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Prophetic Prayer: Accomplish The Mission

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accomplished let’s press good morning everyone Jennifer LeClaire
here with the author of our devotional mornings with the Holy Spirit listening
daily to the still small voice of God senior leader the awakening House of
Prayer in South Florida founder of the Ignite prophetic Network today’s
devotion titled keep pressing into the kingdom and here’s what I heard the Lord
say the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by
force this truth implies that a spiritual war
is raging with resisting forces that stand between you and father’s will for
your life for your family and for the earth do you walk to be an overcomer
press into the kingdom and when you pressed in all you can press it a little
harder I will empower you to keep pressing toward father’s perfect will
for your lives as the Spirit of God if you don’t quit
you’ll win you can’t lose if you keep pressing into the kingdom you have
victory in Christ see it and you will live it let me say that again see it and
you will live it let me say that a third time see it see the victory and you will
walk in the victory is what the Spirit of God wants us to understand come on
you’ve got to see yourself winning oh my goodness don’t get me started I’m
getting ahead of myself Matthew 11 and 12 James 4 and 7
Philippians 2 and 3 are the scripture references for today and the prayer
starter I will submit myself to father and resist the devil in all his schemes
by your power help me to press past the resistance in the spirit realm help me
to press past my flesh that wars against you help me to keep on pressing no
matter what how father we thank you today in the name of Jesus I thank you
today in the name of the Lord I thank you today I thank you today I think
that you are with us you are here there is no distance between us because you
live on the inside of us there’s no sort of stratosphere in between us and you
walk in the authority of God we move and live and have our being in you Jesus so
we glorify you we magnify you we lift you up you are holy holy holy we cry
holy holy holy come on somebody say holy holy holy he is holy that means he’s not
a liar he’s not a backstabber he’s not a betrayer he’s not a rejecter he is holy
he is pure he is good he isn’t lovely and he has a good report for your life
god we thank you that all your thoughts toward us they are good they are greater
than the number of sand on the seashore we thank you lord
shaka Tadros Chiquita Bonita thank you Jesus thank you Lord for your goodness
thank you Lord for your grace I thank your Lord that you are an epic God you
are awesome you are mighty there is no other god like you god help us to grasp
that I don’t want to just say words out of a out of a routine out of a fool this
is what we say and we pray I want to say words that come from the depth of my
heart that exalts you for real come on just think about the goodness of God for
a moment I don’t care what you’re going through I don’t care how bad it looks
God is still good come on we need to change our mindsets today we need to
eradicate defeat from our mouth eradicate defeat from our mind
eradicate defeat from our emotions that defeatist mentality I break it in the
name of Jesus I say hashtag mission accomplished our mindset is gonna be on
the victory our mindset is gonna be in that bubble warrior our mindset is gonna
say is gonna speak for us and it’s gonna speak of good things it’s gonna speak a
good report Lord let us not be like those 10 spies in Israel who brought
back an evil report they saw the Giants and they cowered they
all the Giants and they melted they saw the Giants and they became like
grasshoppers in the sight of the enemy father I thank you we don’t have a
grasshopper anointing but we’ve got the anointing of a warrior we thank you Lord
that we will war until we see the mission accomplished I said hashtag
mission accomplished we’re gonna see it as done we’re gonna call those things
that be not as though they were we’re gonna speak to the mountain and it’s got
to move if we’re gonna cast it into the sea with the faith of God on the inside
of us we thank you lord hashtag mission accomplished we will not
be defeated we will get to the finish line we will break the tape we will see
the victory we will raise our arms up but not in the victory mindset of the
world with the victor with the victim with the victory mindset of the Lord
Almighty we will lift our hands up as we cross the finish line praising God hey
shake a tendril cha-cha-cha stick a hallelujah
we thank you Lord Lord root out of us every defeatist mindset every victim
mentality every overwhelmed attitude god help us today to develop God that
warriors mentality in the name of Jesus hashtag mission accomplished come on you
have the victory today you have the victory every day you had the victory
yesterday it might not have felt like it it might not have looked like it but you
walk in victory because you walk in Christ and he is the victor he spoiled
principalities and powers he made an open show of them he put them to shame
