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Religion-based Conflict; God’s Advice to Jesus – Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi

This week majority of Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus. When I say majority what I was referring to that there is another group in the world of Christianity the Orthodox Christians in Ethopia, Egypt, in Greece, Ukraine and Russia, Who will be celebrating that birthday in early January. Sometimes we get confused, you know, Shi’as do one day, Sunni’s do another; well all over the world same thing. You know, don’t worry about it, you know just do your celebration According to your own tradition and your according to your history Anyway keeping that in mind I Want to share with you the very first advice that Allah has given to Prophet Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus). This is in the context of the ayat which which came in surah maryam 30-33, and this is talking about the time when Isa was born and Maryam comes with the baby back to to town and People started asking her questions You know, you are not married. What happened? You come from a very noble family. Your mother was a very good woman. and this is where Allah had told Maryam that if people ask these questions Don’t respond, just indicate to the baby. and this is where we see the first miracle and mo’jiza of Isa. He is still, I would say Within the first week of his birth where quran says [Arabic] Isa the infant started speaking [Arabic] [Arabic] All these three statements, I talked about it before but I think they are very important But he says I am the servant of Allah in a way of predicting that a time will come when people will believe in me as son of God. I am NOT, son of God. I am the servant of God. [Arabic] Allah has given me knowledge He didn’t he wasn’t born with Injeel There was no book with him at the time Kitab, here refers to the knowledge [Arabic] Allah has made me a Nabi (Prophet) He was a Nabi from Day one of his birth [Arabic] And then this is a special blessing of Allah to Isa where he says and Allah has made me Mubarak (blessed) wherever I go. I am the source of Baraka and blessing for the people. Then then he says, still an infant, [arabic] And Allah has enjoined me these things. this is the first advice of Allah to Isa ibn Maryam. Now, When we read this story, especially the advice that Allah has given to Isa, it is not only for him This story is there even for us to learn a lesson. What are the most important things in our life? so he says by beginning by saying [arabic] the very first thing that there are 4 issues Allah mentions: Number one. He says [arabic]. Allah has enjoined me to pray To do the prayers. this is where we come to realize that the essence of religion, Especially when we look at Islam, is to believe in God and to worship Him. We don’t believe in this concept of morality without religion. You need to have deen. Even those who talk about morality without religion, If you look at the values that they are promoting, all those values can be traced back to one or another religion, or God, or prophet of God in the past. So we might want to run away from religion but actually you are still going back to the values brought to the human society by revealed religions. this is where we talk about not only believing in God, but actually Worshipping Him. when we talk about salat and ibadat. The group from saqif, had come to the Prophet to negotiate their Islam with Rasulullah. It’s a long story. But one of the things they said was we want exemption from the salat No salat for us, only then we’ll become Muslims. And Rasulullah said there is no compromise on this issue, and he uttered the words [arabic] There is no goodness in a religion which doesn’t have prayers in it. when you talk about religion and prayers it has to be there, it’s almost by definition. And of course when we talk about believing in God and worshiping God we have to realize, You know, we did not know God directly. We have to acknowledge the Prophet through whom we worship God. It’s not just that you worship any God that you want, no. even the mushrikeen had a God But we don’t worship that, we worship the God brought to us by muhammad. Salallahu alaihe wasalam. So the first point is Salat, which brings us to the issue of worshiping. that can only happen if we have belief, and the belief is tied with the Prophet who brought that message to you. so It’s not only the issue of believing in God, but everything part of the package there. The second thing was [arabic] Isa says Allah has enjoined me. The second thing is that To give in charity as long as I am Alive. because when we talk about religion in general, especially in Islam, Islam doesn’t only talk about vertical relationship between a human being and God. That’s not the total Islam. we also have to talk about the horizontal relationship between fellow human beings who are around us, and This is something which is emphasized again and again in the Quran when we look at the word salat and zakat. zakat in the general sense of charity. that Worshipping God and being concerned for the fellow human beings. This is an important part of the teachings of Islam The third thing that Isa mentions that Allah enjoined me [arabic] And to be Kind and good to my mother This is where we come to realize, you know when we talk about Worshipping God and giving charity to the less fortunate members of the society This brings us to the saying: charity starts from home. When we talk about being concerned and being good to others, let us not forget that we have to start that with our relationship with those who are close to us. The reason why in this advice he talks about [arabic] He refers refers to mother only, because his birth was a miracle by itself, he didn’t have a father. but