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School Removes Prayer Locker After Atheist Group Complains

– [Male Narrator]
Next on “PIJN News”, Dr. Chaps reports on
these important issues. – A public school removes a
student initiated prayer locker for prayer requests after
an atheist group complains. Federal lands are
now being misused and we have an interview
with State Representative, Matt Soper of Colorado. – [Male Narrator]
Former Navy Chaplain, Gordon James
Klingenschmitt took a stand to defend religious freedom
by daring to pray publicly, in Jesus’ name. Now he helps you by
reporting the news, discerning the spirits, and praying the scriptures.
Would you pray with us? Here’s Dr. Chaps. – God bless you, in Jesus’ name. My name is Chaplain Gordon
James Klingenschmitt, Dr. Chaps, and you’re watching “PIJN News”. On this show we like
to do three things. We report the news, we
discern the spirits, and we pray the
scriptures in Jesus’ name. Are you ready to pray
the news with us? Here’s our first story. A public school has removed a student initiated
prayer request locker after and atheist
group complained that students might
be praying in school. Fox News reports that
a Kentucky high school is now shutting down it’s
over 20-year tradition of allowing students to submit
anonymous slips of paper to each other, slipped
inside of a locker, in the hallway where they would send anonymous prayer requests, so that other students
might pray for them. WYMT reports that, the American United for
Separation of Church and State, which is a Washington D.C.,
non-profit atheist group who hates freedom of
religious expression, and that atheist group sent a complaint
letter September 17th to Pike Central High School
against the prayer locker. While the idea of
a prayer locker has continued student support,
the atheist group says, “that it’s a clear violation “of the separation
of church and state.” They allege that it was somehow put up by a school officials. But in fact, that’s not true. It was just left alone and
initiated by a student, Emily Chaney, who is a sophomore
at East Ridge High School who organized the
unique prayer locker, or inherited the project
from previous school students and she now plans to collect
the prayers personally, instead of using the locker, as she and her church
will continue to pray over each and every slip of paper
submitted from students because she says it’s part
of her freedom of religion that is now being suppressed. Emily, the student,
told Fox News, “I hope they realize
how beneficial “this was to so many people. “I hope they realize they’re
taking a huge blessing away”. Meanwhile Hiram Sasser, General Counsel and Lawyer for First Liberty Institute of
Religious Liberty Law Firm told Fox News, that the
school is in trouble for kowtowing to the
atheist organization. Sasser said, “it would appear “that this now is a violation “of the Free Exercise Clause
of the First Amendment “and blatant viewpoint
discrimination “to ban students from
a clear opportunity “to share their faith. “Indeed, it appears
that this violates “the Department of
Education guidelines “on prayer in public schools.” Because of the
atheist complaint, the prayers will no
longer be anonymous. WYMPT reports that the
Pike School Superintendent, Reed Adkins, sent a letter
to the schools writing, “erecting a prayer locker
is a clear violation “of the separation
of church and state.” Well that’s the news. It sounds like he’s parroting
the atheist complainers and now the government
is suppressing the freedom of
christian expression. It’s funny how it seems
to be a one-way street. The bible says this is
I Timothy Chapter 4, “let on one despise your youth, “but be an example to
the believers in word, “in conduct, in love,
in spirit, in faith, “and in purity.” And we discern upon you, young student Emily Chaney. The spirit of God is
in you to raise up that student led
prayer movement. We stand with you. Let’s take a short break. When we come back,
we have interviews about the federal
misuse of state land and also State
Representative, Matt Soper. (uplifting music) – [Female Narrator] Dr.
