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QUICK Morning Ritual for Busy Women

Hey there, FEARCE leaders. This is Alexia
Usgaard of Welcome to the number one space for bold, ambitious women
who are ready to make an impact and become the CEOs of their life and career. In today’s video, I’m going to share with
you my step-by-step morning ritual that I have used for years, and I’ve seen drastically
change my level of performance, my energy levels, and more than anything, my focus throughout
the day. I’ve also watched the way my clients have thrived after implementing this one ritual.
And here’s the thing: there’s a reason why all of the top legendary leaders, CEOs, have
now articles going out every day about why they have a morning routine, why they have
a morning ritual. One of my favorites is the legendary Robin Sharma and what he writes
in the book, The 5:00 AM Club. And what I love is he just further reiterates why when
you take control of your morning, you’re able to own and be in control of your day. And so I’ve made this … Well, truth bomb:
I’m not necessarily a morning person per se. And I will say I tried the 5:00 AM routine
for 66 days, really trying to see how that would impact me. And the thing is I found,
for my life, waking up at 5:00 AM every single day just wasn’t practical and it just didn’t
actually always lead to me being the most productive. And so what I really instilled
and want to share in this specific rituals is I have found that this ritual is simple.
It’s quick. It can really be accommodating, based on your day. So maybe some days you
do it in 10 minutes, and other days you have an hour and you want to have more time with
yourself. But I know that your life has a lot going on and that impact is most important.
So I want it to be what will be impactful for you, but will be something that you look
forward to when you wake up in the morning because you know that when you do it, it makes
a huge difference and you feel so much better throughout your day. So if you’re ready to
take control of your morning, feel supported, and feel just like you’re owning and rocking
your day, then keep on watching. All right, so before I dive right in and lay
out the step by step of this morning ritual, we’ve got to cover three things really quickly.
And that’s just how specifically you want to set yourself up to make this a very effective
and impactful morning ritual. So the first is make sure to put your phone
away. I know in the morning it’s so tempting to go for that phone. But really give yourself
the space to not just instantly be responding to all of the demands of everyone else in
your life, and also give your brain that moment to wake up. The second is to actually just pull out a
journal. Pull out a piece of paper; you’ll need a good pen. It’s just as simple as you
want it. I love a good journal. I’m a journal type of girl so I love to have my journal
for my morning ritual and the pen that I love, and that’s all you need. The third is, like I said, you don’t have
to necessarily do this at 5:00 AM but you must do it first thing in the morning. And
this is essential because it really, like I said, is about priming your day, letting
you feel focused, and giving you extra pep in your step as your day begins. All right, so I’m going to pretend like I’m
there with you in the morning and guiding you through this entire ritual. So you wake up in the morning, like I said,
enjoy not having to have your phone around, and go and pick up your journal, your pen,
and go sit in a place that makes you feel good, a place that’s quiet, that’s nice for
you to really enjoy this ritual. And what you’ll do is then with your journal open,
you’ll answer this first prompt. And this prompt is: My body feels. And this may sound
simple, and maybe some mornings you won’t know exactly what you first want to say. But
just sit with yourself for a second and see: “My body feels sleepy. My body feels energized.
My body feels dehydrated.” It’s really a moment for you just to explore
with yourself how you’re feeling health wise. It’s a really great way, and I can say from
a personal story this specific part of my morning ritual is actually how I started to
discover trends in my health that were causing a lot of my bigger health issues. So for awhile
I started getting a lot of gut issues, I had chronic fatigue a lot, and it was actually
through this specific ritual and really tracking every single day that I was able to finally
figure out what was triggering a lot of my symptoms. And this was a game changer in me
starting to take better care of my wellbeing and feel so much better throughout the day. And now that you’ve checked in with your body,
you move on to the next prompt, which is: I think that. And this is your space to really
declutter your mind. You’ve had a lot happen the day before or you’ve just dreamed … You
know? This is your space to just really vent. Let anything out that you’re really thinking
about, anything that’s been on your mind. This is your space, or honestly from my personal
experience, this is where I think of how I “Marie Kondo” my head. So no joke. It’s where
you declutter. You declutter all this stuff that otherwise clouds your mind and takes
up a lot of your brain space throughout the day. And it’s amazing here because I always
just feel so relieved after this specific part of the ritual because it feels like I
have just given myself the space to express myself, to myself. And so the way you’ll do
this is you’ll just write for however long you feel like that day. So, like I said, this
ritual is nice and adaptable. Maybe some days you’re going to write for a few minutes on
this part, maybe some days you’re going to be writing for a while, but really letting
yourself do it in your own way on your own terms. And now that you’ve cleared out your head,
we’re going to move on to prompt number three, which is: I am grateful for. And this is a
really important space because there has been so much research and science that’s come out
about the importance of gratitude, the way it physiologically affects you and the way