so you will not walk in shame you will not walk in defeat god help us to see
ourselves as we really are help us to see ourselves as you have
created as unit created in the image of a donkey
you ain’t created the image of of a of a defeated foe you
to qu Christmas in your image you didn’t create us defeated you didn’t create as
bitter you need create us with unforgiveness in our hearts you didn’t
create it with a sorrow and a grief and a depression you didn’t create us that
way you created us to take hoshikage day you created us to be fruitful and
multiply and have dominion come on now I know the heresy hunters are out today
can’t say the word Dominion oh my gosh can’t say the word Dominion make sure
you get it right on YouTube and spell my name right would you there’s an e on the
end praise God go ahead and make your videos hallelujah
I’m not a dominionist but God said be fruitful and multiply and have dominion
come on over the fish of the sea the birds that come on we’re not to walk
around letting the enemy infiltrate our domain but we will infiltrate the
enemy’s camp and we will take back what he stole from us I said we’re surging
for the spoils in the name of the Lord I thank you Jesus
we are created for Dominion we are here as rulers and kings and priests unto the
banner of Jesus Christ the Bible says you are a king and a priest come on
the Bible says you are you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus Christ Jesus
said occupy until I come we are to make disciples of nations we cannot disciple
nations if we have a defeatist mentality who wants to be discipled by someone who
thinks they are failure who wants to be discipled by someone who thinks they’re
defeated who wants to be discipled by someone who thinks they’ll never
overcome lord help us to shift our mindsets today in the name of Jesus
would you help us Lord to root out all defeat root out all fear root out all
compromise root out everything that doesn’t look like Jesus God help
to find the right word to wash over our minds with truth that dispels the
enemy’s lies God would you help us today we want to press in deeper hashtag
mission accomplished we want to press to the finish line
hashtag mission accomplished we want to press into the total total total victory
not a halfway victory not a 3/4 victory not a 99% victory we want to press all
the way through a hundred and ten percent come on a hundred and ten
percent overwhelming victory belongs to us God has never lost the battle he
never even got pinned down to the mat for a nine count I’ve said God is it
champion he is our champion and you are in him come on
help us Lord today to press all the way through not two not two that’s what it
will show me some of you some of you some of you some of you fight you think
you’ve won but you didn’t press all the way through hmm blur just showed me this
listen go lie David and Goliath listen listen I pray teach you to listen listen
David and Goliath David take Elias with the stone but he didn’t say okay well I
knocked to the Giant bound praise God I’m knocked him down I knocked him down
he’s no threat to me anymore I knocked him down no no no no he didn’t stand
there and watch as they praise Jesus I knocked him down no the Bible says he
ran to the battle line he drew the smooth stone he released it but not the
hit the day hit the Goliath in the forehead he fell over but then that
David didn’t stop there he ran again he ran over tickle eyuth
but there was no sword in the hand of David scripture says he took Goliath own
sword the very thing that the enemy threatened to kill him with to cut off
his head with and he turned the tables I said he did he was a divine reversal a
divine turnaround the devil prophesied a Goliath prop
I to him said I will have your head and David took his sword the sword of
Goliath it was big it was heavy it was difficult to swing but he took it in the
strength of God and he defeated Goliath by cutting off his head I said you don’t
just need to knock the devil down come on you need to cut off his head
some of you you stop short of total victory and that is why you never seem
to have more than a days of peace that is why you never seem to have more than
a season of rest because you didn’t take off the devil’s head you just knocked
him over and he got back up you know it’s not just the righteous man that
falls seven times and gets back up the devil gets back up too
there are certain things that one should listen to me I’m teaching you one there
are certain things that once you get the breakthrough the devil can never really
overcome you again unless you just refuse to fight there are certain things
that once you get the breakthrough yeah he’ll come at you again but you’re like
you have really you’re back again seriously I already defeated you I know
your game I know your lies I know your ways POW get out of here
in Jesus name and it becomes easy there are certain battles certain things once
you overcome them but see you don’t overcome by knocking the devil down you
got to cut off his head do you hear me today hey shake a tail brush top coat or
ohnio kalah washed it hashtag mission accomplished the mission
is not accomplished until the devil is obliterated from your mind in whatever
