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Prophet Stories In English | Prophet Musa (AS) | Part 3 | Stories Of The Prophets | Quran Stories

Assalamu Alaikum! Walaikum- Assalam! Did the Prophet go to Egypt Baba? What happened then? You look so excited! Please tell me the rest
of the story Baba! Inshallah! I will tell you story of how
Prophet Musa (as) confronted the Pharaoh. Are you ready? Yes! Bismillah! The Story of Musa (as) in Egypt! In the last episode, we saw how Allah
(swt) ordered Musa (as) to go to Egypt, for delivering his message. The Prophet, then took His family and
set off in the direction of Egypt. They walked for many days, and
finally they arrived in Egypt. When they reached outside the city, his brother- Haroon (as),
was waiting for him! Haroon (as) was a
Prophet as well. He had received a
vision from God, and in the vision He had seen that His
younger brother would soon arrive, to set the Israelites free! When Musa (as) realized
that this was his brother, he was in tears!! Then Both of them walked
toward the Palace. The Prophet had not been
to Egypt for many years, and He knew that His
life was in danger. Nothing could have brought Him back
except the command of Allah (swt). Prophet could still hear the words
of Allah(swt) ringing in his ears “Go to the Pharoah and tell him to let
the Israelites leave the land of Egypt” Musa (as) now stood in front of the
Pharaoh along with his brother. The Prophet spoke to the Pharaoh
about Allah and His mercy. But the Pharaoh refused to listen
because he considered himself as a God! He listened to the Prophet’s
speech with disdain. He thought the Prophet was crazy
to question his supreme position. After the prophet finished delivering
Allah’s message, the Pharaoh raised his hand and asked “What do you want?” “I want you to send the children of
Israel with us” answered the Prophet “The Israelites are my slaves, why
should I send them with you?” “They are not your slaves, they
are the slaves of Allah (swt)” This answer angered the Pharaoh. “Are you not Musa?” The Prophet shook his
head, and answered Yes “We picked you up from river Nile,
and brought you up, didn’t we” asked the Pharaoh. “Are you not Musa, who
killed an Egyptian man? You are a fugitive of justice and
how dare you come and speak to me?” The Prophet ignored his sarcasm, and explained that he killed the
Egyptian in an accident, it was never deliberate. He then informed the Pharaoh that
Allah(swt) had granted him forgiveness, and that He was now one
of his messengers. The Pharaoh asked Musa (as) to show a sign
to prove that he was the messenger of God. The Prophet threw his
stick to the floor, and it turned into a serpent!! It started slithering and
sliding along the floor! The Pharaoh was
terrified at first, but he tried hard
not to show it. “Ha!” said the
Pharaoh arrogantly, “we have many sorcerers in our
kingdom who can match your magic! The Pharaoh detained the Prophet
and His brother at the Palace. He then summoned all the magicians
in his kingdom to the palace. The Pharaoh promised huge rewards to them if their magic was found better
than the Prophet’s. The day for the contest arrived, and
the palace was crowded with people. The magicians stood on one side and the Prophet
and His brother stood opposite to them. Everyone in the palace
took the side of Pharaoh, and the Prophet and His
brother stood alone. Musa (as) asked the
magicians to perform first. It is said that there were more than
seventy magicians lined up in a row!. The magicians threw their sticks and ropes, and suddenly the ground floor was
flooded with a sea of serpents! They were writhing and
slithering everywhere! The crowd was amazed
when they saw this, and they thought the Prophet was never
going to beat such powerful magic. Musa (as) was afraid too, but he
knew that God was on His side. The Prophet threw his stick
to the floor, and suddenly it transformed into
a huge serpent!! The serpent then ate all other
small ones lying on the ground!! When the crowd saw this, they stood up
like a wave, cheering for the Prophet! The magicians were
surprised as well! They knew that this
was not just a trick, and that the serpent was real! They realized that Musa was not
just a magician or a sorcerer The magicians knew that Musa’s
power came from something greater, so they fell on their knees
seeking forgiveness from Allah(swt). Allah(swt) forgave them, but
