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Praying Kerala /MORNING MIRACLE PRAYER (21/05/2019) - 1972 Days

yeah [Applause] [Applause] now with the diversity Laker number praveshika moldava therapy with their achieving the mining a preprint of harvest and in the facebook relay you to build a he tells Sameera helium are three Lupin good original Novica he probably brothel Punga do not take you know oh you play a protuberance walker them gmt chair to frontal pocket is gonna Oreo paper to break our table is even an arm of the general swagger the GU board a correctly your teacher [Applause] [Applause] economic and I'll get a new you property with the reality Dominus and in the property panel Mucha era dependent urban alligator nose and guillotine and oboe gorilla walking tumbling any bike in the nanny movie Alec Isla de Muerta I'm Anna stood in a pool and then a very political yeah they will love me hope impression sick you look le were allocated Santoshi you know the chairman who am i stupid to me now only of anonymity we are to the nanny Hobart ability to how many recouped Emily yet the cycle of paying a little yen every day with you and Jonathan walk him normally in a work you know I wonder like you know cure pragati dry a little boy whom Allah he profited his number routine by Chima breaking loitering in eyetality rebooted and number two little company in the bunker the room he's just literally issue anymore taken open a vertical parking limit you either go to the never compromise your my Arabic o curricula lady to poem Allah he from model number conical Thomas returned his shoe in a movie ticket any no good because me to partake I wanna make a temple it is a hyena we are to know when apparently we are the only two particles or give it up in insanity lake in a gallery meat chicken under very more bounce really morality really fun greater than or equal to MU T Mishima denomination excrete you predict you know no giggly from article sake my dear in a somber thing at soccer single monitor good among so sodium Samad honeymoon desert in the sauna data delivery Nurik him is Shiva namah Delta name means [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] abortion like ants from the metabolic approximation but to the victimizer praying LSU shaker which are even in the potato pickin some is a pedometer we Shivam they evoke irregularly a summer future practice another one issue South can delegate an RBM dr. snide at the end of all our doctors for another I read Imperial oral Masterman engineer the sake of Navy finally a third group feel chair to me the car town el caso kiamana in our are led genome a door to Davis a our Maha to produce a geometry we Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] Oh [Applause] League Oh no Mario Miranda Kyrie Guilherme get it you and I'll oppose an idea know but Carly little 34 2 Sigma 3 are dealing with a minus MF water pry off the pizza mate on a potato play again let's just social number all comfortable an onion I'm an ending well don't partake in a semester in a practically no cement I alpha man I ate at the issue in rural a visual subtle art I dip in a model for it is no more to put a chair no parties you see mother a somber we should have thought that if there was a Nokia fault I'm Mordecai yes me Bunny oven leo yes you may soon it sawdust to be good and day y'all done ow Oh we are the you are worthy [Applause] our God yes you may bleep ish hello literature – now given this singer of mine with a little bit cha-ching on the market one day he can craft it a vase or give the dolly wink and I need both traffic under control which is an increase of traffic is wind and cool air might sound cool remember your dream ranking on me another product no merely for some come on Elaine that humor Allah bless me it won't sound similar narrator having multiple why no volition begin up Rita allow a contrasting and Google South Jetta at the boundary at a very cursory innovation agenda model a practicum and cook assumption Ottoman under Chancellor Martin is in the generator drove in South America – kingdom will come tomorrow and co-development some Qatar important on all your criminal charges about a million and making please chef in the knob father God we pray for everyone joining us right now we speak your blessings over everyone Oh Lord Plus everyone Oh father God and specially Lord we pray for students on account of for exams lord I pray nor that he will give them wisdom knowledge and understanding Lord that he will help come on Lisa god last nebraska's seen everyone who is fit to Patrol in Jesus name I pray amen thank you so much and Larry Pratt mature Latino and some travel we are traveling today to back to cotton we request your prayers god bless you thank you so much Gandhi ji kun do partake in a military court at Angola at an airport like everyone knew trachea butanol son is in Kodiak an aprotic number in number of cumbia cumbia kirillovitch anima be liquor booty go be junctional away WC developer to many moderate chicken and remover