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Roy Soto discusses Shalom Teaching Ministry in Costa Rica

hello my name is one sentimiento and I serve as associate director for mission with the outreach foundation today we have the privilege of having with us pastor Roy Soto from Costa Rica for Phi Heights who is someone that we have had the privilege of partnering in the equipping of leaders throughout Latin America including a few Presbyterian churches in Latin America thank you for the opportunity that you provide for me to be in here has been a very very nice adventure that we were working together trying to find a ways to continue help in the local church to understand why they exist in the church and our content so thank you it's a privilege for me to be here – let me ask you to tell us a little bit about yourself how did you come to this calling of equipping serpents for God's kingdom you know there was a long story but my father he was a pastor for 45 years so for a very very very traditional and legalistic organization in Costa Rica so my father he get his calling to be a pastor in a dairy farm so one morning he wake up in the morning in his has God is calling me to be a pastor who so he went to his passwords office and explained him about his gold and so his father ascended to the field okay if you're a passive go ahead so being part of this kind of environment give me the idea and the feeling that there is a tons of pastors they have that calling from God to the ministry but they don't have the tools and they don't have the possibility to be training a theological perspective formation so through my experience being in that kind of environment and now being a part of challengers a pastor in you know making connection all over many many different countries I saw the same situation that my father has good people great card good call him but without formal education in theological basis so that's why I feel like God is calling Shalom to facilitate our experience I was learning on the film and and beside this my own pathology information and help pass it to understand it in facilitating tools it tell us more a little bit more about what those learnings have been how what do you think shalom could offer to other churches and pastors you know I think the main reason why this the church exists in all over the globe is to bring the kingdom of God values inside to whoever comes access Shalin have experience being in a rural area for 22 years we started to share with four people and little by little by the grace of God we start growing in numbers and growing in influence in that context that we are located so if the main reason why the church says is to serve but there is a ton of pastors that they think that the only reason why the church says most is to be inside of the box inside something I call the salt shaker inside a box so they need to be exposed to different ways to the ministry I don't like to use the the word model the Chilam is a model but I want to facilitate they are learning as a church in the way they can understand they can be relevant relevant in their own context they can find a way I believe the gospel has the power to inform any any reality doesn't matter in what context that sure is located and so we exist as a church use our learning as awesome as a proposal for those faster that they can understand or what they can do in their context that sense sure they're talking about context and you've had the opportunity to train pastors throughout Latin America different countries will you name some of those countries and what what has caught your attention in terms of the differences between the church in Costa Rica and the challenges in the context in Contra Costa Rica and the realities in different countries of Latin America every country has an context for example Central America Costa Rica this part of Central America but Costa Rica for some reason we we have no other means so our experience as a nation we don't have them them entirety of military mentality as other countries in Central America so every time when I go there we have to be very careful when we use the word socialism or to touch some of the political topics and all those countries has but again you know the gospel has the power to confirm any reality so what my role is to facilitate concept and theology in the way that Pastor can understand they have to the contextualize the theology to their own ground their own reality and there's some other countries in South America like Bolivia Argentina Chile and but most of the pastor they have had the same the same need information and and you know one they need somebody among them to be with them because most of the pastors with all respect most bastard they work for huge denominations but that determination has their own environment but they don't have book I closed a relationship with a local passer so in my role I love to be in touch of those bastard I am not thinking that I'm their Messiah not this is not about Messiah nothing but it's more about relationship so again they need information but they need somebody to to be with them for Scylla taking resources facilitating concept of theology from our experience wonderful we have the opportunity you invited us to be part of one of the summits for servant leaders and it was a phenomenal opportunity so people are finding that they can also go to fly Hannes to learn some of the aspects of holistic mission and creative kingdom based transformation for communities can you tell us a little bit more about those summits particularly the last one what's your sense about this you know for nine years we were nice in this kind of song psalmist let me explain this why we call that summit summit of servants we don't use the word leadership for me a little ship doesn't have a basis of the Bible but for me the Bible talks about servants so right from the beginning we would say summit of servants is a servant so all the servants can be there certainly understanding the role as a church so we have for nine years that summit