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Resting in God Pt. 3 |  Dr. Bill Winston Believer’s Walk of Faith

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Ministries partners and viewers. Bill Winston: God never
intended for the world system to support his family. You need a
revelation of who you are. You got the same God in you that
Jesus had in him, and you got the same anointing being
filled with the Holy Ghost. It’s not going to be us, it’s
going to be the Father in us. He’s going to do the work
because we’re in the Sabbath. And in the Sabbath, it means
that I’m taking you back to the garden, back to a time where
Adam never had to bear the weight of his own provision,
that God was going to take care of him. Come unto me all that labor
and are heavy-laden and I’m going to
give you rest. Bill: 1 Peter 5:7, “Casting
all your care upon him; for he cares for you.” All right. Come here. Stand right there. Now this is a money
clip and I’m just playing. This is a money clip.
Okay, got it? This is my care and I’m
hauling this thing, okay? Now I’ve just learned I can cast
all my care over on him because he– Who’s got it? Now okay, now suppose my
frown is still on my face? Watch this, I’m still
walking bowed over. I still got that thing. And as long as I got it,
he can’t touch it because it’s not in
his jurisdiction. You better hear what
I’m telling you folks. There is nothing,
he can’t touch it. He’ll violate your authority. I appreciate it. You got what I’m saying?
And that’s why people do faith. They claim they prayed in faith
and come up out of it and worry just as hard as–they never
received it, they never cast it, they never let Jesus have
it, they never let God fix it. They just kept it. And because of it,
God can’t touch it. And that’s what the
devil’s waiting on. He’s waiting on God to
touch something illegally, and God is not
going to do it. You can take a seat and
sow it into the kingdom. Then lift your hands and start
praising God because if God’s got it, it’s going to be
multiplied every time. Glory to God in heaven. May the Lord add a blessing
to the reading of the Word. Same deal.
That’s what faith does. It transfers something. God can’t touch it
if you still got it. So now God’s got to
get back in here. This situation is serious. I understand we’re still trying
to get away from these works because you go in the New
Testament, look in Luke chapter 15, there’s a person
called the prodigal son. Now I won’t go over that
today, but he said, “Give me my inheritance.
I’m gone.” So he got his inheritance,
left the house, went to a far country. Watch this, lost
all he had. Allied himself with the
citizens of that country. They sent him to feed hogs,
living much below the standards that
he came from. But the Bible says
he came to himself. Now check
this out. What did he think about that
helped bring him to himself? Watch this,
provision in daddy’s house. And I’m telling you, half the
folks that come to church today are looking for
provision. But they’re finding folks in
there are just as broke or broker than
they are. [mumbling] No, there’s plenty
in daddy’s house. And that provision brought him
back to the father, that idea that there are servants
in daddy’s house that got much more
than I even have. This provision thing, you’re
going to have to learn to master it or it’s
going to master you. I shared with you last time
about that woman whose husband borrowed all that money to
take care of the prophet. And he borrowed all that money,
he borrowed all that money trying to take care
of them prophets, keep them
from Jezebel. But the Bible says he died.
Well, all that money pressure. I don’t know whether
you know it or not, but money will
bring pressure. You say, “What
have we done?” We haven’t–we’ve tried to
import the system again of the world back
into the church. In other words, I mean, this is
me now before I got saved, but I was–I’d gotten out of military
and I got a job with IBM. And so they’d sent me
to 1 year’s training. And then after training, they
cut you back on your salary to about, you know, 50% of
what you were making. And then the rest you got to
make it up on commissions. And I’d been–that shocker
until I saw my paycheck. I said, “Now I got kids,
I got–you know, what am I supposed
to do with this?” Well, you’re supposed
to sell something, that’s what you’re
supposed to do. Now are you all with me?
And what did I do? I said, “Man, I’m going to go
out and get me another job.” What did I do? Work at IBM from 8 to 5,
then get to the other job at 6 o’clock,
work to 10:30. How many days?
Six days a week. Second job all day
long on Saturdays. When do you see your family?
Never. What are we trying to do?
