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Rob Christian – Bio Sexual Prophet of Islam | Indonesia Language

hello and welcome to my tube live
broadcasting god bless everyone let me know if you can hear me today we’re
going to prove to you that Mohammed is nothing but a base sexual pervert
prophet fake prophet of islam we have enough proof that Mohammed was
nothing but a bisexual and we will show this to everybody I hope there are
Muslims who are listening or watching and I hope by the end of our teaching
today you’ll leave Islam because you know when we ask Muslims Muslims who is
the best example in mankind they will say Mohammed well if Mohammed is the
best example and we can prove to you that Mohammed is nothing but a bisexual
prophet that means you have to denounce Muhammad
because Muhammad himself was nothing but a bisexual and since is heavenly against
heavily against being a gay or being a bisexual that
means you have to denounce Mohammed I hope we will not scare a lot of Muslims
today you know because Muslims don’t like to talk about this hidden secrets
about the prophet’s life right they don’t like to mention these topics the
Imams don’t like to mention these topics it’s a big secret it’s Haram to
criticise the sexual sorry the bisexual prophet of islam let us start guys if we
go too soon enemy the hood if we got here the I shall omen meaning
the model of the believers saying the Prophet used to kiss her and suck her
tongue when he was fasting isn’t that Haram to have sexual activities as a
male during the fasting during Ramadan in this case why is it so important to
mention this in Islam this is Sunnah right this is the tradition and teaching
of the Prophet of Islam so Muslims have to accept this and why is it always
about sex sex sex sex if we go to a different hadith we can read again from
soon and a video I shall reporting the apostle of Allah
is saying one or two sucks no timers does Maestas mentioned and this is sorry
yes and if we go to another hadith from sake Muslim there came to us the
proclaimer of Allah’s messenger and said o Allah’s messenger has granted you
permission ie to contract temporary marriage with
women give my women money f them have nice sexual intercourse pleasure with
them give them money and leave you know I think this is why last time they said
there’s nothing holy in Islam you remember the Sheikh saying there is no
nothing holy in Islam well the proof is in front of you
hey muslim hadeeth number 1405 a right another hadith again saying Muslims fear
so here say 1406 a whole las Messenger Muhammad permitted muta prostitution for
us for who his Sahaba I and so I and another person went out and saw a woman
of Vanna Aamir who was like a young lot next she saw we presented ourselves to
her for contracting muta sexual intercourse for a temporary
I’m prostitution whereupon she said what dollar would you give me what money
would you give me I said my cloak so he gave her her cloak a prophet of God
allowing prostitution what from Saheb Muslim again hadith number 12
49 while I was in the company of G beer a person came and said there is
difference of opinion among Ibanez and eben Zubair about to moutains you had to
Muta’s guys to benefit pleasures prostitution the metal in hatch and
temporary prostitution muta with women right
so no whereupon she beer said we have been doing this during the lifetime of a
law’s messenger so the Companions did it Muhammad did it but who forbid not
Muhammad in the end before his death no it was all more and then home our foe
bailiffs to do so and we never resorted to them last time I checked armor was
not a prophet so who gave her the authority to abrogate chapter 4 ayah 24
of the prong the ire of muta guys this is why shayana do still
practice muta prostitution because they reject armor remember they curse armor
he’ll adapt alfred albahari number 11 83 it is related that abu huraira said one
of the companions of muhammad who gave us a lot of hadith where is the little
one some Haman is saying where is the little one hasn’t came running the Hasan
guys is the son of Ali came running and jumped into his lap whose labrum Muslim
then he put his hand in his beers then the Prophet may Allah pray on him it’s
spraying it has nothing to do anyway opened his mouth what so Mohammed opened
the mouth of the little one of the little boy and put his thumb in his
mouth this is disturbing I mean I mean if I would have done at life now if I
open my cam and I would have done it to my nephew what would he have you thought
of me then he said oh Allah so Muhammad is saying all I love him so love I love
this little one and I love the one who loves him if we continue must not Hamid
sixteen thousand two hundred and forty five how I said I saw the Prophet
sucking on the tongue or the lips of Al Hassan son of Ali may the prayers of
Allah finally prayers of Allah be upon him for no tongue or lips that the
Prophet sucked on will be tormented by Hellfire but wait guys we found a
contradiction how can Hamid promise Jenna to anyone if Allah Himself set in the Quran say this is chapter 46
ini I’m no bringer of new fangled doctrine among the messengers this is a
lie because Mohammed contradicted the prophets before him nor do I know what
will be done with me or with you so according to this ayah Muhammad doesn’t
know what Allah will do to him there’s a big chance that Allah will put him in
Hellfire so how in the world does Muhammad guarantee the Islamic
brothel called Jenna of Allah to his followers if he sucks on their tongue or
lips if you go to other sources in Islam who you mentioned the first one right
how Hamid sucked on the tongue and lips but here’s
another one Maji miles away evening Abu Bakr al hey
Sammy this is a source Islamic so highly respected saying I saw The Messenger of
Allah Allah praise be upon him allah still praying putting Hussein’s legs
part and be his little pee wee here we have a
small boy who is again is that the second son of Ali guys Muslims don’t
know about this stuff a lot of people never heard that Mohammed did all this
kind of nasty behavior that happens when you are a victim of an Arabic cult those
people don’t know Arabic they don’t speak Arabic so if we conclude guys if
we do a nice conclusion a taking saliva from the little boys or giving them
saliva right when he was kissing them and putting his tongue
that’s what Muhammad did he tried to calm them down
satisfying them until even sharing miraculous sweetness and sharing their
salvation as if Hamid knew what Allah would have done to him right how can he
ensure their salvation well he does not know what Allah would do to him nor do I