in the last summit in March we're so very exciting because brother Juan we facilitated is gathering by faith in that condition that we have right now with an economy situation in the whole area to bring hundred and eighty-five pastor from 11 countries 235 but people attended that the conference was a big big miracle happen which is good they can come to the place where everybody is trying to be in Australia being friendly it's not about titles it's no about who you are with your title now it's about we're brothers and sister were servant servants of God so we said and we be exposed to some of the voices and we heard somebody from different context we had both of ramzan Salvador because most from here because you speak of the Salman we've got some voices so we brought all those voices in the way that we can be exposed and be challenged in the way that we're doing church so happiness the miracle the testimony of the pastors when they be exposed to this kind of message of crisis I had somebody his name is Eric from Guatemala he got out his denomination is the president of that denomination he had about 80 churches something like that in one of the sections in the end he came to me he was crying and he said pastor Roy I'm certainly God for 40 years but I think this morning aya said I know I know God I said the real Christ because in the way that was doing ministry is concentrated in my eggo is concentrated in the name of my denomination but now I am standing it's not about me and about my denomination it's about the kingdom of God so testimony like this is happening all the time you know Islam it's wonderful to hear and I understood that you have been using technology to spread the word and equip other people and share the vision of Kingdom transformation in other places what has been the reception of that how has people reacted to the videos and the talks that you share yeah well we have to take a benefit technology age right now we are recording a little videos very rough very rough to get up like very artisanal so very simple so we put in the YouTube so there is some details of our experience but now Prince guy he provides the resources we're gonna we have radio online and Co radio so because echo is the it coats of the Justice echoes of confirmation so it goes goes goes it goes ago so we will use that to facilitate some training or passwords and beside the radio for several years ago hours facilitated conversation by Skype so I said doubt in my office or wherever I am and Patrick you'll let me let me tell you this I have experience in Cuba and passers do you have a lot access of Internet oh but when they have it they met under a tree on a tree victory they sit on the ground and they raise their their cellphone and interact with me I am Costa Rica and for me this is a very powerful because it's not about me it's about a kingdom Oh God it certainly it is all about the kingdom and we're glad to partner with you and to find avenues in which we can see the Latin American church grow in its capacity to share the good news with its communities in a way that it's not only a spoken message been a message that is really incremented England the realities that the people live so what are your dreams for the future what would you like to see happening at the say in the next couple of years and how can searches in the u.s. begin relating to to some of those efforts a lot of pastors every time when I probably they say they asked me if if they can send some of their key leaders to our church to to live experience in Challenger so according to that over the requirement we want to have a training school for leaders and pastors where they can count for 45 days to 90 days so we can facilitate theological formation and the same time we can combine the practice so they can be exposed to our way to the ministry and the same time they can get something else so one of the dreams that we have it would be great if some churches one of be part of this is to help us to set up this goal we have the teachers we have the facilitation we have the plays and we have experience we have the wheelbarrows we have the shovel ready for the people to that wants to go in and learn so we're really wants to that this cool in our site wonderful yeah I think that it will be a very opportunity of people to be able to see how shalom has developed agriculture and businesses yeah and ways of serving the community that are just so compelling and and its spread so much what we what we are as God's people mean the service of God's kingdom what if somebody would like to visit sometime are you open to that yes we're often we really need to hip up a lot of people that want to come and be part of the cello but even that we have huge needs there on I want to make sure that if somebody want to come this is not something that they can see like like a tourist trip we're looking for people that wants to have a relationship with my people with my community because I can accept I can have a lot of people coming down just to go to Costa Rica Rula area take a picture with my or people put on Facebook and clean their conscience now I want people that want to come down and meet International reality so I'm looking for churches that wants to create a deep relationship I'm thinking and research and financial resources I'm thinking about relationships good relationships and maybe found the process we have to put some faces on bread of the table but we're looking for a good relationship so if somebody want to come bring the team please they can connect for you and let us know we were there whenever we got a good cup of coffee there well we're glad that you you are willing to continue to receive visitors and groups and we'll happy to be happy to facilitate that that is so expressive of our values I'll reach there building long and deep connections with our partners so thank you so much for your time thank you we'll be praying for you and thank you thank you for your thank you brother thank you thank you

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