the Pharaoh grew furious. “How can you believe in his God,
before I gave you my permission?” He asked them angrily But the magicians replied “Do what you wish, but we fear the punishment of Allah(swt)
much more than you” The Pharaoh got angry
when he heard this. He now realized that
he had a problem, as the Prophet kept asking
him to free the Israelites. His kingdom was built on the
fear of the Israelites, and everyone believed
him to be the God. He was now worried that his kingdom
was about to be unraveled. The Pharaoh felt threatened, and he summoned all the ministers,
leaders for a serious meeting. “Am I a liar, O Haman?” He opened
the session with this question Haman stood up, and asked “Who
dared to accuse you of lying?” “Didn’t Musa say that there
is a Lord in Heaven?” “Musa is lying” said Haman. The Pharaoh then ordered to kill
and torture all those who followed the Prophet! The soldiers then started
torturing the Israelites. They slayed the men, and not
even the babies were spared. They imprisoned anyone who
dared to oppose them. The Prophet stood watching their
horrific acts helplessly. He asked the people to be patient, and asked them to have faith in Allah (swt) God commanded Musa (as) to warn the Pharaoh
that he and the Egyptians would suffer a severe punishment if the children
of Israel were not set free. The Prophet agreed, and went
to meet the Pharaoh again! He then made another demand to release
the Israelites, But the Pharaoh refused. It was then that God afflicted Egypt
with a severe drought. Even the lush, green and
fertile valleys of Nile began to wither and die. The crops failed, and the
animals began to die. Even as the Egyptians suffered
because of the famine, the Pharaoh refused to obey,
and he remained arrogant. Then God sent a huge flood to
devastate the Land of Egypt! Villages were drowned, the crops were
destroyed and many Egyptians were killed! Then the people, including the
chief ministers appealed to Musa “Musa” they cried “Please help us. We shall believe in you and your God,
if you remove this punishment from us! We shall let the children of Israel
go with you! The Prophet then prayed to God,
and the Land returned to normal. The land became fertile,
and the crops grew again! But the children of Israel
were still enslaved! They were not allowed
to leave as promised! The Prophet asked them to
fulfill their promise, but they paid no heed to his request. They ignored him and walked away He prayed to God again, and this time
Allah(swt) sent plagues of locusts to Egypt The locusts attacked the crops, and
swallowed everything in their path! The people rushed to the Prophet
begging for his help. The ministers promised to let go
of the Israelites, if he would send the locusts away The Prophet prayed to God again,
and the locusts departed. But even now, they didn’t let the
Israelites leave as they promised. God then sent a plague of lice,
spreading disease among the Egyptians. It was followed by a plague of frogs
that harassed and terrified the people The people rushed to the Prophet begging to
save them, every time God sent his punishments. They promised to free the
Israelites every time, but when God withdrew
the punishments, they refused to let go of them. Then the last sign- the
sign of blood was revealed. The water of the River
Nile turned into blood! The water appeared normal when the
Israelites drank from the river. However, if any Egyptian filled his cup
with water, the water turned into blood. They hurried to the Prophet as usual, and as soon as everything
returned to normal, they turned their backs on Allah(swt) Masha Allah!
That was such a wonderful story!! Now are you ready for the questions? Yes, I am! Alright, now tell me why did
Prophet Musa (as) return to Egypt? I know that one! God commanded the Prophet to go back
to Egypt for freeing the Israelites! That’s correct! Now tell me what were the punishments
sent by Allah(swt) in order First God sent a severe drought That’s right.. then? Then He sent a devastating flood.. Then he sent a plague of locusts
followed by lices and frogs Excellent! And what was
the final punishment? As a final punishment, God
turned Nile water into blood! Masha Allah!
That was excellent! Alright, now its time for me to leave, I will tell you another
story tomorrow! Good night son! Good night baba!

Jean Kelley



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