area or the stronghold exists come on we’re surging against the stronghold of
weak minds some of you I don’t mean to be rude but you’re just a weak-minded
you got to get mentally tough I did a there was this character thing many many
years ago that I did it was a I don’t know what they called it but it was like
that a test of your character and one of the things that was really high ranking
on me was mental toughness and I’ll tell you some days I don’t always feel
mentally tough because the enemy attacks me like everybody else but without
mental toughness you will give up on your dreams you will give up
in the battle and you’ll just keep getting clobbered so father in the name
of Jesus help us to cultivate a mental toughness and we do that by renewing our
minds with your word God and being determined his shake a tear Rockets are
being determined disciplining ourselves god help us today to press into that
that mental toughness Jesus was mentally tough yeah when he was in the Garden of
Gethsemane he he sweat drops of blood but he was mentally tough enough to
submit himself to the will of God and to resist the enemy’s temptation not to get
up on that cross father give us that kind of mental toughness that whatever
we have to go through to see your will be done and your kingdom come in our
life in our city in our nation and our family yeah whenever we’ve got to do
give us the mental toughness just to get to the next poll just to get to the next
that next mark on the road well it shows me some of you the reason why you’re
fainting is because you’re not chunking it down you’re not seeing you’re looking
at the big picture which is a good thing but you’re allowing the big picture to
overwhelm you hear me you’re allowing the big picture to overwhelm you you
don’t have to you don’t have to get to the end immediately there are milestones
there are road markers along the way just focus on getting to the next road
marker in other words live by faith one day at a time in other words live in day
sized compartments tomorrow that Jesus said Jesus said don’t worry about
tomorrow because tomorrow you know today has enough worries of its own so some of
you are slitting or showed me some of you are so overwhelmed because you’re
thinking about stuff that’s six that’s six months down the road and chances are
many of those things you worried about six months down the road aren’t even
gonna happen jesus said take no thought of the morrow in other words don’t worry
about tomorrow and there’s enough things for you to deal with today so we break
the temptation to worry about tomorrow and the next day and the week from now
in five years from now retirement and paying for the kids college is only two
years old right now we break all that in Jesus name we see hashtag mission
accomplished you yourself will do it God you yourself have promised us victory
when we follow you so lord help us to be led forth by your spirit in the name of
Jesus help us Lord to be led by your spirit in the name of Jesus help us Lord
to focus on the task at hand and not on the tasks that we may never
have to put in our hand or put our hand to rather help us Lord in Jesus name
help us lord help us Lord hashtag mission accomplished que tal Rasha
cotton barista Chiquita diversity or report or audio port au revoir Stockton
barista yay Katie Raja Katara Vashti kita domesticating so many like a like a
mental shock not in a bad way but in a good way you need some new energy some
new I don’t mean it a new age way make sure you get it straight it’s just some of you I just I can just
feel the weight on the call where some of you are just you’re starting to get a
spark but will you sustain it I speak life over you in Jesus name I
speak the life of God the Zoe life of God over you God’s very life himself the
life that he breathed in you God breathed on us again with that same
breath of life that you breathed on Adam when you created man that life-giving
breath God blow it over us in the name of Jesus we thank you Lord we thank you
Lord we thank you Lord we thank you Lord we thank you we give you praise and
honor and glory fill us with your spirit God help us to see the way that you see
because you see through the eyes of a champion because you are a champion
along however the enemy has clouded our eyes to cause us to see ourselves and
others in a way that is not real in a way that is not accurate God would you
help us God fix mend our eyesight heal our eyes
oh sure Raja Qataris take a terribie Takata yay Katie Rosa khutor da da da da
basta yay Katie will show Kultura Karabakh and
what shows me that many of you are fighting or some of you are fighting
against the wrong enemy the devil has converted your attention to a person a
place or a thing and your warring against that while he’s sneaking around
laughing saying ha ha ha I’ve diverted your attention lord help us to not be
tricked and fooled and bamboozled and hoodwinked did sidetracked and
blindsided by the enemy by looking at things that that are just false flags
and distractions and and just look over here and look over here look over here
meanwhile the enemy is running behind our backs doing whatever he wills god