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again that’s 866-Obey-God. Or visit our website or write
to the address on your screen. You can learn to
discern the spirits. – [Male Narrator] Empowering
you, the grassroots activist, here is Dr. Chaps. – Welcome back, I’m Dr. Chaps. You know there’s a big struggle
in a lot of western states and we’re here at the
Western Conservative Summit about who is going to
control federal lands. Did you know a lot of
state land has been seized over the years by the
federal government? And they’re not maintaining it. There’s a lot of forest fires. Well I have an expert
on the subject. The CEO of American
Lands Council, Who also happens to be a
state senator from Montana, Jennifer Fielding,
welcome to the program. – Thanks Chaps,
great to be here. – So talk about
American Lands Council, you started this group. – Well I didn’t start it. It actually was county
commissioners in the west that started this, and then
some state legislatures got involved, and it was one
particular state legislature in the state of Utah, Ken
Ivory, Representative Ken Ivory, who wrote the bill in 2012 that was the Transfer of
Public Lands Act, and the state of Utah
actually passed that bill, demanding that the
federal government return the lands to the state. – And what happened? – Well a movement grew. The federal government of
course didn’t do anything but a movement has grown. And so this kinda
small town dream has turned into a
nationwide movement and a national conversation, and we’re working now very hard through the American Lands
Council on a 3-prong approach. One is through the
Executive Branch and urging our President
and his administration to do as much as they
can to return control and power to the states. Number two, we’re
urging other states to join with the state of Utah in bringing a lawsuit
to the Supreme Court on the grounds that
the Federal Government has no constitutional authority to maintain ownership of
all this land in the states. And then number three, we’re
working on a federal bill that would allow the
timely and orderly transfer of the land to the states as the states are
willing and ready to take some
responsibility for it. – So it may surprise a lot of
people to know for example, Nevada, the think of it as
a state with state’s rights but 85% of their
land is controlled by the Federal Government,
not by the state of Nevada. What is the
percentage in Montana? – Montana’s about 30%,
and most of that’s, in Western Montana
which is where I live and where my senate district is. So literally we have, I
have millions of acres of federal land in
my senate district and that’s why I got
involved in this issue is because I saw what
the land was doing to the people and
to our environment and when it’s mismanaged,
we’re suffering, we’re all suffering. The environment as
well as the people. – Now, let me play the
devil’s advocate here. Let me say I’m a big
federal government guy and I wanna seize a lot of land because really the Federal
Government knows better. They can run up big deficits, they can throw money
at the problem. They’re better caretakers
of the forest land. What do you say to that? – Well you know I’ve
talked to a few people within the federal agencies,
actually quite a few, and when we have
off-the-record conversations there’s actually quite a few
of them that like the idea of the states managing the land because then they
can work in the state they wanna work
in, on that land, and manage it the
way they know how without all that
federal bureaucracy. So I literally saw
a twinkle in the eye of a district
ranger when I said, “how would you like
to stay in Montana, “and manage this forest
the way you know how “without all the
federal bureaucracy?” And he said, “that’d
be pretty cool.” (Dr. Chaps Laughs) – And there’s actually
tangible differences. We’re gonna show an image now, which you’re gonna
provide to us, I think by email. This is an image
of two properties, it’s one property line, but it’s all a
forest in your area, – Yeah, it’s one forest. – Half of it is managed
by the federal government, half of it is managed
by the state government. We want the audience to
guess which one is which. – Okay, that’s right, yeah. So, its.. – Okay, they’ve guessed now. Tell em’ which one is which. – Well they got it right, the left, or mostly dead half, is federal land. It’s dead, it’s
diseased, it’s dying, it’s been neglected for decades, and it’s a real
liability, economically, environmentally, and socially. It’s very high fire risk. And then if you look
at the right side, that’s the locally
controlled side, and that has had some
timber harvest on it. So it’s a managed,
working forest. Its got a lot lower fire risk and it’s actually a
asset to the environment, to our economy, and to society. – So, wait a minute, let
me get this straight. My devil’s advocate
proposition was false because the local
government cares for it better than the federal
government does. – Who knows and cares
about western lands more than westerners? You know, we’re the
people that live here, we have to breath the air
and drink the water, right? And so when you’ve got these massive catastrophic wild fires, that’s the air that
we’re breathing, for weeks and weeks,
now every summer. So who cares more about
the west than westerners? We’re the ones that live
here, work here, play here, raise our families here,
and we love this land. We love where we live, and
we know there’s a better way to take care of it and that is through
having more local control and less bureaucrazy
is what we call it. – There’s another image
that comes to mind and maybe you can provide it, but I’m gonna describe it and
I’m sure you recognize it. It’s a map of the
continental United States and there’s some areas
identified in red that are controlled by
the federal government, and that is, by the way,
most of the Western States. – Yeah, actually over
half of all the land in the Western United States is controlled by the
federal government. It’s just…
– Wow! – It’s just amazing. So we’re really not states. If you look at the map, you see the red is the
federally controlled area, and then the white is the
state and private land, and… – But everything east
of the Mississippi doesn’t have that
federal control. – They have a little bit
of federal land in them but no, they got
their lands back, but they used to be
federally controlled too. See when new states were
formed out of the territories that was federal territory. And so those states had
to do the same thing we’re doing now. They had to petition Congress to get their land
turned over to them and it just hasn’t
happened in the west yet because we’re newer states. But it was meant to happen. In the historical documents,
the legal documents, the court decisions,
everything from the old times show that the federal
government was never intended to keep this land forever
and ever, and ever. They are suppose to
divestive title to it, that’s why we had
Homesteading Acts, where they were
giving away the land, land grants to the railroads. We got our school trust lands from the federal government. There’s 40 million acres
of state-owned public lands in the Western States right now, most of that was transferred
from the Federal Government to the states. So, it’s happened
many times before where the Federal Government
has transferred land to the states, or given
it away, or even sold it. And they have the authority to do that under
the Constitution. So we’re just saying honor
the promise of statehood and allow us to govern our
own lands and resources as we’re willing
and able to do it. So it wouldn’t be a transfer
where we do it all at once, the States would incrementally
be able to acquire the land that they’re ready to take on. – You know we have T.V.
