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girls guys who are welcome to
channel welcome to the drawer I am your post and you just met this
video and you didn’t know those who already you know that thanks for being there
one more day today I bring you a video of finished products that do a lot
that thanks to a product video finished so we stay there and continue
watching the video because I have some very very cool recommendations I have after a very long time I will
make a finished products and I’m going to count those that do repeat in those that don’t
the ones that I liked the ones that didn’t and for than
I haven’t recorded one in a long time but it is true and this wants
tell the truth that to me the products I don’t usually last long and I’m not
compulsive buyer of products that It means that until I finish
one really did not buy another to not be obviously not because the product
I have gone missing I have not done one reaction or it really doesn’t work for me if
it’s a thing that I don’t like a just reach one hundred percent because the
product because it’s some money and then I already bought another one for that reason my products
finished as they lengthen inside then at least calls I’m going to
start with the first product things that I want to show you the first thing
I want to teach is this shampoo worth well more or less I have this
that you arrive all your storwize if you see it what is in the light I have spent all this
from here is the original remedies of Garnier tried this mask
shampoo that the mask loved and Then I decided to try the shampoo
because it is for scalps sensitive I have the scalp
sensitive and apart where I live there in the water thing that I notice a lot in the
hair and good and in the peeling of the scalp and I said well I’m going to
try it because I love the mask the shampoo is not that I did not like
in the sense that my hair doesn’t he left because he leaves me well
I like it, it leaves me bright it tangles and nourishes it a lot it doesn’t
dry but it is true that leather scalp itself I think according to if
there are changes in the water or there are changes in the weather because it gets windier more
don’t touch me sometimes my head itches a little bit like that
I do not recommend it one hundred percent if you have sensitive scalp like this
like the previous one of l’oréal is so it went well that I think to return to
buy that I already tell you the finish I like the
price is also very good and supposed which has very natural ingredients
but it just didn’t work out so what I’m sorry but I don’t recommend it
next i have is this is moisturizing this is a sample size
ok I got this sample of the brand kills are 30 milliliters therefore it is
an amount more than enough as to be able to test the product and decide
if you like it I’ve tried all this this is well worth this brand I
I have to say one thing that I it attracts a lot of attention has very
good reputation very good name the brand of kiehl’s is an American brand worth
that everything they use is supposed to they are quite natural ingredients
quite respectful and has good and very good name is a brand of a range
half ok is not super super face but It’s not super economic either, I think
that the size of 50 round the 20 25 euros and the size of 125 well now
it goes over forty-fifty euros depends on whether you buy it online or not
but I have to tell you that there are people who he loves to wear this brand fascinates him
this is supposed to be ultra moisturizing well, it’s not supposed to be a trafficker
it’s true, it moisturizes a lot, I took this shows why the girl sold it to me
like it was a hydration mousse facial mus is a fluid cream without
it is better to think quite unctuous the cream but that is nothing
it’s not a new texture it’s not a texture so that you understand me well I don’t know
know jce la mousse cloth for example of Babies cream mustela or typical
these moisturizing white lotions of always that is the kind of texture
yes, it is very moisturizing, that is, the cream it’s going well but to me personally the
finish that leaves me not like because because I notice like who
leave me a movie a little bit like unctuous shiny that doesn’t mean
sticky by not leaving sticky skin leaves her comfortable
we leave you happy bright then I’m not of that kind of finishes no
arrives used at night for the night to go to sleep great I like
but during the day I would not use it because I like this type of day more
creams that are like moisturizers but more gel type so that you understand me or
very fast absorption that leaves you in the bright but matte face then I
like having it would use only for the night then of course it gives me a little bit of
mixed feelings why spend me that money in a cream just that alone
I can use at night because I don’t like the finish that leaves for the day I
threw a little there but yes you I recommend because it is good
It really is good if you have the skin super dry is going to come great and if you
like that kind of skin finishes because you can use it both during the day
as at night it does not carry a factor of protection in boys I have to
say but well overall the cream is very good and the mark the truth that has me
liked it so maybe buy some tonic or something else
of this brand that yes because at the moment I liked the brand now
I teach you this deodorant is worth this well, it’s a deodorant like that in roll
but it has a lot of particularity but you I wanted to make a note of this because I
I always use the typical deodorants spray and we had to travel and
I bought this one because this one every day it comes in the suitcase because of the size that
bring what has been my surprise that I’ve rediscovered this type of deodorants
that I used in my adolescence and I realized that this kind of
deodorants culminate but like two or three times more than the spray taking the
same spray does not have the same not waiting amount has more
amount because it is bs of 250 or 300 milliliters and this brings 50 milliliters and