help us to see rightly help us to see clearly
help us to see accurately in the spirit got our release accuracy / I speak
accuracy over you in the name of the Lord I thank you Lord we will not be
inaccurate in the spirit we will not shoot all friendly fire that’s it well
it shows me some of you have been hit by friendly fire you’ve been hit by
friendly fire because someone in your family someone in your church someone
thought that you were the enemy and they all out attacked you and that caused you
great pain and great harm and now you’re not seeing accurately in the spirit
because you’re seeing through the eyes have hurt you’re seeing through the eyes
of pain you’re seeing through the eyes of regret you’re seeing through the eyes
of what did I do to deserve this you’re seeing through the eyes of why
did this have to happen to me you’re seeing through the eyes of self-pity
father help us today in the name of Jesus to see through the eyes of a
champion to see through your eyes give us your perspective give us heavens
perspective God give us Lord you you’re on the inside of us and your word
promises us that the Holy Spirit will show us things to come but by the same
token God we need we need you to show us things that are now we need we need you
to show us things not just that her to come but things that our Lord we need
you to show us things that that not as the devil paints them for us but as you
see them as they really are God would you help us today I just sees this
correcting vision he just wants to correct vision
part of listen oh yeah I see that ward the reason why your mind is messed up is
because of the way you see spiritually the way that you see the way that you’re
filtering information the way that you’re receiving the way that you’re
perceiving the enemy has has come with a thought with an imagination that causes
you to look at things the way he wants you to see them rather the way that the
Lord really has has made them to be or the way that they really are Father
correct our vision today Lord be that holy holy holy optometrist that
calibrates the right lens for us God in Jesus name help us lord help us lord
help us lord help us Lord fix our eyes on you Jesus Lord your word says that
those who keep their mind on you you will keep them in perfect peace so if
you’re not listening if you’re not walking in peace then there’s something
wrong with the way that you’re looking or what you’re looking at hear me if
you’re not walking in peace there’s something wrong with the way that you’re
seeing or there’s something wrong with what you’re looking at in other words
you’re looking at the wrong thing so father help us today those whose minds
are set on you you will keep them in perfect peace we thank you Lord for the
peace of God that passes understanding that guards our hearts and minds in
Christ Jesus as we cast those cares upon you as we make our petitions towards you
we can release the cares of this world and embrace your burdens your priorities
yeah that I just I just see I just see that there’s so many of you that you’re
carrying your own but you’re called as intercessors I don’t know where you are
my intercessors you’re called as an intercessor but you’re so burdened with
the care of the world that you can’t carry the burden of God and it’s a
strategy of the enemy to distract you to steal your reward to get you off the
wall it’s a distraction he’s put so many cares on you that you’ve stepped off
your post and you’re no longer able to carry the burden of the Lord
because of the the cares of the world but I break that assignment off you
today in Jesus name I break that assignment if you even question yourself
and to feel some of you kind of selfish and and and you’re just overwhelmed and
you know you should be praised and you feel the tugging of the Lord but the
worry is choking out the word the worry is choking out your confidence some of
you feel like you’ve lost your edge in prayer that if somebody feel like you’ve
compromised your authority because you know you’re not to worry and you’re
worrying anyway there’s things there’s fears coming against you it’s an
onslaught I break the onslaught against the intercessors in the name of Jesus I
break the onslaught against the prayer warriors in the name of Jesus come on
I’m standing for you I’m praying for you today I break that assignment against
you that overwhelm that’s coming at you trying to get you to lay down your sword
when you’re in the midst of a battle that could individually just change
lives I see that that’s why I said because it’s retaliation I see that the
enemy has retaliated against yet he’s brought retaliation to the doorstep of
many intercessors retaliation in the form of worries retaliation in the form
of cares retaliation in the form of financial woes retaliation in the form
of just some of us like sickness or just mental torment fear old enemies I just
see retaliation coming against the intercessors but we stand and we break
it in the name of Jesus and we say we will not be moved we will trust in our
God where we uping we’re reaping we’re doubling up our efforts in the name of
Jesus I break that assignment against you I say intercessors get back up again