the message is to be kind to parents in general. That is something which is been emphasized in the Quran In different ways. and one of the ways allah brings this issue is there are four places in the quran that He commands us to worship none but Him, and immediately after that he says [arabic] [arabic] Don’t worship anyone but Allah and be kind to the parents. so the issue of ibadat and kindness to the parents is brought side by side three to four times in the Quran. and then he goes on and he says that the fourth thing [arabic] This Is actually an advice which is talking about the importance of character building. the quality that Allah really wants to see within us, is that we should not be Jabbar. and what does Jabbar mean? Jabbar means somebody who only thinks about his own rights. Doesn’t think about his duties. somebody who would like to forcefully impose himself thinking about himself only. and this is where you know, the the issue is of takabbur, on a practical level. and so humility is something which is so important that Isa Says [arabic] he says that Jabbar Allah didn’t make me like that. Although he says that Allah didn’t make me like that, there is an indication that we have to work on staying away from this attitude of Jabbar by inculcating the value of humility and tawadho within ourselves towards Allah. If we have that sense of tawadho and humility to Allah, we will obey his commands. if we have this sense of humility towards fellow human beings, We will be considerate In fulfilling the rights that they have upon us. So remember four things I would like you to think about it as a message from Isa ibn Maryam. One is your relationship with Allah number two your relationship with the society Number three your relationship with your family, especially your parents and number four the importance of character building especially beginning with this issue of tawadho, the humility towards Allah as well as the people. May Allah Give us the tawfiqh to be among the true followers of Muhammad and Aale-Muhammad. [arabic] [arabic] When we look at the common values of religions around the world and Then we see the religious communities. It’s really amazing that our people still fight in the name of religion. However, we always have to be careful about that statement, Because religion is not the problem. Major wars in the last hundred plus years if you see, Has more to do with racism, political ideology, Territorial disputes, and nothing to do with religion. And so this is just a propaganda against religion in general. it’s a delusion actually created by the athiest lobby, which is becoming more and more aggressive against those who believe in God and They basically would like to say that all the problems in human society is Because of religion; so let us eliminate religion things will be fine What they do not realize is that Shunning the religion or putting it in a corner is not going to solve the problem. The solution to contemporary problems that we have all over the world Is actually not less religion. the solution is more religion. In order to bring the ideals preached close to the practice implement by religious communities. all religions have ideals, values they talk about; When you look at the communities on a practical level they don’t really implement that. So the problem is not the religion, its the problem of the disconnect between the ideals on one side, and the practice of the religious communities on the other hand. Let’s begin with ourselves. If Muslims get closer to the example of rasulullah salallahu alaihe wasalam, The example of amir al-mu’minin, how he treated those who were oppressed in the society, those who were weak in the society, even the non-muslims? Things wouldn’t be what we see in the muslim world, Where muslims are even killing one another in the name of religion. If you look at the christians if they get closer to the example of Isa according to their own books, major problems in the world will end. What does Jesus say? He says control yourself, If somebody smites you on one cheek turn the other. Show me a single Christian nation, which is following that. When they become powerful, when they have money, they dominate the world, without any respect for the rights of other nations in other parts of the world. They just look at their own national interest. All these problems in the Middle East can be zeroed down to the issue and problem of oil. And so even the Christian world, when they celebrae Christmas, we should remind them to look at the ideals taught by Jesus. When you talk about the Jewish community they also need to get closer to the example of Moses. This is where we have to realiz, if you have really suffered at the hands of one community, Restrain your hands from creating suffering for another community. when we look at the example of the Buddhists for example in Sri Lanka or You look at the example of Burma Myanmar, Or the Hindus in India at the moment, They need to return back to the values of their gurus and the early teachers. It’s only when religious communities go back to their own values, this is where we will see that religion will become the basis of peace on a global level. We don’t have a pessimistic view about the future, we believe in an optimistic view. Especially as Muslims we always pray for the return of the Muslim Messiah Al-Mahdi (atfs). And it is they belief of all Muslims that when he comes back, Isa ibn maryam also will come back and he will help the Imam Mahdi in order to establish the kingdom of God on this earth, and that is where Allah will show That I gave you a plan which you did not work on it, and now I’ll show you how to implement The kingdom of God on the basis of peace and tranquility on a global level insha allah. [arabic]

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