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Prophet Stories In English | Prophet Musa (AS) | Part 4 | Stories Of The Prophets | Quran Stories

Assalamu Alaikum! Walaikum- Assalam! How are you Amir? I’m fine Baba.. Will you tell me the
remaining story today? Of course I will tell you the
remaining story of Prophet Musa (as). Now where did we stop yesterday? You told me till how God sent the
final sign to the people of Egypt. And what was that? It was the sign of blood! God turned Nile water into blood! That’s very good! Inshallah! I will
start from there… Listen carefully! Bismillah The Story of Exodus! The Egyptians refused to believe in Allah,
inspite of the miracles that Musa (as) performed. God sent his punishments
repeatedly, and the people would appeal to Musa (as),
promising to release Israelites. But time and again, they
broke their promises Finally, God withdrew His mercy, and gave order for Musa to lead his people
out of Egypt. The people carried their jewels and
their other belongings with them. This mass migration was
later known as Exodus. In the darkness of the night, the Prophet
led his people towards the Red Sea. By now, Pharaoh realized that the
Israelites had left the city. He got really angry, and he assembled an
army to follow and capture the Israelites. By early morning, the Israelites
had reached the Red Sea. When the Prophet looked back, He could
see the army getting closer and closer. He realized that they were
soon going to get trapped. In front of them was the Red Sea, and
to their back was Pharaoh’s army! Fear and panic began to
spread through the people! Musa (as) walked towards the edge of the
Red Sea and looked out at the horizon. It was then that Yusha(as)
turned to the Prophet and asked “In front of us is this
impassable barrier- the sea! And our enemy is
approaching from behind! Surely, death cannot be avoided! But the Prophet did not panic. He stood silently and waited for God
to keep his promise- to free the children of Israel! At that moment Allah(swt) commanded the
Prophet to strike the sea with His staff! Musa (as) did as
he was commanded. A fierce wind began to blow, the sea began to swirl and spin! And suddenly, the sea parted revealing
a path for people to walk!! It was a miracle!! The Prophet then led his
people across the sea. As they walked, the waves stood
like a mountain on each side! The Prophet ensured that
everyone crossed the sea safely. When He looked back, He could see the
pharaoh and his men approaching. The Pharaoh and his army had
seen this miracle as well. But the Pharaoh was a pretender. He wanted to take the credit for this
miracle, so he shouted to his men “Look! The sea has opened at my
command, so that we may arrest them” They rushed across the parted
waters following the Israelites. But when they reached midway, the water came crashing on them! Pharaoh realized that
he was going to die. He shouted out of fear “I believe that
there is no God other than Allah, and I surrender to You” But it was too late. The curtain fell on the
Pharaoh’s tyranny, and the waves carried
his body to the shore. When the Egyptians
saw his dead body, they realized that the man they
had worshipped could not even keep away his own death! They now knew that
he was never a god! God had favored the children of Israel,
and he led them safely out of Egypt. After a few days of walking in
the desert, they got thirsty. God then commanded the Prophet
to strike a rock with his staff! It was a miracle! There came twelve different
springs of water from the rock! Each spring was meant for
twelve different tribes, God did this so that there won’t be
any dispute while sharing the water. God also sent clouds to protect
them from the scorching sun. And when they were hungry, He sent a special delicious
food called ‘Manna’ But in spite of
God’s generosity, many people kept complaining
to the Prophet. Musa (as) scolded the people and reminded them
that they had just left a life of slavery. He asked them to be happy instead,
and thank God for His generosity. The children of Israelites
were broken people, unable to stay away from
sin and corruption. They were tired of Manna, and
tired of the travelling. They wondered if there was really
a place called Caanan after all! The people kept travelling through
the desert for days and days. They were walking with no destination,
day and night, morning and evening. Eventually they
entered the Sinai. The Prophet realized that this was the place where
he had spoken to God before his journey to Egypt. Musa(as) decided to
climb the mountain. So He called His brother, and asked Him to take charge of the
people while He was gone. But before climbing
the mountain, God ordered the Prophet
to fast for thirty days. On the thirtieth day, God, then asked
the Prophet to fast for ten more days. After the fast was completed, Musa (as) was
ready to speak to the Lord once again. He then started
climbing the mountain. The climb was long