know what will be done with me Muhammad is saying if you go to our hadith
nice-nice hadith son and epidote Abdul Rahman even Abu Laila quoting Oh said
even who day a man of the on source said that while he was giving to jesting and
was talking to the people and making them laugh the prophet poked him under
the ribs with a stick so he said let me take read retaliation he said you are
wearing a shirt but I am NOT the Prophet Allah praying on him then raised his
shirt so and the man embraced him and began to kiss his side then he said this
is what I wanted all Messenger of Allah oh this is not dying if this is so hang
chain Alberni hadith number from Sunan Abu Dawood
hadith number 52 24 so let us continue guys now we are going to prove to you
that Muhammad actually engaged in more sexual activities with men
we know that Muhammad had a lot of wives and women but did he ever had a man
before going further let’s see the harsh experiences Muhammad had while he was
still an orphan kid read with me I made him take off his clothes and
sleep with me who’s talking here let us see who’s talking here in regards to
surah a Duha chapter 93 6 a man-fast Rodina rosy another very highly
respected imam after the death of Abdullah the father of Muhammad sorry
well the mother of the Prophet is still pregnant with him and then he was born
he was with his grandfather Abdul Mutallab so Mohammed was with his
grandfather and his mother Amina Amina died while he was two years old and
grandfather also died while he was eight years and before his death Abdul
Mutallab asked about Talib his uncle to take care of the Prophet since he was
Abdullah’s brother from the same mother so Abu Abu Talib was now taking care of
Mohammed because he both his parents died it has been told that Abu Talib one
day said to his brother al abbas Abu tal do want to hear about Mohammed one and I
saw from him well I best said yes please tell Abu Talib he was in my custody so
and not leaving him out of my sight day and night and do not entrust him to
anyone until I make him sleep in my bed then Abu Talib continues one night I
ordered him his uncle ordering Mohammed to take off his clothing and sleep with
me o Lord of mercy so I saw resentment on his face and put and but hate to show
this obedience and he replied back Oh uncle put your face away until I take of
my clothing sneha medicine as no I should see my naked body
Mohammed II say so I was puzzled from his response and did put my face away
until he came into bed naked when he did there was a just between both of us that
I not put and then I found that his too soft so look the uncle of Mohammed see
they have then I found that he is too soft and smells so good as good of his
soaked incense so I kept trying hard to stare at his naked body so it a lot of
times during our sleep at this night I found him not in bed and I kept calling
on him so he said uncle Here I am return you know ask yourself this question guys
Mohammed is a young boy young child an orphan he has no father and mother
he’s staying naked in the bed of his uncle Lord knows what his uncle was
doing to him Abu Talib did the following he requested
that Mohammed take off his clothes and come to bed trying too hard to stare at
an 8-year old naked boy he managed to touch him during his sleep and described
his skin as being very soft and sweet he was obviously enjoying the presence
of a naked boy as he kept smelling staring and touching him
this gives a sufficient indication of that perverted bedouin pagan Quraish
tribe community here’s the reference in Arab I give you the link so don’t say I
didn’t give you the link the link was provided to you not only that guys look
what happened before Mohammed became a prophet that’s not the only so you can
also see the link here from an official Islamic website Islam web net this is
not another Christian web site guys this is an official Islamic web site right my
cousin raped me yes Mohammed was raped by his own cousin in well Mohammed’s own
uncle Abu Talib only touched him we find that Muhammad claimed that he was waived
by his own cousin Abu Sufian open-hearth bin Abdul Mutallab and before presenting
the evidence let us examine the Arabic expression used hitaka Rd hitaka are
they coming from had a colada let us see how to it will be translated in a
translation engine like Google Translate ethical are
right to the source guys to provide evidence
yes exactly thank you it means rain LLC an abaya serie a Benicia the most
earliest source that Islam has so read with me reported by Ibanez Hawk it was
that Abu Sufian even Hartman Abdul Mutallab and Abdul Allah been obey Omaha
been Elmira had met prophet of Allah Allah’s prayers upon him at the place
called take a look up between Mecca and Medinah
so it’s a place between Mecca and Medina and so they wanted to enter his presence
so on Salameh talked to him about that saying all prophet of Allah it is your
cousin from your uncle and your other cousin from your aunt and your kinsmen
so he Muhammad answered now watch guys look what Muhammad Shaikh I have nothing
to do with those two who his cousins in regards to my cousin he raped me Mohammed was abused sexually abused over
and over by his own family and not only that guys it’s a good chain
so Muhammad being raped guys the story about Muhammad being raped has good it’s
not good chain of narrator so Muslims can say it’s life it’s good
so I’ll hate Emmy and ll Bernie who are one of the most respected scholars in
Islam agree that it’s the snout of the chain of narration is good
so the expression had a cardi means right me right and here are more three independent
different independent sources that mentioned the same you know I’m me forehead Accardi you see
it’s all over the place again from very respected sources so Muslim can say this
is life now let us go to Muhammad’s sexual adventures with the Sahaba in
soon al-kubra reported by abu ali al ruse berry from abu bakr bin the shah
than abu dawud anna Obed a lobby noit’s than a banana
Parminder how many people sorry for virginia names anyway a man from benny
Kasasa from a woman called bahasa about her father said my father abu bakar took
permission from the Prophet all praying on him and he entered between him and
his shirt and began to kiss him and embrace him and then he said abu bakr of
prophet of allah what’s the thing that is forbidden to be forbidden
i’m saying the war and so on and so hamid actually loved it and something is
for sure we’d happening in the last conversation the back and forth while
Abu baraa is inside Mohammed shirt if you know
what I mean right see again from an official Islamic
website go read it

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