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Returned Missionary Survey (Philippines Cebu Mission)

the typhoon so in Cebu we didn't get it as badly as the other islands obviously but that was probably the craziest because we couldn't go outside because they said it was a super typhoon and it was really strong winds but again it was not nearly it was not even close to what happened to other islands so I can't I can't even imagine that also just torrential downpour sometimes and and you know you try to stay dry but it doesn't work it's no such thing so yeah rain and hurricanes and stuff I never thought I'd eat horse hate horse they were just making it on the side of the road and and they were like hooey americano gonna hanka and there they're like mount a like let's eat and so I was like okay I'm hungry let's eat this and so I just started eating it and they're like yeah that's caballo and like that's horse and and I didn't believe him so I just like kept eating it it was super good it was it was awesome they say it gives you energy and stuff and I also ate buttload of course that's the typical Filipino don't like kisi or what's that word is that right exotic yeah the typical Filipino food but the lots of them don't like it actually don't like it but it really depends on like the day you can have like a 16-day like in the hatching stage or the growing stage or you can have a 21 day which is right before it hatches and that's like when it's fully formed and that's what I ate and that's probably the weirdest thing at eight because I saw the form of the chicken so it's like beak in its talons and stuff but you just put like some vinegar I'll put some salt and easy eat it and it's good innit it was it was totally fun tastes like chicken nuggets you know it was really hard for me when people ran away from us you know they see us coming and they run away or or people just get scared to talk to us that's really hard because we know what our message is and we know how much it can bless their lives and and when they immediately just turn it down that's really hard most Filipinos are so accepting and they'll don't invite you in and you'll share with them what's hard is when someone's progressing and they're they might be coming to church and reading the scriptures and then then somebody else talks to them and says you don't want that don't don't get involved with that and they stop taking the lessons and they don't want to meet with us anymore that is so sad because as a missionary you see people's potential like so clearly you see how how pure their spirits are and and the just how amazing they are you really see it with the because you have the spirit that's hard that's really hard to to deal with and to kind of go separate ways with somebody that you've gotten really close with you get so close with the people on through the gospel the gospel is like your common ground and it's really cool to see two cultures merging and connecting over the gospel but it's really hard when it when they separate so but it's really cool when they go through with it and they and their lives are blessed it's it's a blessing to see that was just reading in my journal right before I came and and I said I think the greatest thing about this gospel is the peace that it brings to our lives and I learned that lesson through seeing how it changed people and and I remember thinking I'm sitting in people's homes missionaries they you know they go into homes and they listen to people's live store life stories and their problems and and I remember thinking I'm a 20 year old kid and this 50 year old man is telling me about his struggles in his life and and and I'm giving him advice you know and that to me was a testimony to the truthfulness of our message because because when I saw them follow the commandments and the things we were teaching when I saw them apply that to their lives and the peace that I brought and and the happiness that comes to their family when they're reading the scriptures and going to church and praying and form in a relationship with Heavenly Father that is something I can never forget you know the the power of the atonement is always available to anybody and I hope to remember that every single day of my life because whatever they're going through the gospel can help that it can bring so much peace to know that this life is going to be filled with trials but trials end you know and we can overcome problems in our lives and we can be forgiven I think that's yeah the piece that I like that the gospel brings the biggest lesson I would bring short sleeve polos because you won't wear anything else no long sleeves at all no suits ah let me see try to find pants that are kind of a thinner material because thick material can get really really hot it's so hot in the Philippines also just get some sturdy shoes if you have to spend a couple extra dollars to get some start issues and do that because I kept buying cheap shoes and I went through like five so yeah I guess I like really good rubber what does that call rubber soled rubbers rubber shoes you know for pee days you're going to wear sandals you know when you're doing your laundry or going to an activity tennis shoes I don't know yeah that's about it I was in the city with my companion elder Mingus and we were it was pretty late at this point I think it was like 8:30 or 9:00 and we we still had it had dinner yet we didn't we hadn't eaten and so we were trying to decide whether to go just go home and eat or go and try to find this guy that we met to the week before when we met the guy we didn't get his like address we just got like the general area where he lives but we felt that we should go try to find him and so so we got on to a jeepney we took it to the area where we met him and then we just started asking people like do you know where where this guy is we've we met him here and after like 15 people somebody finally recognized the name and they're like oh yeah he he lives down that street and that's all we got and so we go down this like alleyway and we knock on the door and um and we say hey is this person home and and the guy didn't hit he was deaf so he didn't hear what we were saying and and I'm like dang it I was supposed to be here where where is he so then he's like started signing something I don't speak sign language you neither did my companion and but all I knew was the alphabet I like spelled out his name with my with what I knew and he saw my hands and he goes ah and then he he goes a couple Street a couple doors down knocks on the door and there was the guy he was there it just like the the way that we found him was a miracle it was a small miracle but we were able to go in and share a little bit of a short lesson and it was so I I still remember how I felt it was it was so spiritual and and he was asking questions he was feeling the spirit and and it was a testimony to me that Heavenly Father knows everything you know and he he will help you get to where you need to be and so that was really cool in my last area there was this big cemetery that we had to walk by every single day and and it was it was getting pretty dark and we decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery and we heard something to the right of us and there was a woman sitting on the ground just kind of crying and she was with her daughter and we went over to her and we were like um hi what's your name she was like I'm Brenda and and I am just visiting my my son here that he died last year and so we we sat down next to her in the grass and started introducing ourselves for missionaries and then we told her that we had a message about families and we told her that that she can see her son again someday and this whole time she would look she'd been looking down and she looked up and she had so much hope in her eyes and and she was like I I really liked that I I really loved that message and and we sang families can be together forever and she was crying and she said please come to my home and again there are no addresses in the Philippines so she just tells us a general area for up there you know so we decide we was getting late so we had to go home and we told her we'd visit her the next week and so we went out to look for her again just trying to find this person and um and it was it was kidding it was like an hour we were looking and then this R and this old woman came out of the forest and we told her who were looking for and she like took us by the hand if you'd like come with me and she just like goes up the hill and she was like right there and she pointed to a house in the clearing and we knocked on the door she was there it was her and she said I've been waiting for you and and we were able to teach her she didn't end up getting baptized while I was there but it was it was so sweet it was such a sweet experience to see her life touched by the spirit and she knew it she knew what it was she she said I feel like this is the Holy Spirit touching my heart and we were like yeah that's it that's right and and so I think that even though we might not see blessings immediately not see baptisms immediately every single person that you talk to your bringing a light into their lives and so talked to everybody

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