Provision. Man, if I could get
this monkey off my back. What did
Jesus say? Look at it in
Matthew chapter 11. Look what
Jesus said. He said this, “Come unto me, all
that labor and are heavy laden.” Keep going. “And I’m going to
give you rest.” He said, “Take my yoke upon you,
and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and you
shall find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy,” come
on, “and my burden is light.” Folks, you’re supposed
to be laughing every day. Now if anybody says
that this message is not important,
they are lying. One of the biggest things all of
us seek is enough provision to stop thinking
about provision. Folks, the attraction of the
lottery is to just get enough money so I don’t have to do what
other folks say I got to do all the time, and I can
do what I want to do. I can go to Jamaica, I can
go anywhere I want to go. And my job is to show you
how to use this Word, that you can send every one
of them kids to college and never have to
borrow a dime. And you don’t have
to stretch nothing. The days of you putting
plastic on your couch are over. You can do–now you can do that
if you want to do it, but I’m just telling you right now
you don’t have to be stretching nothing, saving nothing,
hoping something don’t wear out. Wear the thing out. Everything in this
earth was made for you. It was made to serve you,
everything in this earth. You’d be surprised
how many things are tied to
your provision. You’d be surprised, your
disposition, your lifespan, every kind of
thing is tied to that. Folks, you’d be living
a whole other– you’d be thinking
even differently. If I came to you right now,
said, “Hey brother, I got a billion
dollars for you. I’m putting it in your account
starting today,” it’s going to take you a year to stop thinking
you don’t have no money. I’m telling you, it’s going
to take you that long because you’re so used to
thinking nothing. You’re trying to write
checks to cover checks. Come on now, the credit
card is at its limit. I’m talking to you because
you’re looking at me like I’m talking
to myself. I’m talking to you because
you need to get off that system that’s designed to whip you till
you can’t see anymore and make it so that you come down with
every disease there is known to man so that you can run up the
big bill of these drug houses. I’m here to tell you God’s got
some drugs for you right here in the Word of God, and
this is the way you’re supposed to be
living right here. And you ought to see how
many things are related to your problems, your family problems,
your money problems, your this. You’re trying to save here,
can’t think of that, don’t want to do that
with this and that because we don’t
have enough money. See, your mind is running
everything through provision because that’s the
sign of the curse. You have been
redeemed from the curse. Your provision
is unlimited. [cheering and applauding] Don’t shout me down
because I’m preaching good. So God introduces
himself. He said, “Let me–Abraham,
come out,” Genesis 12, verse 1. “Come on out from
your kinfolks. Come on out from worshiping
moons and stars, and come on out into a place where
I’m going to show you. Now I’m not going to give you–
I don’t have no brochure for you, but just
follow me.” Now what does he
tell him? “Come out from
everything you are depending on. Because if you depend
on one thing other than me, my
stuff don’t work.” It don’t work. Faith demands that God
not only be your source, come on now, be
your only source. That job might be a nice
one, but it is not your source. So I had two jobs
almost 2 years I think. What am I trying to get?
Enough provision. Why?
To get this monkey off my back. Man, what am I going to eat?
What am I going to drink? Kids needs some clothes, man.
What am I going to do with that? Oh, here comes Jesus, the burden
bearer, who steps on the scene. And this is what
he does. Matthew chapter 6,
verse 24, he said, “No man can serve
two masters.” What he was saying
is, “Watch it now. Whoever you look to
as your source, that’s the one you’re
going to serve.” Look at the next
verse, verse 25. “Therefore I say unto you,”
in other words, “Let me show you
how this works. Take no thought
for your life.” Now wait a minute, you all
might not have got that right. Let me show you that
in the Amplified, make sure you get
this right now. “Therefore I tell you, stop
being perpetually uneasy,” watch this, “(anxious, come on,
and worried) about your life.” Watch this. Over here, kingdom of worry,
kingdom of fear, kingdom where things–not
everything is possible. It’s over here, this is where we
came from, where we’re trained. We’re trained in this.
I was trained to worry. Man, let me worry if I want to.
I was trained to worry. “Well, sir, worry will cause
constriction of blood vessels and cause your
pressure to go up.” I don’t care, I got
blood pressure medicine. “Well now, sir, we’re
trying to get you off of that.” Adam had not one single thought
about what he’s going to eat. Didn’t have the
thought to get the thought. Didn’t even know
what worry was. And when he sinned,
brothers and sisters, one man said it
like this. He was trying to find out
just how could he feed himself. He was a lost
ball in high weeds. He didn’t know what to do next.
