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Ritual Kadene

Hello dear viewers, I’m Luben Chatalov I’m happy to have the chance do participate in this project Its important goal is to help the next generations
to know who they are and where they come from. We started filming some traditions that show in what way we are different from the others This traditions shows our unique Bulgarian characteristic Our traditions, folklore and culture We started this from a holly and an inherent place for all the bulgarians. But not we chose the place It was chosen by the history Our, Bulgarian history Here, in Pliska, is the birthplace of the State. Bulgaria was born here. A place, like Kulevcha, surrounded by history, risen from ashes and survived till present day’s. Kaspichan lies on the road of ancient warriors and monks from the First Bulgarian Empire In a few words Bulgaria was founded here! Thats why we started from here! We strongly believe that we will light the flame which can be like a… guiding light in our future So that we still exist in future! Enjoy watching! Where are you, my daughter? Here I am, mom! I’ve decided to put the tongs and the poker on its place. he young woman should not be stressed. She has given birth to her son. Aaa, alright! So, come here and sit down at the out strairs. Let’s sit. Here comes the third day. The Kadene must be prepared. The kids must go out, and we have to call the grandmother, mother-in-law, matchmakers, godmother and aunt . They have to come here and we should be preppared very well for the ritual. conduct the kids. Well, mom. I’ll do as you say.I’ll go. I’ll see. I’ll conduct them. You should conduct them today so that people prepare for the ritual. Well, I’m going. Now go. Zezoooo Mom,they are coming Zezoooo Well, well lets go We are coming, with the daughter and the grandchild. He doesn`t stop asking about you. The kids are happy with kids Congratulations for the joy Zezo, congratulations! Thank you, same to you! Be in good healt! Here is some lard which has been washed by me and my Georgi. For the baby after bath.
You should smear the baby’s body with it. So, well. God bless you! She was not born yet, but I have preppared it for her Aham, good Ooo, my dear sweet child! Look at you! You’ve so grown up! Such a lady. White and red! Same to you! From your mouth to God`s ear Galya, be blessed with the boy! Be in good health and let the boy grow up. You to become a grandmother and to have a grandchild. I`ve made a cabbage soup for you to have milk and for the baby child to grow up Well, woman, be blessed with the child! Congratulations to you too,aunt ! Same to you,same to you! Let it be good. To have a lot of milk. I don’t feel well. That’s way I should stay aside. Here I brought to you a crude egg. Listen Aunt, when you bathe the baby put it in the water to protecte him against mundarluk. Woman, don’t sleep with your back to the child cause he may get sick with jaundice, you know. Since old times the grandmothers had said that. Here I made some pancakes. I’ll place it here for you to know. Alright, God bless you! Good day matchmaker, happy joy! Happy to you to, matchmaker! And to you, my dear child. Sweetie! Granny brings you a small gold coin. When he grows up, you should make him a ring. Be in good health. Here is a present for the mom! Well! Well! Good day! Be in good health! What a beautiful white birdie . White and red , just like his mom! Here I prepared a dried fruit juice for you to drink to have a lot of milk. Ohh, dear, happy joy! Be in good health! To have a lot of grandchilds! To bring them! Same to your other daughter-in-law. Let her bear one beautiful boy up like you! I hope so! I hope so! God bless you! Let’s go! Good day, woman! How are you? How is your health? The birth was difficult! There were a lot of aches! Haw is the baby? Is it alright? I came here to see him. Here I made a pumpkin pie! Here are some sweet baps and walnuts for you to have milk! Ohooo, Granny, my dear, happy joy! Let the baby live in good health! And to have many grandchilren! God bless you! And you, Granny, be in good health! Happy to you too, my girl! God bless you! Good day aunt! Happy child! Be in good health all of you! How can I miss this! It is our child, isn’t it! Well, godmother! Of course you won’t miss it! How could you miss it! So, let it be! Wow, he is so chubby! Here is for mom to have milk! And I brought a golden coin for the baby ! Let him grow up wealthy and rich just like us! God bless you! Be in good health! Let it be! Same to you and to us! Woman! Yes, mom! Well, I said to oped the oven. Come on, bring the meal. here. The guests must be fed. Alright, I’ll call the women! The poker is there. I`ll take the cloth The oven was so hot, be careful! Let see what meal grandmother has prepared! Uhhh! It is so hot! She is an experienced cook. The meal will be delicious! We are starving! Well, take a rest for a while! Just a few seconds! Mom, the meal is so spicy… he envied me Let be the Lord’s will! Come on, Granny! We ask you to say some words at the table! Well, the birth was so difficult! As high is the bap, as tall the boy should grow up! As fat is the bap so fat let the lad be! Red and white and beautiful! Let it be in good health! As you say! And know, I’ll give you a piece of bap to taste it for health! God bless the baby! Well, be in good health! Please, taste it! Kule, I won’t forget you! Give to the children! Awww, poor children! All day waiting ! Awww, this Granny! This old Granny is hungry! Here is for the dauthers-in-law! It is so tasty. Rice, groats many more . Well, come on to dance a bit. Obviously, I’m slightly drunk. Well, Granny will give them to you. Come on Granny! Knok, knok, knok Two for you, to have a girl! Georgi must take it this night! Three for you, to have a boy. Marin should take of it this night! And twins for you, Granny! We should wait Granny to have a twins! Zezo have to shake it your big….. to night Here is for you, to have grandchildren. Awww, give to daughters-in-law Donche! Donche! Marin should shake it to night! Come on, sister, for you to! Let we get the bonus too! You are a widow. I hope you find something for you! Let it be! Shut up, I have to say something. Woman, bring me the tile and the incense. I`m comming She is so capable! Ahhhh! The fire doesn`t come! Shall I warm the match! May be I don’t see nothing Come on! Come on! And now I`m doing Kadene Awwwwww Well! It’s time to go home! But before leaving you should give a small thread for the baby. Yes, We will! All of Us! But over the clothes, not under them! From above! From above! Matchmaker, I feel so sleepy! Me too! I slept well. I thought to take care about Gaby. To protect it against curst. But I fell asleep. Well, woman! It is my turn to see you! I give you the fourth bean. 36 beans are left till it’s time to be with you.

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