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Rituals: Enhancing the Retail Experience with Luxury Tech

Rituals is a cosmetics brand founded in 2000 in the Netherlands. We help people to slow down and turn daily routines in to special rituals. In our stores we sell home and body products, like candles, skincare, makeup, shower foams and body scrubs. When a customer comes in to a Rituals store, we want to give them a whole ritual experience, with nice surroundings and calming music. Every store is the same, so people will recognise them. Rituals has a digital strategy, which is a
mobile and paperless store. So all our stores use mobile devices. And Jamf helps us to support that strategy. In store we’ve got three types of Apple devices, the first one is the iPad. We use the iPad for administration, watching training and ordering products. In the store we have iPods as well, and we
use them for the skin analyser, so that we can provide the customer with a full advice for skin care, and also a mobile point of sale. Through mobile point of sale, we can help
customers even faster so that they don’t have to queue up in line. Apple is a leader in hand consumer tooling. And using that Apple tool supports our selling ceremony. With the Apple devices we will create a more user-friendly experience for our employees, and also for our customers. When we open a new store, our front-end design department will send a request to our ICT department to send all the iOS devices to our store. It’s a real benefit to enrol devices remotely, because otherwise we’ll need more people in our ICT team. Now every store manager can enrol their own devices. The amount of shops is growing, really fast. We really started to grow much faster as a company as well, adding Spain, Italy and the USA. All countries have the same setup, same device, same solution. We made the choice of Jamf because it’s one solution for all our devices. The mobile device management platform that we were using – we had a lot of problems with that. Especially when there were updates of the macOS or the iOS platform. When Apple develops new functionality, Jamf already knows about it. We can’t afford to have downtime in both the retail locations but also we have a lot of headquarters in the countries where we don’t have physical presence. I can’t have laptops just go offline. We’re a fully Apple company. So Jamf was the perfect solution for Rituals. We don’t need any other management tools,
we just have Jamf as that fits the whole picture.

Jean Kelley



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