and number two could be a boondoggle Matra Manalapan good night Hilda Horton level which having a path to motor chicken and una vida number of Caribbean amputation Hungarian school toro cambogia today just go to the honeymoon pine and a Kaneko Lupe I'm gonna be late to normal can another mother with a club-record to grow my narrative on our going to prompt you and brother putea a proper loop you tear at the anniversary Leggero and Kunigal ke go to bed Paula radium Sahai you know in the kuru be of eternity jerem but in the pre-op return to tell you th khun jingle oh my dead teacher you are going to pretty a girl no mukou pratico and satya carcinoma lisa Haggadah issue after 11 a hallelujah pneumonia a particular towel put my to do so many girls in size shape are you don't know wait they're an urban thing and there is some money praying before each week in The Guardian bringing some crown on the original is the identity achieve orgasm all of us are pregnant I don't know can get upper corner you know – sherrilyn Flavia tickets and an orbital wish I do most people can approve item you put the universe' mild steel guitar by repeated Amanda Carter I've written some key word array a little bit other one in the Padres verse number two move to Berlin Elvira / – I'm occasionally mechanically and hey Gabbar struggling in a bitch Adam original ship against limited in the parliament and Tommy's to traditional to be division regia he promised an economical nature I prefer twenty practical years she's not gonna give and Malta my idea and the awake thinking when you cycle of community Lula defrock what our report at idea today a caracal day with innocently at the only to tear the practicum is a lower image on a friendly lake or or did you know praying Gallagher mom Laurie mature for a score they get soda I'm gonna have any lake a marathon it's art but it made pizza for Arthur you know which I wonder you know the more picture are the mudita arnica only one there you cannot achieve and they'll go on I'm other somebody I and I'm going on alone but how are usually I'm gonna be with the lake are nowhere and I'm never think you know yesterday I wouldn't wipe any part of moon you do with it for in the ball it would look all wrinkly in the subjunctive honest or not no I'm not gonna take or now and they would have thought on Kerry Connelly power it should be I'm gonna Emily Lake and we're on a lake in the French economy out of a person's mouth and American online you to predict you know not to put the boy in here it'd be a la la la I'll chose you can their lyrical nail em how I should make you more either you or Diddy Coppola I nuclear something around the mouth of the nazar you may go McClay all day every day all right but the way Howard up was until now many years there's a bigger and I go to proud think you know II RIT alumna the prognostic and the work done per hour yes you may never ice related elongate Ibuka Prague awesome Ruthie pick him around on your RV you know or have a the refrigerator now browse the particular Hawaii ventilated are no buts away on Hawaii's to Bay Area is Solano the okra my partner or that will sit in the arm I'm Mike right or they were from Arctic more baby because sodium on the question everybody symbology some more ahsoka thing I'm a caramel pole condone the prior thicken the concern of mom whatever is so coo coo mama de la Vega bar thought Laura die camper a supercar AAHA Kalyanam least H it I see let me get on our 2003 consumer hey in the somebody over a man never pulled over though it is even our milk underwear in the yeshiva energy when even or provides its name I wonder you know he did spill a unit anybody cha mouth gonna stay within a Shakti or am I gonna mail cuando Ella no good oh my dear in the cool part think you know Elsie Baker Umatilla Ramallah are going to go to put the lake ohrid lake Karrimor murder Karen I'm gonna work on different products they may have to store much tactical or the waiver K the diaper thinking astronomers check fuel and yakusan of Normandy malsuk you know what on earth underneath the power gala would you bother him in the food is not a gala you see we are sooner than I do you may be my category come around I go to proudly in the PAS I would I needed chicken oh man over the red chicken of my Appa everybody everywhere she won't tell the medieval record already nice throw throw solemn Authority [Applause] and fresh rusty Darvin [Applause] the oven [Applause] Bonnie where ah we got a day [Applause] I could to get a monastic a little more never cut my puddin unlike the party can cut Indian get a little pal Larry Hogan school quality later legal rate of repose and Sadiq Anila ketchup ravishing low cáñamo Kelly became the procedure number could pickle Cooper are taking more car table a Vega Tilton already – siggy Mashhadi mmm LM a critic Curtis okay mahkumaat Ramallah our we're not how do we Jim Malky the you marry our economic Arabia practicum pertain she could take end up eating a lot more Playgirl a social double pinochle registrated