the Lord shows me as you get back up and fight the all that overwhelm will leave
you because right now the enemy’s thinking his mission is accomplished
he’s thinking I got you to stop praying but if you’ll get back up and start
praying a lot of these situations but you’re dealing with will resolve
themselves the Lord Himself will fight for you
Heaney listen intercessors who were over overwhelm are that listen the Lord needs
you to be his voice in the earth he he needs you to
fight for his causes course he’s sovereign he could do anything don’t
hear me wrong but he chooses not to do much in the earth without without our
prayers without our actions he needs you to fight his battles he’ll
fight your battles listen whatever battle your go intercessors whatever
battle you’re dealing with you need to get this mindset straight the battle
belongs to the Lord you are his battle axe fight his battles he’ll fight your
battles hear me fight your battles he’ll fight your battles make you make
yourself available to pray he will fight your battles he will raise someone else
up for you to pray for you I’m listening hear me fight his battles he’ll fight
your battles so take care of you don’t let the enemy overwhelm you and get you
off the wall God needs you there be encouraged all the battles belong to his
but we are his paralyze that’s what the Bible is we are his battle axe you are
the weapon you are the weapon you’re a weapon in the hand of the Lord fight his
battles he’ll fight your battles get back on the wall intercessors get back
hole in the wall intercessors get back hole in the wall get back on the wall
God’s got you God’s got you God has got you his god shoot you hate shaumbra
Patara Vashti yeah Katie a Rorschach war-torn barista Katie Raja katana
Vashta mission accomplished hashtag measure the Cobblers that’s what
the Lord wants to see today dedication to the mission thank you thank you lord
thank you Lord thank you Jesus thank you Lord we encourage God’s got you he’s got
you he’s got you he’s got to his God she he shortened rushed a Katara bashed I’m
sure it also caught on brush – shut up mercy
he’s got – he’s got you he’s gone – he’s got he’s got you he’s got you concern
yourself with the things of the Lord hallelujah God is good I’ve been
studying all a week about prayer warriors and I was working on a message
this morning for school of spiritual warfare on Sunday about the mentality of
a warrior we need to have the mentality of a warring me to teach that tonight
I’m wrapping it up I’ve been thinking about it pressing into it we need to
have the mentality of a warrior some of us have the mentality of weekend
warriors you know we you know we fight sometimes but we don’t walk in that
mentality we don’t walk with a readiness and awareness of the enemy we need to
walk with an awareness of God and an awareness of the enemy we don’t want to
hyper focused on on the devil but we have to know the enemy’s roaming the
earth like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour we have to be aware of
his mission we have to be aware of the presence of God we must be aware of the
spirit realm is what I’m saying angels demons the Holy Spirit we must be aware
though the the warrior mentality is aware of all the factors mission
accomplished we must set our mind on the mission this world is not your home it’s
possible to live a balanced life love your family work your job and still be a
spiritual warrior warfare mentality you’ll walk in a lot greater victory if
you develop this mentality I want to invite you to be a part of that we’re
doing it as a video broadcast tonight we’ve always done phone calls on the mid
train and print in their session but we’re doing it as video tonight you’ll
see me live teaching I’m going to teach on on on tonight on
the midterm your intersession on the the character except a prayer warrior how to
develop a prayer to become a prayer warrior and then on Sunday in school the
school of spiritual warfare I’m going to teach on the mentality of a prayer of
the spiritual warrior and also developing your spiritual warfare battle
plan which I’ve never heard anybody talk on so I’m excited about it I love when I
when I when I when I I can’t find anything I want to learn about something
and I can’t find anybody teaching on it so I so the Lord teaches me himself
that’s those are always the best lessons so if you want to be part of the
mentoring prayer call tonight or if you want to be part of the school of
spiritual warfare our last two sessions you can still watch all of theirs 18
sessions in this thing School of the Spirit dot TV School of the Spirit dot
TV go and get involved in what’s gonna help you some of you really need to work
on your mind you’ve got to develop that warrior mentality you need to engage in
higher level spiritual warfare that’s why you’re going through hell’s because
you just you don’t know how to fight what’s coming against you you don’t have
to create a battle plan so tonight prayer war I’m gonna teach
about the prayer warrior and then Sunday I mean some sorry Saturday I’m gonna
teach you about developing a warrior mentality and also developing a