Jesus came, the last Adam. This is what he said about
the Sabbath, Mark chapter 2. He said to them, “The
Sabbath was made for man, and not man
for the Sabbath.” The Sabbath was made
for man. See, people still
don’t understand that. See, we’ve been trained to
think a certain way about God. And so what happens is
we import it over here. So the prodigal son said, “I’m
going home and I’m going to tell daddy I’ve sinned
against heaven and this earth, and I’m not worthy to
be called your son.” Watch this. “Just make me as one
of the hired servants.” And what did the father do?
He didn’t want to hear that. Watch this. Because you’re not a
servant, you’re a son. [congregation applauding] Watch this.
A son don’t have to work for it. It’s all inheritance. It’s all of it’s
inheritance, all of it. And when you say certain
things that certain people there are so crippling
their thinking that they wonder what is
this man saying. Even Paul got a
revelation of it. Put it up there on the
board, 1 Corinthians chapter 3. 1 Corinthians chapter 3
and verse 21, praise God. This is wonderful.
I’m about to let you go. I don’t know
where you got to go. Where, to pay bills?
Where you got to do? To the restaurant to run up
some more on your credit card? Where you got to go?
Where you got to go? No, where you
got to go? I’m telling you how to pay off
all the credit cards, everything out of
debt by Christmas. Look what he said, “Therefore
let no man glory in men. For all things are,” what?
Yours. And they still try to
make something out. “Well, that’s all
spiritual things.” Listen, he wasn’t talking
about a spiritual thing. He was talking about
all things. He was just–he was
taking it from Genesis. Once you come into the
kingdom, all things are yours. What do I do, do I just walk up
to somebody, say, “My name is Jimmy, I’ll take
all you gimme”? No, that’s not
the idea. The idea about–if it’s anything
in this earth and if you need it to expand your life or to
complete your life or finish the mission that God has for
you, you have a right to it. I said you have
a right to it. Jesus said, “Go in town, get
that donkey, and bring him here. Now the man’s going
to have him tied up. And if you start untying him
and he asks you, ‘What you doing with my donkey?’ tell him
the Lord has need of it. And bring that donkey.” See, come on, I got
to preach to you. Somewhere, somebody
got to preach this. Don’t you wait till I start
talking about commanding money. We going to try to
get all of that. So notice what he said.
“Come unto me, all who,” what? Labor and heavy what?
And I’ll give you what? Folks, all of a sudden
I heard this teaching. I heard that I
didn’t need two jobs. What I need is knowledge
of how to work one job. Put it up there,
Colossians chapter 2. “Let no man therefore judge
you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of a holyday, or of the
new moon, or the Sabbath days.” Check it out, “Which are
a shadow of things to come, but the
body is of,” who? Christ.
It’s a shadow. What does he mean
by that? It’s not the real thing,
it’s just an indicator of something
real coming. Now what’s coming? What’s coming is Jesus
going to be hung on that cross and he’s going to
use some words. “It is finished.” That means the same words
God used when he made this earth for you,
Jesus is using it again. Now what does it mean? It means through his death,
burial, and resurrection, he has just put you
back in the garden. Folks I’m finding
out something here. Satan’s trying to get us to work
for what already belongs to us. Do you know you don’t have
to work for your salvation? It’s been worked out.
Say amen to that. Do you know you don’t have
to work for your healing? Your healing has
been worked out. Well, if you don’t have to work
for your salvation, don’t have to work for your healing,
what makes you think you got to work
for your house? All right. Now let me tell you what
some people are looking for. They’re looking for
a place that they can go and have
Sunday church. They just want somewhere where
they can check off Sunday, I went to church. And check it off so that they
can miss hell when they die. They have no plans on
helping other folk. That’s not the plan. The plan is for me to feel less
guilty about all the mess and the reefer I done
smoked all week. So I’m going to feel
a little bit better, so I’m going to
check this off. I’m not talking
to them people. I’m talking to people who want
to not only get themselves out of the mess they’re in, come on
now, but help me get the whole world out of the
mess that they’re in. That’s who I’m talking to.