that it actually can just completely change the way you’re thinking, the way you’re reacting
to things in general. And so when you’re writing this, a big differentiator is to not just
write something very broad like, “I’m thankful for …” or, “I’m grateful for my body,” but
instead to really focus on something specific: “I am grateful for the mobility in my body
that allows me to run in the ways I enjoy, and to have the ability to move my body when
I dance.” Whatever. It can be your specific way, but
keep it specific. And even more than that really, as you’re writing it, don’t just keep
it in the head. Really think and feel it in your body, how much it feels to feel good
and to be grateful for what matters in your life. And now that you’re feeling gratitude and
grateful in your body, we’re going to move on to prompt number four, which is: My intention
for the day is. And what I mean by “intention,” there’s a reason why, again, a lot of the
legendary CEOs and impactful leaders talk about intention – Oprah Winfrey being one
of my favorites – is intention sets your strategy, your plan for the day, and ensures that you
have a meaningful outcome. And so this is something that you want to
think of as your guiding light, your North Star for the day. So whether that be something
that’s along the lines of, “My intention for the day is to lead by example,” or it could
be maybe you’ve had a lot of things happening in your life and your day, so you’re going,
“I need to really focus on self care today and be more gentle with myself,” so your intention
could be something along the lines of, “My intention for today is to add more self care
into my life and be more gentle.” Or it could be something very project-specific: “My intention
for today is to focus on getting my YouTube video filmed and edited.” So something that’s
very specific, but yet really is your guiding light for the day. Just one thing, by the
way. Just one. Not four, which I know many of us can have the desire to do, just one
intention for today. And now that you have your intention laid
out for the day, it’s important now to do the fifth prompt, which is: The empowered
action I’m going to take today is. And this is something simple. This is something that
you will focus on throughout your day, and it’s aligned with your intention. So for example,
if your intention was to find support today, then your empowered action could be to set
up a meeting with your boss where you outline your KPIs for the quarter. Or for example,
if your intention was to seek mentorship, to really make mentorship your priority, then
an empowered action could be to find three people on LinkedIn who are in your field,
leaders in your field, and send them each messages. Or lastly, if your intention was
for self-care, to be gentle, your specific empowered action today could be to get a massage,
go to a kundalini class, something that’s very catered to that intention. So key is
keep it simple and make it so it’s your core focus for the day. And the beautiful thing is that I’ve seen
countless times for myself, and I’ve heard feedback over and over again from clients,
that by committing to this morning ritual, and genuinely knowing what the most impactful
thing for you to focus on during your day is, that they get to celebrate themselves
at the end of the day because they know that they are moving themselves forward, that they
are achieving what is most important. And if you really enjoyed my step-by-step
morning ritual and this guidance for you, then I highly recommend hitting the notification
bell and subscribing because the next video is going to be juicy, and that I’m going to
be showing you how to do a not-to-do list. And what’s great about this is in a time where
goal-overload happens so often, where you have so much on your plate, so many projects,
this is going to show you clearly how to determine what is not actually important and what you
need to delegate, eliminate, automate, and what’s just a flat-out distraction. So that
way you can start to achieve more every single day. And as you’re achieving more everyday,
your weeks become way more productive, and the next thing you know, you’re just getting
to watch these big goals, these big dreams that you really care about, start to happen.
And that is the difference between just the leaders who sit in mediocrity versus the leaders
who are making big change happen, which I know is you. And if you want to have a printable guide
that you can just actually put into your journal and reference every day, then I highly recommend
checking out my free morning ritual guide with these five specific prompts outlined
in the description box below. And as always, I hope you have a fierce day and feel empowered
to take action because you, my friend, matter.

Jean Kelley



  1. Alexia Usgaard Posted on October 3, 2019 at 12:10 am

    SO happy to share my QUICK morning Ritual for Busy Women with you! Which part of the morning ritual excites you most?? Comment below!

  2. Zunaid Lundell Posted on October 3, 2019 at 5:52 am

    Thank you once again Alexia for your amazing insight into leading a more productive and energized life! Love the intention setting and the tech-free morning ritual!! You rock!!

  3. Gareth Bretton Posted on October 3, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    this was great! really enjoyed watching your video, cant wait for more from you! keep them coming!

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    So proud of what you have began through this Chanel! I love the authenticity and practicality of all your rituals!I will stay subscribed and share how you have impacted on my impact through this!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Youโ€™re such a good public speaker!! Thank you for the reminder to take time for myself in the morning!

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    Hahah I love the #truthbomb !! Nice work Alexia. What has been your major lesson in your journey with launching your channel. It looks great!