normal our committee profitable some good rhythm level each about the Mana Party nettles they can gain in Arlen in a panic import and a poem or a come here in the area was there a matter on a school in ecology jacopo give or take I don't know regarding alumni diciendo summit on / DJ playing LSU social could people could be paid register in the Samantha I'm Magan debating whatever ability but I'm gonna pay register Jay to sample which advantage of an Angela the personal Karina poor I mean I haven't achieved result and none my to particular in the examiner result upon the ball not only their paths are guiding cart our Institute I'm gonna meetcha practicum issue Nalgonda megabyte Asian alcaman Jana I'm gonna order Quincy millennium re-enter the dynamic or immature practicum either watershed in Kareem Ailey American ricardo villalobos in the day however stage apart in Hawaii little cut on the book and I need a general kilobit order low autism and their organism hide up into the clinical rotation in the nominal about a – singer Mandela the South keeps innovating I boiled egg operatic in the girls are reporting a – cigarettes are a gorilla kitabi Onegin who's a little more ruby later and a good jingle of our expert on the caribbean the boil our critter so given ability in no vaca robbery an increase in jungle per Arctic in the cassava devious so get all of a narrator in an aprotic in the leg he might in the world cutting me I gotta be a school college you girl I mean paavana to the Taliban yet again Annie a good you gotta be very good Aleppo developer does so cute through midday our Dumanis Singham under law Swan and retrieve anything got proud thinking more issue when the order could to get a mail him the club is on YouTube pocket animal enable are thinking about the power beyond agree competitor is Shiva namah Kelton a are made yeah the it shouldn't be the you're yes my nigga tied a pedometer somebody I met a girl in America do but Elizabeth hanim a lot of it TV jumped in the milling in a bike a ton engel boom in underwear I came a dip into Brautigan eight if we shake him in the pedometer no Mario to manabu go to Chernobyl our thinking for our para in a search him car table and I will put together my waiter than our wheatfields chili another the number the negative chain Osama career image directly like a somber picture practicum upwards and it was so normal are no potential number n name below normal irregular to Karthik around Annie a greater power angle in the hospital a metropolitan little-known EEPROM rhenium around trillion on motor with a fungal to rekey new Amica na William de Vaca regulator to criminal in an arena Medusa who dinner table rates at the P Dominic can certainly Madame Rendell give us some math from AGV Cthulhu in the talk is fairness semester honest furniture after attribution praying Ellen will achieve another issue with the a Luger demise so give me sherry dat rune died in orig original of course and I gotta get in the matter through praise report of the Michaela pitcher Armada an igt it's John a geeky cancer wallet equal to the light of this ube just Samaritan provision praying ll build each other in the Park tonight opener mine is shipping Alberta Sookie I'm an egg you flip it with yogurt on fire I put the report and a France and a guy now more to go die a payara dig in the Tulsa miner will drink in a proper mario 3 mana rock thickness America table in the saw him over to me over at Iron Lady no signal a big innovation again o odham a church an aprotic involved however very much about the gear on people are thinking about cancer maybe the stage you will elude a cut of the book and I know you've repaid everypony perhaps a little punk attitude Regan a ship in llamas and about some who know my soak him in the bucket line info we can hop over organ will be put in the video taggers away yebin an armored vehicle 20 ideas the pod refer to the viral de minus sigma guerrilla cut on the open up rehab interval negative a younger crowd thinking about Calvary never to the so Keerthi is Shivan anomaly for jungle Kunta we're in the hobby of hovering Willie a hospital a novel over till every day I eat an animal are still funky jewelry can audio Vic theater valium important in the so kid I got shucks TV are very good on the never Arctic you know your hand and pass the bottle bike you know summer Tamiya G even before the Nakatomi IC will have any little dr. sue bedsheet a victim Aleppo you know in the trendy never predict you know our Sookie McGowan angle Cal freaking Nagar Tommy I think in a Samba we cater yes Shiva namah cousin a ma ah so not bitch not bye-bye two away Oh [Applause] good night America Romeo and Matt Ramallah burnin our alte Liberty our van de la Penelope okasan Bogota Panna ITIL junctional aligns clip in particular and Emani model a wagon a remand to many where a number of could be a luminary give me mass on a nativity at Auntie little called Oh Mon Cala to be choked animal agrees coolness a bit more now my MCL the epitome of Dellucci Karen deliver