That’s who I’m talking to. This ain’t about self. If I wanted to just make money,
I would have stayed where I was. That’s what–focus on
profit, that’s what I was doing. I was very
profitable as a businessman. I could do all kinds of things.
But he didn’t tell me to. He said, “You’re called–you
come in this ministry and help get my people out of the
mess that they’re in.” I said, “Yes sir, I’ll do it.”
I said, “I’ll do it.” So I’m saying with you now
God has a plan for your life. And I can guarantee you if
we can solve some of those provision plans, we can cut
some of these divorces off. If we can solve this provision
crisis, come on now, we can cut some of this
anxiety and sickness of health and
so forth off. If we can solve some
of this provision stuff, we can do
a lot of things. So I’m saying I’m
going to take you there. Now listen, what I just
gave you is an introduction. Tune in next week. Come on, and we’re going
further because I can’t give you more than
you can handle. Now give God
praise for this. And by the way, by the way,
what did I do at the company that
I worked at? Found out these
principles. Wait, first I gave
myself, my heart to the Lord. Once I gave my life to the Lord,
everything started clicking. I began to see things
I couldn’t see before. And that’s why the Bible says
those–without being in the kingdom, you can’t
see the things of God. And so once I did it, boom,
I started seeing– I said, “Okay, this
is what I can do. I can sow seeds
for this and that.” What did I do? I went from two jobs, trying to
make ends meet, to being the top salesman and selling all these
systems, watch this, walking in my boss’ office saying, “Warren,
what do you need this month?” He said, “Oh Bill, can you
help me out again this month?” I said, “Sure, sure.” He said–I said,
“What do you need?” “Well, I need three of these,
I need four of those, and so forth.” Now he’s got all these other
salespeople, but he’s falling short because I’m the
only one working the system. And I said, “Okay, well, I’ll
take that and I’ll take that and I’ll do that for
you,” and so forth. Every month, boom,
I would come in. What happened? Took him right up to
the top of the ladder. What had happened to me?
Got me promoted. Come on now. So I’m saying Abraham,
don’t only just be a blessing. I mean, don’t only
be blessed yourself, but be a blessing
for somebody else. When you give it, you got
to release it, don’t you? And I’m going to
show you next time, don’t release it
without words. Words have
authority in the earth. All right, you all
with me here? Now you can do that,
but you want a return on what
you release. Not that you’re giving to get,
but you’re giving to receive more so
you can do more. Bill: God never intended
for the world’s system to support his family. You need a
revelation of who you are. You got the same God in
you that Jesus had in him. And you got the
same anointing, being filled with
the Holy Ghost. It’s not going to be us, it’s
going to be the Father in us. He’s going to do the work
because we’re in the Sabbath. And in the Sabbath, it means
that I’m taking you back to the garden, back to a time where
Adam never had to bear the weight of his own
provision, that God was going to take
care of him. Come unto me all that labor
and are heavy-laden and I’m going to
give you rest. announcer: It is finished. You have been redeemed
from the curse of lack and your days of
toiling are over. Your provision is now unlimited
in Pastor Winston’s dynamic teaching,
“Resting In God.” To order on CD or DVD, by
bank card at 1-800-711-9327, or online at
billwinston.org. Bill: Hello,
Bill Winston here. Today’s teaching, “Resting
In God, Volume One,” is part of a
two-disc series. Now this message is to encourage
you to think differently about how all of your needs
will be met as a believer. Now it’s important to
remember this point. Your provision is unlimited
because you have been redeemed from
the curse. Now through the death, burial,
and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we were put back
into the garden of Eden, where everything
is already done. Praise the Lord, everything
from your healing to your house. I mean, from your strength
to your business strategies, they’ve already been
worked out. Praise the Lord,
all you have to do is just rest and
tap into him. See, Matthew 6:25 says this
in the Amplified translation. Therefore I tell you to stop
being perpetually uneasy and anxious and worried
about your life.” You and I are not
supposed to worry about a thing. So once you come into the
kingdom, your struggle is over and you can rest in everything
that Jesus died to provide. And folks, he
covered everything. My God shall
supply all your need. Well, this is Bill Winston
saying we love you, we love bringing these
teachings to you. So until next time,
keep walking by faith. announcer: “The Believer’s
Walk of Faith” is paid for by Bill Winston Ministries
partners and viewers.

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