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Ritual do Recipiente Caótico

Today I will talk about container of Chaos. Before i advise you on how to make a Chaos container, I need to tell you what the “Chaos Magic”. Chaos Magic came a work of belief as a tool. and so there only are rules if we establish it so. As dharma, karma and other subtle divisions we ascribe as the “correct” and “incorrect”. Our big goal of each activity is pragmatism or activities directed to results. Let’s take now the Chaos container. The containers are useful for many different things and purposes. His most customary use is about people who annoy you. For taking care of the situation without physically act or without hurting anyone, for the universe to act to resolve the situation, as it gives you protection. Focus on solving problems, not creating others. As an example, if there is a person who does not like, instead of doing a spell to kill the person, make an for the person to leave and find someone befitting their profile. The resources to use it are the basic. Any container that can keep it fenced, locked, preferably glass. As you can see inside. The smaller and more resistant, the better. Others are something of the other person with whom you had contact. Skin, hair, semem, sweat, blood, whatever. The third item, the end, is to fill your glass or container. also serve natural materials in any number of different options, both old and current, consistent with the goal for which will act. Salt is great if you want to move away the person. If you want to join, red wine goes well. For purpose of bringing or knotting one, you can instead to put salt, put as much hair as blood and sweat of both the person as your own. Now we will approach the goal. In such a case it will be discussed in particular one, you had intimacy with the person and you no longer want that person to come into your home and be near or next to you, in your intimacy. First collect something that has only belonged to someone else and keep inside the container. You can use photos, cigarette filters, glass where a person drank, some clothing that has remained too long in contact with the skin of the person, whatever. The next phase, it is not required to be performed immediately after collection,. even though the closer the periods, better. This step will perform in ritual environment while adding items and fill the container. Repeat the mantra incessantly that will feed your relationship with the Caosfera, that in this activity is an interdimensional portal between you and the universe. The mantra is pronounced grimly accent. because the grimly tone in the chaotic symbolism, represents the lower aspects, the most basic of human beings. So is IO KAOSSSSSSSSSS … IO KAOSSSSSSSSSS … IO KAOSSSSSSSSSS … there you will repeat as often as necessary. Now then, while repeating this mantra, add nails and pins inside de conteiner to ward off evil, neutralizing it. Fill with the highest amount possible. Still repeating Caosfera mantra, and the container filled with needles, and / or pins and / or nails, fill the container with salt, and if you want, in the case for another purpose instead of put another away, to approximate, use red wine. For purpose of bringing or knotting one, there already with a sexual connection, you can instead of putting salt, put semen, blood, hair, both the person as your together. Then you close the container so that it becomes totralmente sealed. In this case you stop speaking the mantra, to close the object. Now that the container is closed and completely sealed, go to a place where you never have contact again, and away from your home or service and bury the container. At least 30 cm below the ground, at least. Only reiterate that, if the purpose of making changes to someone who asks you, instead of just filling with salt, also put water and salt. if done the container to isolate a goal, or move away from a goal. In case complete with wine on sexual purposes to the other person, or items consistent with the purpose for which builds the object. Prepared! I hope I have helped you in this your way of Chaos Magic. To the next.

Jean Kelley



  1. Waldiney Ambrosio Posted on June 21, 2016 at 5:06 am

    muito bom 🙂

  2. Lázaro Cardoso Posted on September 9, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    fala aí Tesla blz? Você poderia me dar uma idéia de como criar um recipiente caótico para a vida financeira,riqueza, prosperidade?

  3. Tila Wolf Posted on July 6, 2019 at 2:44 am

    Parece a garrafa das bruxas…feitiço antigo de banimento e proteção