obviously you wear it every day every day and sometimes more than once a day and I’m leaving
to tell you that I bought it in to August and I just ran out now
same we realize the savings what this means and apart the effectiveness
I think it’s good I think not practically I am convinced that it has been more
effective this type of deodorant as well in roll cream that the one that is spray is
say it does this function better format than the common or most used format
which is the spray so I invite you to that rediscover deodorants in
roll apart I think it’s also more sustainable because at the time of
recycle them by not carrying spray we wait if it’s true that the
sprays are a bit more advanced but I think it’s not the best recycle option
this that the other type of packaging is not study is a paranoia shit but
well I highly recommend this specifically I sat down with no idea of ​​black
and white that this one does not stain the clothes and I must tell you that it is true that I do not
stain goes the clothes neither in black nor in white so I recommend it
the following is this face cleanser that took a long time using it
why it is an important amount that is 400
milliliters this yus cleaner this beach brand and I like it a lot but
I did not like this viewpoint and I tell you why for several things first because
I have dehydrated my skin to use the skin dehydration issue i have
I think it’s because of this kind of cleaner that is too aggressive to
my skin that is sensitive and gives me the feeling also that although it says that
clean in depth and others I think not clean as it should because
regardless of the problems hormonal we have women and
the rest I don’t notice the skin as it cleans it
deep pores ok then I think it’s aggressive with the skin and not
clean well I’m telling you, it’s not worth it, it’s not
especially expensive because I think it cost 16 euros all this amount but
I will not repeat now I show you this serum des external ok you see that it is
completely finished here there is no nothing this I have mixed feelings
ok because the girls in the pharmacy what I bought along with the cleaner told me
that this was a moisturizer and now you I come to say that this is not a
moisturizing it is worth knowing another factor that has made the
I dehydrated my skin along with that cleaner has been this because I what
I was using as a final product and this is a serum ok here it doesn’t
specific does not specify it well that is a serum that is not a moisturizer
it doesn’t put anything and neither does it in the box specify exactly that either don’t
specify very clear of course I decide to the alleged pharmacy expert who
It tells me that this is a moisturizer to me my skin has become dehydrated this is
supposed to give you light and vitamin c tell you what
nowhere puts the concentration of vitamin c then of course it is very difficult
assess whether it is good or not because not we know the concentration that leads from
vitamin c in terms of luminosity at I liked the beginning so I don’t
have an improvement because I had the face very off but as they progressed
or be as the days and using the subject stayed like this
as stagnant and went back to the face to be like mate don’t notice that
neither improve wrinkles nor spots or anything like that so this
sincerely if you want to buy it as well as a help
to the routine to see if the skin what is the luminosity other what
you can try I don’t say no, I don’t say it That is bad but you have not noticed something
that you say played I love to improve the skin texture the luminosity the
density I have not noticed anything that is a super notorious when I realized that
it was not moisturizing I started to use it after washing applied
this and applied the moisturizer either I noticed big change sincerely so yes
you have a different opinion because I would like to read it in comments because
well it may be that simply in the skin type as it does not work and now
is there and there are other girls out there or guys that worked for you and that
are delighted with the product Now I want to show you this here that
It is a moisturizer and I tell you that I have I have tried several samples of
moisturizers because I had enough quite a problem in the skin and I say it
that’s why if the networks still here because Iniesta interest I showed you that I was
combining this with an acid serum hyaluronic
this is an acid moisturizer hyaluronic and skeyndor brands and is
using the combination of the two things these records I have to say that
have noticed a brutal change in the skin or be the skin density has me
greatly improved the brightness the hydration are products that have a
very high concentration of principles active and have good are a weapon
mean I will not say they are cheap because they are not cheap it might be
where perfectly 40 euros the cream being a little roughly the same
but really if you have to invest This brand I think is very very good
In my experience I tell you is using two products and it has me
changed the radical skin and I have it super hydrated flexible does not flake
the pores have also improved my pore appearance I have less
black spots I liked it a lot I have to
tell you that you have the top of active ingredients that allow the law
that’s why I say it’s a concentration very high active ingredients
therefore they are effective and I leave it to you over here is that indoor and acid
hyaluronic that leads this is very important to say and have it
account is of two types has high density and low density and this is
very important when you buy acids hyaluronic has to have those two
types of molecules because that what does it help us say let’s hold
the water inside the skin and the other in the other molecule what does
is that the one we add from the exterior creams and products that
we add stay fixed to this the gave my 37 to approve and buy
well you can buy either aesthetic centers and if not online I think
that you can also find it without no problem so it’s
