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Religious Freedom Webinar 22 July 8pm

we have some great news yes we've got a Christian prime minister Scott Morrison but now we have a Christian Governor General 1st July saw Major General David Hurley installed as a governor-general of Australia and yes he's a man of faith he comes from Port Kembla where we're shooting this video on the south coast of New South Wales I've heard his testimony he loves Jesus isn't that exciting our our problems over no we need to pray for the our Prime Minister we need to pray for the governor-general we need to pray for our parliamentarians Labour and liberal they need our prayers we are facing a crisis when it comes to religious freedom you see the Liberal Party is going ahead without really listening to the people of faith we're not really listening to the people of Australia and bringing in a whole bunch of religious freedom discrimination laws we don't need more exemptions exemptions can be taken away with a stroke of a pen and a commissioners whim we need a religious freedom action Seneca Concetta Fair Avanti Wells has released a petition for a religious freedom act you see we need to protect freedom of conscience we need to protect bring up religion we need to protect freedom of assembly we need to protect freedom of speech look what's happened to Israel for our he's just put a Bible verse on his private Instagram his private Instagram thank you very much he's put a Bible verse and his whole for me and our contract has been torn up that can happen to you can happen to me it could happen to anyone and we need a religious freedom act and we need strong clear direction to the courts and to the states that people need to be free to express themselves free to have a good conscience and have their own conscience about the things they believe in and be able to share that with their friends we need to get activated we need you to pray that's the most important thing but we also need you to write letters not emails letters one letter is worth 300 emails so yes you need to write a letter and you need to write it to your local member and ideal your state senators but certainly your local member whoever he or she is and whatever party they are and explain to them why it's so important and then you need to get some friends and go and see a local member and share why this is so important to you why religious freedom is important to you your children and your grandchildren okay we want you to do this but how you're going to do it without you knowing what's happening that's why this coming Monday 8 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time we are having a religious freedom webinar at 6 p.m. and W a and in South Australian Northern Territory that's 7:30 p.m. but 8 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time we are having a religious freedom webinar with two amazing legal minds Augusta Zimmerman he has written many many books about law he's lectured in many many universities about law he understands constitutional law and he is a man to ask your questions you'll share for a brief moment but we're having a QA on top of that we're having mark Sneden the executive director of an institute for a civil society he's in Melbourne and he is also worked in government he's worked in the court system he is a lawyer of great repute and a man who's passionate for the truth and passionate for faith and he's written many papers about the subject so please come along this Monday night come and be part of change come and be part of praying for our nation come and be part of scene this nation turn around and come back to Jesus Christ because you know something we need freedom of speech to preach the gospel we need freedom of speech to share with our friends and neighbors we need freedom of speech for the church to grow so god bless you see you this coming Monday night 8 p.m. all the best you

Jean Kelley