September 18, 2019
  • 8:12 am The Fandom EP6: Christianity (Furry Documentary)
  • 8:12 am Why Study…Early Christianity with Tom O’Loughlin
  • 8:12 am Rabbi David Wolpe on Similarities Between Islam and Judaism | Conversations with Tyler
  • 8:12 am Family Of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) For Kids | Hazrat Fatima (RA) | Islamic Stories
  • 8:11 am Trump supporters react to his plan to ban Muslims
Sheetal Khandal’ın İslamiyet Hakkındaki Düşünceleri

Balika Vadhu plays the character gehna instead
of us. Can you tell us about your roots? I come from a middle class family in Jaipur. My father worked on Indian Railways. I read there. My mother’s from Kolkata. So half my roots belong there. How did you become an actress? Actually, I was more interested in dancing. Acting was by chance for me. I just got out of college and auditioned for
Mahua Rajasthan to play the lead role. I even traveled to Mumbai for this program. But unfortunately it didn’t. So I auditioned for other shows and I was
chosen for Balika Vadhu. Can you share your experience at Balika Vadhu? I was very lucky to be on this show before
I wanted to say it. For me, acting was like a school. I learned a lot from the supporting actors
Working with Surekha Sikri, Smita Bansal and anup Soni was a great learning experience
for me. I owe it to this show. How do you view Islam and Islamophobia? I feel that Islam is a veil of mystery surrounding
the world. Nobody really knows what it means. The fine texture of religion makes it one
of the best around us. But we all choose to see Islam through the
eyes of our parents and ancestors. First we need to learn what Islam is and
then comment. I’m very upset by the actions under the name
of religion. because Islam is accused of these actions. My question is why; no other religion is emphasized
when terrorists of another community do the same. I think it’s time to apologize to this great
Muslim population who has embraced tolerance. What do you think about US President Donald
Trump’s ban on immigrants and Muslim nations? Since he is the most powerful person in the
United States, we need to wait for him to expire. I was planning to move to New York, but
I canceled my plans for now, because I refuse to settle in a country that bans people on
a religious basis.

Jean Kelley



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