viewers and a lot of them that are saying they’re citizens and they don’t know what to do. But maybe they live
in a Western State and they want to
have local control of their government restored instead of the Washington
D.C. bureaucrats. How can they take action? – That’s a great question. So our organization is the
American Lands Council, and we have a website,
www.americanlandscouncil.org, and there’s a ‘take
action’ button there, it’ll show you lots of different
ways that you can help out, you can volunteer,
you can donate, you can become a member
of the organization. There’s things there you can
share out on social media. If you don’t use the internet,
you can give us a call, our office number
is 801-252-6622. – Say that phone number again. – 801-252-6622. – That’s it. Give her a call if you
want more information or visit the website,
www.americanlandscouncil.org. – That’s right. – This is Montana State
Senator, Jennifer Fielder. Thank you for coming
on the program. – Thanks a lot Chaps,
been great to see you. – All right, I’m Dr. Chaps, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) – [Female Narrator] Dr.
Chaps will be right back with more “PIJN News”. – [Male Narrator]
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in real Christianity. (upbeat music) – [Male Narrator] Stay
tuned for the end our show to learn how to partner
with this ministry. Here’s Dr. Chaps. – Welcome back, I’m Dr. Chaps joined now by State
Representative, Matt Soper who is a republican
and conservative. Matt, you just won
this award, hold it up. It’s the Faith, Family, and
Freedom Legislative Award from the Western
Conservative Summit. Talk about this. – That’s correct. This was an award given
out for how legislatives ranked on 10 different bills that were in the session that basically advocated
for religious liberty, for the family, and
expanded freedom. And these were bills such as, we had a bill that concerned
a choice for vaccines, only it wasn’t really
anything about choice, it was more about
government mandates and their interference. We debated and
filibustered that bill until 5:00 a.m. in the morning, which was the longest filibuster in the history of the House. Although the Senate likes to
brag they beat us by two hours. (laughs) – And you killed the bill! You stopped the…
– We did kill the bill. – You stopped the
mandatory seizure of home schooled children, and sticking needles
in their arms without parental consent,
you stopped that. – We did stop that. We also were very effective in, at least bringing
light to another bill, it was House Bill 1032. This was a bill that
basically would have brought, teaching all sorts
of gay sex techniques in the classroom to young
kids as young as 12-years-old. We didn’t stop that bill but we were able to get a
lot of amendments onto it. We were able to bring a lot
of public attention to it. So there’s a lot of
legislatives around the state who are now having to
explain their selves based on the good
debate that we had. – So let me get this straight. And I was in the
Colorado Legislature, but I never saw anything as
egregious as what they just did. The democrats passed a bill,
you said House Bill 1032, – That’s correct. – And it is now signed into law, now they watered it
down a little bit but I read the original version. It said,
– It was horrid. – Basically mandatory
homosexual education to all public school kids, and parents can’t even opt out, and there’s no
religious exemptions. But you got some
exemptions put in there and turned the funding
into a study bill? – That’s correct. So it does have the
study bill element. It still has a choice. Unfortunately as you
know from having serve, what will end up happening is, the democrats will
bring it back next year, or the following year, and they will probably end
up getting what they want. But we have to do
everything we can, either to stop, or
delay a lot of these bad and egregious bills that chip
away at our religious freedom, that chip away at parent’s
ability to choose. While we have a minute, actually if I could take you
to a completely different bill, it was in the realm
of criminal justice. – Yes. What committees are
you on by the way? – So I’m on judiciary
and health and insurance. – Judiciary, you
must be a lawyer? – Yes. – Oh, they only put the
lawyers on judiciary, I know about this! – Although we could
use a few more lawyers, so unlike Washington D.C., there’s only two of us
in the republican caucus. – Okay, okay. – So we’re few and proud. – Well it’s up-hill
fighting, as honestly. – Well there was a
bill, reform bill and part of this
great compromise, they want to exempt Sunday’s
from any sort of bail hearings. But it would still be
held on Saturday’s. And they came to me because
they needed my vote. It just so happened it
was split on the committee and I was the one-key person, I had sort of led the effort for criminal justice reform
from the republican side. – And Donald Trump signed a criminal justice
reform bill into law. It’s not a democrat idea. – No, no, no it’s not at all. And I just like to stress
that it really is something that both sides
have gotten behind. However they came
to the wrong member. You see I’m a Seventh
Day Adventists, and they were asking me
to hold one day of worship more significant than
another day of worship. – Wow! – And I said to them, “no”, that there’s no way I could
