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Religions Explained Through Minecraft Villages

Hello, I’m ibxtoycat and it can be very popular to criticize religion on the internet. But the truth is, although there are lots of negative things, it can be a source of values and guidance with which to live your life by. A lot of people do appreciate that and as a result, I’m sure a lot of people must spend lots of time deciding which religion to follow. I mean surely they don’t just pick the ones their parents tell them is true and then follow that the rest their life. No, what people do is they do in-depth research as to which religion they should pick up and that’s where today’s video comes in because these sorts of tricky decisions are best made with the help of a Minecraft video, right? So here is a Minecraft village and we’re going to explain exactly how you can pick a religion by using it. (music) Hindus believe in reincarnation. This means, if you’re a good person, when you die you’ll respawn as a cow. If you’re a bad person you’ll respawn as a sapling. Although i’m not sure how we’re meant to take the fact that there’s a lot more saplings and trees in the world than there are cows. (music) Pascal’s wager suggests that the best bet to make in your life is to believe in religion even if you don’t really think it’s real, because if it turns out you’re wrong about it not being real, there is a religion and you bet that there wasn’t, then you’ve got eternal suffering on your plate. If it turns out there is religion and you follow all of it so that you get into this theoretical heaven, then guess what you’ve got eternal paradise. The bet. you know, would basically just suggest that there is no reason not believe in religion if there’s even a fraction of a chance of it existing and that’s what the Hellenistic, you know, religions took it to its extreme because they thought you know what why don’t we do this for all the different gods? So under Hellenistic beliefs you believe in all the different gods and you know what you have a great chance of eventually one of them being right. I mean if Zeus isn’t real, than maybe Hades is. If neither of them are real, you know maybe Hera or Poseidon are correct. You never know and that’s why you believe in all the different gods and you’ve got the optimal chance a eternal paradise when you die, how wonderful. Bonus fun fact is the the Greek gods actually align pretty closely of the Roman gods, They both have pantheon of gods and the reason for that was so they could integrate a territory into their you know like kind of country and just kind of take their God and be like, yeah, we totally even your guy as well, he’s just a minor god. He’s no Zeus. He’s no Jupiter, but you know what he is? He’s a minor guy and that’s why they had so many religions. (music) Alternatively you can double down on the opposite side of that wager and you can become a Satanist, I mean sure it sounds pretty bad, everything is on fire all the time, and there are hellish monsters that want your blood and they will torture you for eternity, but I mean the life you live before you get there is pretty fun, and there’s a chance it’s all made up anyway. Because I mean if it’s real, this Satan guy is the one you want to be following, the one with the infinite power even more powerful than the guy with actual infinite power. So I’m just saying, follow Satanism get a hellish forever afterlife, however, also end up with all the cool people. Because the real if there is a help the vast majority, 99.99%, of all human so they’ve lived probably are there so, you know, don’t you want to come meet your friends? All you have to have is a little bit of eternal torture, but people say they enjoy school, which is basically the same trade-off right? (music) This village is ruled by a giant Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky. (screams from the giant Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky) And, although you might say that’s unlikely, the Flying Spaghetti Monster ensures all of the villagers can live, love, and have their best lives. And, of course, you might say, I mean, I don’t have any proof of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but all religion requires belief of some form, so why not believe in something that we know has some value to us, and what has more value to people like us than Spaghetti? But if you have to believe in something that you can’t see, hear, or touch, anyway why don’t have something which actually resonates with the people believing in it, and you know what resonates with pretty much everyone? Bowls of pasta. So the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the hero the village need. (music) In the Catholic village, churches are a lot bigger, a lot grander, and a lot more beautiful. However, behind closed doors (music) Islam is actually a pretty standard Abrahamic religion with the exception being that pigs are unclean and all must be killed, of course. But besides that, you know, actually it’s a pretty standard, and you shouldn’t believe everything you hear in the media about it. (music) So get this, there was a villager who was digging around in his garden one day when he found these golden plates that were buried there by the angel Moroni. These golden plates has the entire holy scripture that no religion till that point had gone right on them. And as a result of that people are all very nice to each other in this particular state in the United States. And long story short Jesus was an American, you’ve got to be very nice to your neighbors, and also you can’t drink hot drinks because they are the devil’s doing. That is for real by the way. Don’t ask me- don’t ask me why. (music) Jehovah’s Witnesses are another fairly new sect of Christianity with the fun little exclusion in their religion being the fact that only a hundred and forty four thousand people can get into heaven. Any more than that and no spaces for you. So that makes people have to compete with each other to actually get one of those top spots and you know how people do that? That’s right. You knock on the