spiritual battle plan and then at seven o’clock on Saturday if you’re in South
Florida are going to be taping my Jezebel broadcast I’m doing a whole
series enough teaching on thirteen episodes on Jezebel will tape two of
them on Saturday night seven o’clock Karen South floor make sure you come
I’ve got a few more things to tell you and I’ve got a I’ve got a teaching for
you but I want to take up our offering so I if you are blessed by this ministry
I mean I’m imploring you and encouraging you to give I want you to sow into
what’s helping you because you get more help out of what you sow into Joyce
Meyer taught me that many years ago I was just a brand new believer and I
would watch her TV program every day and I was living in a very very small town
in Alabama and there was like basically one shirt well there was more than one
Church but there was one main church and a lot of little churches and I would go
from church to church and because she could not find anything that would feed
me and not for lack of trying I mean I would
every Sunday to a different church or sometimes I’d stay a few weeks and it
was just it was kind of because I was in the Bible Belt it’s just a lot of
religion and and I was just a young believer just got born again I didn’t
really know what why I didn’t like that I know why now I didn’t like the church
because it was just so much religion I didn’t know at the time I just something
didn’t sit right with me so I just I would like earth it just hit my spirit
you know there’s no there’s no junior holy ghost when you get the Holy Ghost
when you’re when you’re when you’re born again when Holy Spirit comes live inside
of you you know immediately he can begin to bear witness to things in you he does
you just have to learn to recognize it and I could not so I would watch Joyce
Meyer every day listen to the radio broadcast when I took my daughter to
preschool and then when I got home I listened to the TV show and then I you
know just could and she said something one time she said listen if this
ministry is blessing you so because you’ll get more out of it you’ll extract
more understanding and more wisdom out of what you sow into why because you’re
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and the Bible’s in Romans so if this ministry is blessing you look every
little bit helps us to do what we’re called to do we’re going to four or five
more nations four or five or six more nations actually this year I got an
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help us if this ministry is blessing you help us to help more people amen
because what you sow into and the work that we accomplish through your seed you
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not that may be a probably should change the key word but that’s not a problem so
don’t text your prayer request there because we’ll never see it and we don’t
want you to feel badly about that we really do want to pray for you 2 4 7
prayer room calm is where we pray for you and pray for Jennifer com is where
you pray for me ok so we got it going both ways if you want to use the peel
box peel box 3 or 563 Fort Lauderdale Florida 3 3 3 0 3 you can send anything
there that’s a physical product or a physical some people somebody people
send me their books so people send me their CDs because they hope and I’ll
give them a shout out a man they’re hoping that it will bless me they’re
hoping that it will give me something to think about whatever the motive
I love mail p.o box 305 63 Fort Lauderdale 4 2 3 3 3 0 3 you can send a
check or a money order there you can send gift cards there you can send thank
you cards there testimonies there I will be doing I don’t know when maybe next
week or the week after we’ll be filming a
a vlog on on just the male experience I love male Joyce might hurt earlier
ministry she used to go get her mail and read it now should probably gets a
thousand pieces a day or more she probably can’t do that but there’s
simple pleasures in life and I love mail just love it I guess it is the kid at me
I love mail peal box three or five six three Fort Lauderdale Florida three
three three zero three a man I love to hear your testimony is good all of the
time Amen all right Dada a hop dot online you want to be an
e member of our church we’re ramping that up or going to install an actual
Internet director over that to engage with you a hot-dog online is our Online
Campus Awakening House of Prayer it’s free there’s no charge for it it’s ask
you to register so we can send you reminders of the title of the sermon you
might not watch it every week which you might watch some weeks and that will
give you an opportunity to to be part of that and if you watch it live we’ll have
someone on there moderating and helping you to navigate through that the Ignite
Tier three extreme mentoring broadcast is May the 8th May the 8th went Tuesday
night May the 8th if you’re part of ignite tier one can’t get in if you’re
part of ignites here too it’s not for you if you’re part of it night Tier four
this is not for you either but tier three is the tier for you the extreme
prophetic mentor and you can find that at ignite now.org I’ll be with apostle
