainbow hues along the wall. Each color stands in stark contrast to some, and in beautiful harmony with others. Red and yellow seem more similar to orange than they do each other, but red and yellow are far more similar than red and blue would be compared to yellow and blue. Awakening comes in the realization that one is Light. Red is no more light than Blue is, nor Violet than White. Each is an aspect of the same Source.

    Spiritual Teachers helping others to Ascend is like White-light Helping Red-light recognize their sameness rather than difference. Red light is consumed with understanding all the waves of light above it in hopes of understanding how they each contribute to understanding one's self as part of the whole. Immersion in understanding parts of one's lower levels (body, sex, emotion, etc.) it helps to better understand the higher (thought, spirit, etc.). White light is concerned with remaining in its consciousness as a more integrated, aware self. It forsakes the lower in order to maintain it's higher vibration. It's higher vibration, maintained by this focus, allows it to shine to lows stuck in lower levels, helping them to gain an understanding of the level one can get to through Transcendence. Still, both Red and White are Light, and awakening to that reality is what constitutes Spiritual Awakening–not the different factories that manifest in.

    I'm still VERY new to this world of thought. I, too, had a period of deep immersion in Christianity. It's only been this past month I finally let go of that connection and it's limitation its had on my understanding. In a way, it was like a lower level of consciousness, helpful for a while but only as a pathway for the longer journey ahead.

    I would hate for people who still feel very connected to slap-stick, dumb ass humor, Netflix, wild sex, or binge eating hamburgers to feel like they are prevented from Awakening because of their interest, desire, and connection to these "lower" levels of reality.

    You are like a pure White Light giving people hope of what their life and consciousness could be. You are a teacher and guide. Thank you for the perspective that gives fellow seekers like me.

  25. Brian Lawellin Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    I have been having visions of little parts of the future… everything leads up to me in my death bed…

  26. Brian Lawellin Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    I have been having visions of little parts of the future… everything leads up to me in my death bed..

  27. Brian Lawellin Posted on April 25, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    I have been having visions of little parts of the future… everything leads up to me in my death bed..

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    Brain/Body as Buddha?
    What if the ancients were mistaken about what is going on in the so-called spirit-ual journey? What if the entire thing, can be explained by the sheer power and potentiality of this material brain/body mechanism? I mean all of it. Like you name it – bliss, oneness, peace, intuition, clarity, compassion, sense of Beingness, heightened capacities, inspiration, visions, rich experiences mistaken for actual (ie. astral travel, past lives etc) – what if the whole thing can be explained by this very powerful, complex, and still barely understood organic system? What if what is called spirituality, is basically nothing more than this system that we are born with, mixed in with life conditioning, trauma, practices to hack our systems, luck, drugs, beliefs, and so on? What if so-called lineage transmission, is nothing more than some systemic potentiality that has come online for someone, through chance or in trying to hack the system via various practices, that resonates with the same potentiality in others? What if all of the deities, are just aspects of the system's potentiality? What if there is nothing before this brain/body mechanism comes online, and nothing when it dies? What if the entire sense of this life, including the most sublime and subtle "spiritual" states, are entirely manufactured by the brain/body mechanism? What if the only spiritual evolution to speak of, is the evolution of this brain/body mechanism, which basically uses the form to evolve according to natural laws. And there is no vast underlying Divine plan. What if everything you assumed was a spiritual process, is basically just the brain/body mechanism moving through it's unique program according to whatever genetic code, conditioning, stressors, traumas, systemic hacking (ie. meditation, breathwork, chanting, yoga, etc) What if the ancients simply could not understand the sheer power and complexity of this system, and what it could manufacture – and just filtered it through what they did know at the time (ie. culture, religion, limits of knowledge, imagination, superstition)? Science has already caused a lot of spiritual teachers to discard many of the things that were assumed to be true by the ancients. Contemporary movements are already a mix of West meets East – with all kinds of adaptation, rejection, adding, subtracting. So is it such a giant leap to consider that scientific discoveries are going to move spirituality further in that direction? Is it such a radical notion that we could discover that the entire life experience – from the mundane to the spiritual – is all a product of the system? And that we will discover far more profound and targeted ways to manipulate and develop the system – to basically create a new super species? Which could have all of the aspects of a spiritually enlightened being – if that is what an advanced society deems as ideal? It may be that our sense of being an individual human being – with a life story, and the whole thing – is merely an illusory by-product of these complex systems slowly evolving. That these bodies are basically the container for the system to evolve.
    Any thoughts?

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