super super super recommended Now I bring you this ethnic cream
it is a moisturizer I have used products from
makeup of this brand specifically for the translucent ones that I like
very much but which also uses two soaps body cream and cream
hands I have to tell you that the range of soaps and creams for me is a
fair hair smells completely like gum watermelon then well if you like
this type of smells will love the pain you have but as for the cream
that is a normal moisturizer it’s a super basic lotion no it’s not
fast absorbing ideal so so absorb be as far as spread
it also costs a little to extend it and education is a normal temptation or
either if you have dry skin it will not function if normal skin
good as a moisturizer like that of the day to day is fine
the container you see that it is like that in fan that in fact I don’t like how it is because it
is here in the part that stays a lot of product that then dries and
when you give bread again that you always get it as the residue that of
dry cream then that seems to me very disgusting i don’t like
on the other hand, the container is good well it is not such a compact container and such
but too much plastic in the soap I it happened that when I let go when I used
soap apart from the smell of watermelon it gave me like a
retro to plastic then well I think ethnic products are improved in
as for the soap line so I I honestly do not recommend this
if you are curious to try it because you like fruit colors and
others ok but I think there are others brands like yves rocher that has smells
to fruits and I think they are a little better in terms of quality and price more or
less are with a similar so this I would not recommend it and the last thing
I have this ritual scrub this is like this
all very white you see because this it’s from lime I have the scrub
right in the shower then that’s the way I have to remember to
exfoliate me well if I don’t forget and the it’s a really big jar and like
it doesn’t exfoliate you every day because this the truth that lasts that’s why it’s like that
of that of lime this is ritual and I I like many rituals worth
general in the wash foam that I use is the ritual one but they are
of the same range of the same the same ingredients that is this the
sweet almond almond with rose Indian I bought the salt scrub
from Lima and from the Himalayas here I have super little left, but
good for you to see how the texture is it’s just in case you don’t know it’s salt you know
as it is Salt
it smells super good the smell is unbeatable for me the smell that has this and is that
salt mixed with a kind of oil body pros and cons for me of this
exfoliating as cons when being salt it dissolves mogollón only guardianship applies that
it makes you cross out again for two or three times to expose your whole body
then what happens as it is salt is like hard to keep loom and rub cloth
without you dropping then you waste a lot of product because you
chunks of salt end up falling in the shower then experiences other products
inconvenient for me that as I have has very sensitive me too much
I also like scrubs is more that you are not there that you are
removing dead cells but albinegros that too much then I have all
this part of here as super irritated because I’m good, it drags me too much
for me it is too aggressive to exfoliate salt me ​​another inconvenience if you have
a wound itches itches because it is salt and it is well then the typical that maybe
after paraded and you have hurt yourself and then
it is worth it also to have it in account and then the other inconvenience that
it also looks good inconvenience is not that are inconvenient but when
having an oil I don’t like because you when you just washed good of
exfoliate forgiveness when you just finished exfoliate and you pass the water you notice
always like in the little oil movie in the body of everything you know that to me
I don’t like that, for example, cream I love this same range
because it really hydrates so much use in pregnancy i don’t have a single
star and absorbs and finish fast you wear it after dressing
moment and it’s not cold anything that I also like it because it’s like a
butter a butter cream me I fall in love but I don’t like oil
then of course you have the movie it’s oil that I’m not comfortable
then I also notice that in the part is here because sometimes I get
granites and instead of course because exfoliate moss and then we put the oil and
as I think he stays a little slightly clogged pore
but instead it is in favor in what You also have to be clear when you wear the
oil and having pillaged you then does not you need to put on cream because either
dehydrated then that’s a point to please more the smell that has to last
mogollón on the skin and how good that really yes exfoliate exfoliate
exfoliates now it scratches me but that it’s a thing of mine because I have this
skin type if you have a skin normal and you like hard scrubs
you will love it you will love it this has been all these have been the
products that I brought you today I hope that you liked my recommendation
if I already knew them and if you use any you can leave it to me in comments because
I liked to know and especially yours opinion if it is different from mine then
I also want to know if you are not subscribed to the channel I don’t know what you do if
you don’t know how to subscribe go running to subscribe and activate the bell of
notifications for youtube or you know that every time I upload a video and if I
you want and if you want to help me a little more sharing of these videos in
your social networks to be able to reach more people so from here
Well, I have nothing left we always appreciate the support that I
keep watching and I send you a kiss very very big
wherever you are warsh who weighs on me this cat no longer knows
puts every time dragon has to be someone
go away and toy because you can’t see the house
it is normal to highlight well nothing compact there

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