and difficult. Once He reached the top,
God gave him two tablets, in which the special laws to govern
the Israelites were written! Musa (as) had gone for forty days,
and the people grew restless. They were like children, complaining
and acting impulsively. Among them, there was a man named Samiri,
who was more inclined towards the evil. He suggested that they
needed another guide, and he told them that the
Prophet had deserted them “In order to find true
guidance, you need a true God” He shouted to the Israelites. “I shall provide you one” He started collecting all
their jewelry at first. Then he dug a hole on the ground,
in which he placed a lot, and put all the jewelry inside. Then he lit a fire! Samiri then made a golden
calf out of the molten metal It was as if they had
succeeded in making a God! Haroon (as), the brother of the Prophet was
afraid to stand up to the people at first. But when he saw the
idol, he spoke up “You are committing a grave
sin” he shouted to them. He warned them of the
consequences for their actions. “We shall stop worshipping this God
only when Musa returns” They replied Those who remained true to their belief
separated themselves from the idol worshippers. They stood along
with Haroon (as) When Musa (as) returned, he saw his
people dancing around the idol! His heart was filled with
shame and anger now! He threw the tablets to
the ground in his anger. He then tugged Haroon’s
beard and his hair crying “What held you back when you saw
them doing this?” “Why did you not fight them?” “O son of my mother, let
go of my beard” “They were about to kill me!” The Prophet understood
Haroon’s helplessness, and he began to handle the
situation calmly and wisely. He called Samiri and said
“Get away from here” “You shall live the rest
of your life alone” The Prophet sent him
to exile forever He knew that God was going to punish
them for worshipping the idol. So He chose seventy seniors from
each tribe and ordered them “Rush towards Allah and
repent for what you have done” He then started climbing Mount Sinai
with the seventy elders. Once they reached the top, the Prophet
asked the elders to wait for him, and he walked ahead. There he started
communicating with God. The elders could hear Musa speaking with
the God, but they could not see Him. The Prophet returned after
sometime, and the elders told him “O Musa! We shall never believe in
you until we see Allah(swt) ourselves!” Their stubborn demand was rewarded
with punishing thunderbolts, and an earthquake that killed
all of them instantly!! The Prophet was very sad now. He wondered what he would say
to the children of Israelites. Those seventy men were
the best of the people. So he turned to God, and
prayed for forgiveness. Allah(swt) heard his prayers, and He
raised the dead people back to life. The children of Israel wandered
in the desert for many years. The Prophet suffered greatly because
of the ignorance of his people!. He suffered everything for
the sake of his people. God never let them reach the promised land because of the sins committed
by the Israelites. After a few years,
Prophet Haroon (as) died, while they were wandering in the desert. When the time of death
for Musa (as) arrived, the angel of death was
sent to the Prophet. When the angel came to the Prophet,
he slapped him on the eye!! The angel returned
to Lord and said “You had sent me to a slave
who didn’t want to die! Then Allah(swt) said
“Return to him now. When you meet him, ask him to put
his hand on the back of an ox. Tell him that for every hair that
comes under his arm, he will be granted one year of life! The angel returned to the Prophet
and gave him Allah’s message “What will happen after that?” “Death” said the Angel “Then let it come now”
replied the Prophet. The Prophet then requested Allah(swt)
to let him die close to the Holy Land, so that He could atleast
see it from a distance Allah(swt) granted his request,
and he died shortly after Prophet Musa (as) , the one to whom
Allah(swt) spoke directly, met his death with a contended soul
and a faithful heart. Mashallah! That was
such an amazing story! The Story of Prophet Musa (as)
was really inspiring, wasn’t it? Yes, it was Baba! Now shall I start asking
you a few questions? Why did the Prophet leave Egypt
along with the Israelites? The Egyptians never heeded the Prophet’s
request to free the Israelites, in spite of the
miracles he performed. That’s why he had to leave Egypt How did the Pharaoh die? God parted the red sea, for the Prophet
and the Israelites. But when the Pharoah entered the river,
the water came crashing down on him. Very good my son. Now tell me what was written on the
tablets that God gave the Prophet God gave him two tablets,
in which the special laws to govern the Israelites were written! Masha Allah!
That was the right answer. That’s all for today my son! I will tell you another
story tomorrow! Good night my son! Good night Baba

Jean Kelley



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