April 2, 2020
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  • 3:58 am (ENG SUB) Coping with COVID-19
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Self Care Havening, EFT Tapping, for Times of Crisis, Fear, Anxiety, like Covid-19

Well hello, my name is Caryl Westmore and
in this video I want to share with you a combination of 3 tools that will calm your mind and body
at any time, starting in the morning – as part of your routine – and throughout the
day as you listen to the news in these time of stress and anxiety.
I have been dedicated to helping people Break Free – I call myself a Break-Free Success Coach.
Break-Free from the traumas of the past – AND CURRENT – that can hold you back from feeling
in your power, peaceful and purposeful. And I’m wearing these gloves because I will be
tapping on my face and to remind you and myself in these times of Covoid-19 we are told not
to touch our face, but if I do – it would be with completely sanitized hands – or if yu like, gloves as long as you wash the gloves afterwards. So the 3 tools that I am going to be sharing with you today in a combination way that I pioneered, are HAVENING here’s the word HAVENING, EFT TAPPING, very popular today and I am an expert in and have trained in it and something I call FOREST BATHING Now before you say “But Caryl in my part of the world I can’t get to a forest – the whole idea of what I’m going to teach you is to show you how to be in an imaginary forest as I count down from 20 to 1 as you do the Havening Technique. So first of all, we start with tapping on the side of our hand to accept where we are NOW. So even though I have this anxiety and fear around Covid-19; around my loved ones – about my finances – I love myself anyway. Even though I can’t control a lot of what’s happening out there, I can choose to do something to calm my brain and body today. So Havening involves stroking shoulder to along the arm, you just stroke yourself. And what the twin brothers Ruden discovered – there is much more on the internet than I can tell you here – I do have a blog post link in the notes – below this video – what they discovered is that our mothers stroke their babies to make a HAVEN – and it is Mothers Day in England today as I’m making this video – so for those of you who are mothers and can’t be with your mothers – I honor you and just share this technique with your mothers if you are going to be skipping or talking to them.

Jean Kelley