ever accept this amendment or ever vote for it because in my mind
religious liberty applies to all religions,
not just some religions. And I said either we
have the potential for bail being held on
any day of the week, or we only do it during the
traditional business hours, which we’ve already
accepted as a society. But if we’re gonna open
up the weekend debate, that’s a can of worms that it’s either all
or nothing in my mind. – Well so you defended
religious liberty from your perspective
as a lawyer for people who don’t
wanna have bail hearings on the Sabbath. – That’s correct. – That’s fascinating, well done! You got, and I
assume you stopped whatever they were trying to do? – I did, yes. (laughs) – So talk about Delta
and Mesa Counties. You represent House District 54 and that’s a special
group of people because they, you come
all the way to Denver from the western slope. How are they unique? – Well the folks in
Delta and Mesa counties, so my district is all of Mesa
County except Grand Junction. And then Western Delta County, so what that means is
that these are all towns that are less than
10,000 people, they’re mostly farm and ranches. So these are the heart and
soul of what I like to say is the real Colorado,
or the genuine Colorado. And so my constituents
want me to come over here and if I do nothing else,
remind Denver that we exist. – Remind Denver that
cowboy’s exist, ranchers? – Right, yeah, the
ranchers exist. That people actually
make money milking cows. People actually make money
growing things like cucumbers, and corn, and peaches, and things that you buy
in the grocery store, and perhaps think only
comes from California. And they’re very protective of
their riparian water rights. – Absolutely. (laughs) I have to share a funny
story from the legislature. So I ran a title
amendment to a bill that would’ve changed the
loan program for water. And what it would a done, is it would’ve allowed
lending water to the steam for five out of 10 years,
renewable for 30 years. It sounds maybe doable
especially in a drought year because you’re loaning
it to instream flow, it protects fish. It also creates
good trout fishing if you’re a
billionaire in Aspen. Well it happened to be run
by a couple of democrats from the Aspen area, for their
good billionaire friends. But in Colorado, we have a historic
consumptive use element to Colorado water law. Which means when you
apply for a water right, you actually have
to use the water for what you’ve said your
gonna use it for, historically. So if you have an
agriculture right, we expect you to water
your farm with it. – All right, hold on, can
you tell he’s a lawyer? Some of you out there, your
eyes are already glazing over. But what was the result? – So I ran an amendment
to change it to The East California
Billionaires Water Act of 2019. – Oh No! You renamed the bill! – I renamed the bill. (laughs) – And what happened? – It failed, but it garnered
statewide media attention and so much attention
that the two legislatures who were pushing this bill were forced to fall
on their sword, they killed the
bill in the Senate, and that was the
end of the story. – And the farmers were saved, and I bet you’re
gonna get reelected, that’s my guess. So why religious freedom? I mean this is the Faith
and Family Summit, right? The Western Conservative Summit, hosted by Colorado
Christian University. Last question,
anything you wanna say? There’s no wrong answer,
talk about your faith. – Sure. I mean I think you know,
it’s really unique. I’m the first
Seventh Day Adventist ever to be serving in
the Colorado Legislature. So that in and of
itself is pretty unique, it’s pretty special. There’s a lot of scrutiny
that comes with that as well. But I believe also, just by looking at the 100
members in the legislature, there’s not very many
that are actually practicing their
religious faith. And it’s very important
for them to see someone who takes their
faith very seriously because that’s who
we are as a people. We’re a melting pot. And we can’t have some
members of the legislature governing for the entire state, including those who are
Christians or Jewish, or Muslims, but trampling on
those individual’s rights. And I think we have
to really look out for those minority
rights as well. – Amen. I’m a Chaplain, I
was a Navy Chaplain, would you been offended if
I said a prayer for you? – No, no, I would love that. – Okay, let us pray. Father, I ask your blessing
today on not just Matt, but all the legislatures,
left, right, republican, democrat,
independent. Father give them
a prophetic word from God as to how you would
want laws to be passed. God speak to their hearts, and do it through this
witness right now. God we ask your special blessing and an anointing on Matt
as he goes and represents the kingdom of God,
religious freedom, and family, faith, and freedom. God reward him for that effort, and give him victory
after victory. In Jesus’ name, amen. – Amen. – Amen, your website? – It’s www.electmattsoper.com. – Electmattsoper.com. I think you get the idea. He wants you to
elect Matt Soper.com. I’m Dr. Chaps,
well be right back. (upbeat music) – [Female Narrator]
This is “PIJN News”, defending your
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pray in Jesus’ name. But congress never did
pass a positive law to let chaplains pray
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