an American Bo come on Daria he's a mechanic Rubio me Lockhart our Valley relatively pure win number Cooper optic in Appleton and American bangle on a platinum machinery contribute in Omaha man an original by pul sailor when good only problem under biopsy result a reporter I know you ate another normal I went proper tonight you still with rhythm American sophiana returning a thyroid on the metal malarial superglue by Oksana reported normal acronym malcolm mcdowell am I gonna be Baja Monica Lila by Marshall in emerging in the Molina k2 bloke to blow kana syllabary Roma Khalil and Julia got académie de RH League in husband and a kid Nicky stone on the plastic but you're coming the Rajini are reaching in the aluminum breaking and I struggle so the presently we can craft regular sugar all day you trusting fibroid on the heart in problem on us on the Maya Pavan a villa husband Monty we can do poco ven aqui no mas que la otra vez no paella in a frenetic an Adagio snatcher positional chick in the mine a engagement a polenta and an even better and I T Potomac Hill left heading linear to the platform I do need a debris on super Omaha Austin Abraham cave in American Sidney Paulson mobile number eg Guinea then stay upon Antony Pocono teratomas somebody in trivia husband is out here Anna Lou kunio-kun battery Danny great ready birthday girl pregnant you're plotting navaja do Tillamook le leather and Laconia Creek in the region and lavishing like a Tom Nager angling LBJ one whichever are taking birth oven in the Sandy Lake in economy chicken on the very bottom are in panic an Oreo CUDA motivation in a nominal in porn angle and ingre he to partake in know somebody might uh Connecticut everyone de Coubertin so study in LA luckily refresh the but in the CUDA polidelta Larry organovo gonna prep individual de jambe for general wide shokudo gonna make tequila Koon jingle a socotra socotra my Ramada with rocket and indica I'm Lily kill picture Epona got robbed ticket more car Tommy already enemy issue banal budagher envelope editor in an aprotic in the cursive every shot at a condom – le- a in developer to vitiate the melodica table a port and they even put together my caramely pretender denying our Arctic in the Gaddafi up Havana teleport day within the sanity me Ranga – that'll be a hospitable David in a sunny Gemini gotta theyíve attained – Shakti an order trigger turbine Erik anomaly never predict you know and in Greek Anu is Shiva namah sustain a army Rajani young and Shubin the job Russians [Applause] [Applause] I delight the elevator and I'm gonna do some do not even and humble normally then died and they were like yeah promise you Adam but the will some of the little Samaria and further my addition my wedding Arturo there were some issues Rochelle oh but I didn't get any more detail and Sapna mama Donna I'll multilateral Kayla below Bucknam ultimately lotta good in the hola volunteer nila now tv3 gonna eat alum written a novel sana Victor Lincoln in a suit or economic economy nominee to partake in on DJ Hannigan on the authority over to develop in the true shell Omega to go to quit number and okuru on and elk another Oreo go to mom : the British economy chips Saaremaa sample in the veranda Ramada with Mitchell of McCallum I got a cool – very curricular one no prompt that you are opening in and be able to work so much our comical Colette the kumbaya Gadhafi shame on the prowl Mongol number him on this is there no procedure we do go to Walter Whitley double comical n which is praying gala number Cubano precision of Allah my table economy the any great youíre Kunigal Analia any creature Cunha gonna bury Hannah and Sarah people are finding al carro Massa prime I in could imagine a Sun worshiper I could've irani Ferguson kerubim Anna hello guru guru guru Appleton a material Cordoba pumping out on the monopoly power end and over yonder you could open a record no cognitive radhika Hindu man air can you get him at a particular moment angle in the world idea tour area ich will carry Masada mila garrido also matter element in the car Tommy melon agua por the pyramids in my career Cardinal you're dating a lot Malky after with an increasing in number any clearer than a dose of in the number greater than normally in submitted in saga continues I'm gonna party cambogia Burton Apple Sturm Liberty estimate the AP I am and in a otamatone bokkeum yeah ha one in the color pure gallium Nieto do not a locked an income can pick him then the day you may hope and then Ekaterina – it opened in ingria came and did a home in the caliper loom neat old an LLM degree angle begin the NAM Turin nakeeran America day when I return we'll enjoy a rich original Miriam J Poole in the end I can send a check up on the saga turned abruptly so she did't rivelino maria maria' Trina McGurk on you Alicia dear through 30 pond in the scanning in a car window NHIN channel in the marriage Eric another minute he would be driving in the test in the Nakano platinum sorry original an agenda wire in oral surgery on the cancer and some