doors of other religions very politely or not so politely and you convert them over to your religion. If you can do so, you’re a slightly better Jehovah’s and the guy next to you, and you’re more likely to get one of those spots in Heaven. So yeah, fun fact, how do you get into heaven? Just like this. Also, if for whatever reason you decide to leave and pick up another religion, you know what’s gonna happen to you? You’re gonna be excommunicated, and there’s gonna be some subtle threats made in your behalf, but that’s fine. I mean gotta get into heaven. They’re just looking out for you, getting you one of those 144,000 spots. Good guy Jehovah’s. (music) So Scientology is a fun cross between Jehovah’s Witnesses, you know it’s a fairly recent religion, with a fun mix of Flying Spaghetti Monster in there. But instead of being patently absurd, there’s a layer of abstraction in there, because the founder for the religion was literally a science fiction writer and one of those science fiction books is the basis for the religion. You might think that Lord Xenu coming to earth and taking all the, you know, the souls from the bodies of the people are- You might think that Lord Xenu coming down to earth and making everybody sad as a part of his religion is a weird and wacky science fiction book, and you’d be right, but it’s also the thing behind Scientology. Funnily enough, actually Scientology is only classified as a religion in the United States because of a huge black male campaign both against people who criticize them, but also against the IRS. They went after a bunch of individual IRS employees, and yeah, if you criticize Scientology, you go on a list and that’s why I’m gonna stop doing that right now. Scientology is really good. Yeah, all religions should be based on science fiction books. Am I right? Look how happy and not strained this was for me to say. (crying heavily) (music) Oh yeah, there’s also this. More seriously, it’s just like Christianity, with fewer pigs, less Jesus, and a lot more money, in general. And also fun questions about statehood that we’re not qualified to address the day because this is about religion. (music) Some villagers realize the structure and the meaning that can come with a religion can come with pretty much anything if you apply these same moral guidance and value system to your life. There doesn’t have to be a higher deity that makes everything possible or impossible, instead you can believe by a set of group values that you will decide on. So for instance that can be as simple as deciding to only eat, you know plant-based things you can eat all of this on the ground and that can be your religion if you want it to be. Anything you care about deeply and anything that shapes your values in the world can become your religion, and if you really want, to that’s a thing you can do. However, most of the villagers to try this lifestyle realized that, you know, you can take most things too far, and that’s true. You can take pretty much any single religion or belief way too far to the level where it detriments the rest of your life, and you have to return to society. Most people make that return to society. It’s just the question as to how long it takes you to realize that all of these things can apply these same negatives and upsides. It just depends on how much the thing itself pushes those. (music) All villagers are the same gender, so this entire village is a sin for reasons like this one right here. So some people like the concept of belief, of believing in something despite having no evidence of it, and they use the concept, instead of believing positively, they believe against things. So you can believe exactly that there is no God. You can believe there’s no Minecraft village. You can believe there’s no video talking about- (beep) So, I hope this video helped you pick your religion. There’s a bunch of choices out there, and picking the one that’s right for you is very important, because the truth is they all take the same rough concept, but apply it in very different ways. There are ways in which humans can be which makes us better towards each other. There are ways that humans can be that makes us complete asses and the truth is you can choose what you want to be regardless of one of these or you can use one of these labels to help you because deciding every single thing on yourself is something that leads to lots of moral situations which maybe you would like to be a part of, or maybe you’d like to have that morality taken off your hands and given to Someone else. I mean, I don’t do my own bathroom controlling. Why would I pick my own religion? Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this video, let me know what you thought in the comments down below, and let me know if you’d like to see another one about political extremism, because (laugh) I’ve been tempted of since the very first one came out, but I was like you know what maybe we should do something else instead? But if you want to see you know, more of these sorts of videos, let me know because they take an absurd number of hours to produce. The recording alone was three hours, let alone the village building and they’re coming up the concepts, etc. So if you enjoyed it, please do let me know in the comments down below because these videos I enjoy, they just don’t make any sense on YouTube as far as like Earnings to time put in but it’s a video I really like and I hope, if you like it, you know with some positive comment that reinforces my worldview. Anyway, thank you everyone for watching. Someone’s gonna be offended that I insulted their religion and all the other ones are wrong, but they’re one is perfect. But the truth is, you know what, someone in the Flying Spaghetti Monster cult, they’re gonna be offended that I insulted their religion too, and, you know what, the fun thing is, I’m an equal opportunity offender, which makes it okay, I think. Maybe I’m wrong. Okay. Goodbye. (screams of the giant Flying Spaghetti Monster) (screams of the giant Flying Spaghetti Monster fading) (music) (music stops)

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