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Are many who ask me via comments, through my blog, of my consultations, networks How alienate the environment a bad person ?. A person that is hurting, luckily is not normal because most beings Humans are all wonderful, but hey there is always a group of people or a certain group of people who dedicate themselves to do evil to others but as you play a bad person in your life because you can sink because the bad people do not end until sinking his victim not stop, can be envy, it may be for grudges, you can be because your partner has been with you and blames you, makes you sorcery, annoying at first but when this person spends his life in body and soul to sink your life because obviously comes a time when your energy and you’re feeling wears as a host of negative situations that are happening in your life, if that’s the case ‘ or that of someone you know who want help with this ritual can remove that person because the evil that constantly makes you stop certify thee, at least that you or the who have to help him evil does not affect that person, can not be said that It is a ritual of white magic, my obligation is to tell you that you do not wish harm on anyone , Stick to alienate that person from your life and already, the materials that we will use to do this ritual is going to be; a lamp of San Alejo is brown and black, powder flying, we want that person to disappear, to fly, flying dust indispensable, oil spoil, we want to eliminate all the evil that person is making us and obviously we want to rid ourselves of the power of that person and three ingredients vegetables, we know that the three represents the spiritual part, so we’re going to put three, we’re going to put lemon rind, lemon is cleaner, we want to continue cleaning the bad energy from that person, spicy garlic or hot pepper which is used to ward off the negative of your life and mugwort is to purify people and also to ward off everything negative that has about a parchment where he will write the petition , Salvia or sage incense to burn as incense, can also be a wand incense of sage, and a cauldron, let’s do the ritual into the cauldron, plus also as protection also burn the candle when to force him to that ritual, the candle of San Alejo has two colors; brown and black, brown represents the tenacity, tenacity in achieving the goal we want to achieve and is also used in magic to hide, we also want to hide, remove that person from our life , Black, black candles are used to kill something that hurts us as is the case, to put aside the bad vibes and get rid of energies negative around us, then the combination of brown and black is the ideal place for this kind of ritual, well, the first step as in all rituals is to write the petition may be on parchment or may be a paper, you write your petition asking him whom you have faith as I always say, although this ritual is made with San Alejo Velon if you will have faith to San Alejo obviously it you have to ask San Alejo but if you have faith San Alejo you have to ask him whom you will have faith, you write in your own words as your request, you want that person leave you to do harm, that person away from your life and you do not more bother in the end the signatures and give thanks because you know it will be granted Even as the candle of San Alejo brings his own prayer I’ll leave written in the description of the video that you make reference or copy it, one Once this written request and the next step is to write your name candle If the ritual is for you or the name of the person you are going to do the ritual, the you have to write from the base to the wick, all we want to get away from our Life has to be from the base to the wick and name of the person you want away from your life so you have to write between the two colors, occupy your full name the two colors of the candle, horizontally, yours or the name of the person you you are going to do the ritual vertically upwards and the person you want to zoom horizontally between the two colors, once you’ve written the names on the candle oil dispossession have to consecrate the candle, first UNTAS your full name Likewise from the base to the wick, you return to untarte hand with oil and now UNTAS the name of the person you want to get away from your life and now with this oil there is consecrate the candle, you take your time, no hurry, viewing like that person away from your life, even as a serious display-dote your life without that person in your environment, five ten minutes twenty minutes, everyone who takes the time it deems necessary, because we already have the written request and the candle consecrated, now with the flying dust you put them in your hand and you keep consecrating the candle with flying powders, impregnated While sailing with the oil and the dust flying, you do not need to put much with some that you get in hand is enough, as in this case we will use the cauldron If you do not have pot because you can do it in a bowl of mud, the first thing do is put in the bottom of the pot a handful of dust flying in the opposite direction to clockwise, on the flying dust tightly coiled request and the request put lemon peel, hands or the a mortar you can go the break, we too spicy garlic; In the sense opposite clockwise and mugwort counterclockwise to clockwise , Now we put the candle on the request, and is mounted as ritual and as a ritual it must be done on an altar, place the pot in the center of the altar Prendes and wooden matchsticks candle, once you have lit the candle tries pass in front of your altar ritual giving strength to the time you think necessary, you you should certainly take a little by your intuition, but try to spend as much time as possible In fact as you are certain to make the ritual into the cauldron as you can move and come to your altar whenever you feel the need to continue giving strength to ritual and concentrating to see how that person disappears from your life, you can continue to do to the same sentence, the same sentence you’ve done you’ve gotten into the cauldron as a prayer like as I said, the prayer of St. Alexius I’m going to let in the video description in case you want to read, once the candle has already been completed completely consume the entire contents of the cauldron have to bury him but you have to bury as far as possible from your home, keep in mind that the farther east of your house before that person to stay away from your environment and then when you get back to your home try to do it a different way when you’ve gone, so you can throw the sea ​​or a river to the stream of water ride, also once go back home do it a different way than you have been, because this is the ritual for ward off a bad person in your life is done with the velón of San Alejo, all ingredients that I used to do this ritual can find them in In fact the whole ritual, the kit with all the ingredients also can find there; in and if you liked this video, you know you give me a like, you subscribe if you still have not done and see you next week, a kiss.

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  50. Ad Mas Posted on January 7, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    Gracias San Alejo por el favor recibido.

    San Alejo, tu que tienes el poder de alejar todo lo malo que rodea

    a los escogidos del señor, te pido que asi mismo alejes a (H)

    de (J).

    Yo te llamo, yo te invoco parq que te lleves lejos a (J)

    Llevatelo a la región del olvido, que nunca mas vuelva a cruzarse en el

    camino de (H).

    Como corrientes de agua corren, asi corre a (H) de (J)

    para siempre.

    Asi como llego (J) a la vida de (H), que asi mismo

    se retire de su vida de inmediato.

    Que no puedan el uno ni el otro estar juntos, ni en salon compartir, ni en

    la mesa comer, que no puedan tener intimidad sin sentir asco y repugnancia

    el uno por el otro.

    Te pido san alejo, si se encuentran que no se vean, si se hablan (H)

    y (J), que no se entiendan mas y que la separación sea definitiva

    y para siempre.

    Pido al espiritu del camino que corte todas las rutas de (H) hacia


    Gracias San Alejo por atender mi pedido.

    Te pido que regreses a mi pareja a mi lado arrepentido y prometo difundir

    esta oración y darte gracias por el favor concedido.


    Rezar 3 padres nuestros, 3 aves maria y 3 glorias.

    Repetir todo durante 5 dias seguidos.

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