Yolanda Stith in Baltimore the 11th eating Christian University on the 12th
go to my itinerary at Jennifer LeClaire org slash itinerary Tampa I’ll be at an
intimate meeting at the awakening blaze in Tampa Monday the 14th also Tuesday
the 15th I’ll be having another intimate meeting only about 200 will fit it’s too
small of a venue for one of my meetings but it will allow me to do more hands-on
ministry so if you are in I are in Tampa within driving distance Tuesday night
the 15th Gigi Borrego will be with me the gold call for the writers network is
on May the 16th okay and then I’ll be in Chicago on the 18th and 19th at all
nations worship assembly and then the school to Sears later in the
they meant I give these dates mark them down making of a profit webinar the
earlybird ends on that this week price it will go up this is a really really
for what I’m offering the oh by the way I got a email yesterday from the
publisher of the making of a profit and I had pitched a part two on the book the
making of a profit and and I was I didn’t know if they’d really go for it
or not honestly it has been a very very good seller we printed like four or five
times and it’s been printed in Nigerian English and different languages and I
got an email yesterday that said they’re very excited about doing the follow up
to the making of a profit and they’re sending a new a new contract for that
from my consideration so I was really excited about that and so the making of
a profit webinars not just for profits it is for prophetic people I call it
that just because it’s it’s themed after my book and my books not just for
profits either it’s for prophetic people but the making of a profit webinar and
you’re gonna learn a lot of things go on there read about I want to take it all
down I want to teach you so don’t want to take too much time on this but the
early bird pricing will go up this week then you’re gonna be mad at me you’re
gonna say well I didn’t get it I didn’t know I’m telling you told you a few
times so you know some of you just don’t get on the broadcast every day
understandably you have different schedules but I’m telling more telling
you school the spirit TV if you want to get it on this do it now prices will go
up and we will have to we will have to move on with that and the seats are
filling up fast so we’re getting right down to the edge on that so go for that
in Jesus name if that blesses you I was a blessed to find that my book I
mentioned this on periscope yesterday my new book that comes out June 5th it’s
called what a 101 tactics for victorious spiritual warfare and it debuted it’s a
pre-release now at debut number one in its category on Amazon on Kendall and
the Kindle and paperback I’ve never had a book hit number one a month ahead of
its release so actually more than a month because it
was last week’s like six weeks ahead of the release of the book is already
number one is gonna be one of my most popular books
ever and I think it’s because there’s a pent-up demand for just simple teaching
on spiritual warfare tactics something you could read quickly something you can
look back on and say hey hey this is this is just a this is I just need so
quick help quick advice the Holy Spirit can use that as a field book as a
guidebook a battlefield book for you and it’s just been gotten such a good
reception you can pre-order that on Amazon or on my website I’m also doing a
free webinar on that if you go on my website and go into the book section and
find a word that where the book is there’s a free webinar order page there
you can sign up that’s absolutely free just sign up for that you’ll see it I’ll
try to put out an email on it as well but you’ll see it that’s gonna be on
it’s not on my calendar I think it’s I think it’s May the I don’t know it’s
it’s it’s toward the end of this month it’s not on my it’s not on my wall
calendar I don’t see it so we’ll have to work on that but it’s toward the end of
this month and it’s absolutely free so if you only part of that and you
register there on my website you’ll find it but if you’re on my trail out on my
email list you should get on my email list because that’s how you’ll find out
it’s easier you’ll find out everything but go there it’s oh it’s it is on my
calendar it’s May the 30th I apologize profit limits it’s on my calendar it’s
May the 30th amen so do that do that do that do that I
will be in Sweden I’ll be in Guttenberg and also in Stockholm in June so if you
know anybody that’s in those areas reach out let them know I am coming I am
coming and also in London Louisiana we’re looking at dates the issue is is
that I’ve got two to go after court at this ordinance in
order to make it more efficient I’m gonna go into a region many times I like
going to several a place looks because it’s more efficient they’re more
efficient watering their London inches they look at my itinerary Jennifer
LeClaire.org / itinerary go look there let me get to teaching you and you can you go my I
know I would love to go back to New York I don’t have any invitations in New York
all right let me let me get on this teaching so Facebook I will be right

Jean Kelley



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