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Ramallah, Palestine: Cultural Capital

The city of Ramallah is the de facto capital
of Palestine. While most Palestinians
consider Jerusalem their rightful capital,
so do Israelis, and sharing Jerusalem seems unlikely for now,
so that leaves Ramallah to host
the Palestinian government and international agencies. Adjacent the president’s
headquarters stands the tomb of
Yasser Arafat. While he certainly has
plenty of detractors, this Palestinian statesman, who led the PLO
from 1969 until 2004, is without a doubt the father
of modern Palestine. Call him what you like,
people here celebrate Arafat as the man who did more
than anyone else to raise awareness of
the Palestinian struggle for independence. Nearby,
at Birzeit University, with its beautiful campus and 10,000 students, you can feel the energy of a younger generation
working hard for a stable
and prosperous future. A stroll through the campus gives me a chance
to connect with students and learn a bit
about their culture. In a university like this, are there more men
or more women studying? Women, I believe,
women, yes. What is it like for
a woman in Palestine? They live freely,
like womens in the world. Yes, we can do everything. We can go out together,
and no judgmental, nothing. So what is the hope for —
for the future? Of course to live in peace,
to have peace and to be — To have all your family around,
to go abroad whenever you want. I hope to live in peace,
to live freely. STEVES: Free women
with a good future. -Yes.
-Insha’Allah. Insha’Allah, insha’Allah. The city of Ramallah
is filled with the same youthful and positive energy
I felt at its university. Whether coming together
at the Square of the Lions or browsing along
a stylish shopping street, Ramallah helps me envision
a future with a peaceful and prosperous Palestine.

Jean Kelley



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    Rick Steves is a better US ambassador than the entire US State Department — a den of pathological liars and apologists for war, misery and oppression under the name of "freedom."

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    Sorry pro I disliked this vid bcz u said that Ramallah is Palestine capital city , am from Ramallah but its Jerusalem the capital 🙂

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    Jerusalem is ancient Capitol of Israel.
    Ramah is the birthplace of our prophet Samuel.
    It's Ramah in the Bible.

  12. Daughter of Jerusalem Posted on September 8, 2016 at 6:38 am

    Ramah, is the Name of the city in the Bible
    First Book of Samuel 7:15
    And Samuel judged in Israel all of the days of his life; in Beit Eland Gilgal and
    Mitzpa and his return was to Ramah; for there was his home

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