December 11, 2019
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Salman le Perse Islam  vo en arabs str fr

centuries ago God’s message to the people of Mecca. while many treated his words like a young man in a distant land They’re stupid such truth. He was trapped in. Thank you, So sorry. empty Must be something more out there something. More meaningful than keeping these flames. Find it. Nothing is more meaningful. Tending the holy flames of Saratoga. I’m sorry Father. I didn’t mean. There must be something more. Perhaps a diversion would help you see things more clearly. today Orlando state There’s no way I can bring the Harvest in on time. See if you can sell it. I’ll do my best. You see that life outside is filled with difficulties, which cannot begin to comprehend. by evening Will be back at the Bayou. So, what do you think? at work Have I made it terrible? It will work. I never thought to try something like this. Did your father? I knew you’d be back salmon when you saw how difficult. and so many questions What else can you tell me? I am afraid we don’t have all the answers, but there is a man on Rover one. Who could teach you more? What? He’s very far away beyond all the deserts and mountains you’ve ever heard of. I don’t care. I’ll go anywhere. It’s not an easy life. No luxury only work study service. That’s all I’ve ever longed for. I’m going. How could you allow the Flames to die? father can no longer worship planes created by my own hands I want to worship my creator. I’m sorry Father. I will miss you. I must follow what I must follow. Yes. You must father. You can’t do this, please. The Honorable one directions to see you Don’t leave me now master. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m searching for Listen to me. Is this written? A prophet is coming. You shall know him. Pisces signs it shall preach the religion. Ibrahim And he shall come. Harbor Freight Yes. He shall have. The Shield of Prophecy Can be driven from his home. to a new place 7 West Palms between two tracks or lava and Lashley He will eat of a gift. if it be given That’s all right. Hello. What’s this? money falling into our pockets Come and join us friend. You must be thirsty. Wait for my word and our friend some water. What’s a boy? You could good law. Sit my friend and tell us where you’re from. great Persian They don’t know where I am. No one does. I’m headed to Arabia. Prophet of God the journey I started long ago, but I think it’s finally coming to an end. And the proxy also says that this man won’t accept food if it’s offered his alms to the poor. Sounds very interesting, but I’m sorry to say boy. You’re a fool. Read your father’s Palace. need to follow and a pool division site Is walking alone at night one of those filthy odds your kind would know about Philip window. used Do you know how many times as many times as we protect them? Someone has to have the courage to stop fighting. Listen to you. You think you’re some kind of Angel messenger ever since you joined that peace-loving Mohammad if you listen to his words you’d understand.

Jean Kelley