shame pretendin Ella Cannella carry on my general Samuel avoid single Emil angle in the nocturnal a little car Tommy a nickel single biopsy cross because in scanning for any economist because no yes we are in the retina avocado Hawaii should be running on your article in the Kannada yatra Hill a tourists it is hard being put upon you the power haha McCarthy will you turn on your part you know who the ideas grown on your particular business of thunder you get the mention Magana or safar picking more they may be puts on solvents and pin dip oh no Johnny pitch to pitch our lows in the barn you turn on your dangle frog piggy no never a Thai girl the protocol asaji mouth will not stay within the Karim never a watermelon Tommy Eternal Father in Dungeon are driving digital photography design the corridor for a return on your de prata Gilligan elegiggle parichay loop de main it is hunting food integral 1902 product that you know Sakamoto at a random angle an angle a new creature property Kino Katowice you through tonight into an Akuma rotten in Appleton in the Sambo Thiago Shatila manga naked not neighbor in accordingly and increase your particular topic in the mantilla souk al amal motility india automarketer gotta break to Churchill at Indian English particular some of the young a lunatic our opinion on a ratchet a a new creature property Mother Gothel in the sanity limit on the very agitated – a toboggan an agree he can Oh Alma dilatory in DK Alma's utila to the careless and I a pornographer arctic in the Gotham we consider my read it in vinegar traffic in which ironically led to the age 89 democratic director additional data origin Heidegger traffic in the sambandham I realize it tonight and ingre he capital A Raja tonight a polar protic in the Gaddafi name the cuban-american Assam autonomous on door shuts off engine idea till Vela predator in never predict you know and in Greek a bit of harm ago demoon de cada semana we're done duration Nadia tell G we can or Okuda mukunda datta ne never Arctic in an angry he Kino is Shiva namah sells an A [Applause] issue [Applause] doesn't need a job the sake in the [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Dumas I'm like neon animu kundina call a scanning report another scan report on the cocoon in the kalevala River sure Madonna playing Kelly Louise Jim crafting Minelli chair no prostitute or no less scanning in Kali well tell anyone no proud titania Richard Ellis a garden-variety Arita girlfriend and among any palm bouquet to chip in the late layer on some a tire no playing a little bit of the valium are chemi pollen the neighbor reported a negative reading an incident already in LA cañada miss IEP new regginator Martin de Medici Monroe it's the pond a pasta but then a birthday and cake is Nelly whose phones which I didn't know in the letter Y convert to a chemical now Ottawa could've had that element any Karthik of rhythm Mabel RHD no Kojima get entry the Padanaram at the birthday or no in the ribbon grouping the luminary chick in a mother with a girl a puppeteer and dammit everything and return in the decay came upon another spawn de de de fog about sponsoring sincerity lagina chatter a mechanic union day of foster bird in a Hoshi gravity condom original Kamala and Krishna na la mota birthday on in the new jail system Leo Ferguson originally la made him p.m. Marcus Dupree noonday internal video and renewed a pal in Java the wedding anniversary and KQ sponsor children my name again bitch doing the birthday on YouTube in order either choco or a chicken in the Abraham and the bank lose no merit chick in the Abraham and Allison and I'll put on the video editor economic incinerate a pollinator mother birthday when your multi-million the rich agin them enjoyment and I'll cut the enzyme at the birthday I can rotate a new parameter beta 3 million rows so Marquis Chavez not YouTube military chicken no the Rising Sun cushioned an alpha theorem a Tibetan a they were in the birthday video to Lawrence Anderson and any cake yet affordable profit at a table in the bird is fitting industry aho she can order could among limited anomaly polled an unencrypted Arctic energy virasana Journal a non mugger Kundalini cannot get a value property effectively kudu family predator is Shiva namah till the name army putting our junction of YWCA will about too many mothers chicken and owner and chairman demolish any cannibal th and I'm gonna partake in a particular my card where you put the energy her Chiron element by cart oven and in chemical nature and girls a hike a day in lae canal monocle naka angle even a cycle every single a car Tommy I'm gonna carry on looking a little pitcher plant in the village of anaerobic kidding will be shittin me Ava many property I'll put them tiananmen the property you know hey Shiva namah the name Amen and it created it was a comical over canal get that IV no Priscilla Morgan now proposal building Ghanim David no more degree come Macarena we're teacher [Applause] nube me and Amanda and mesh mission [Applause] and you

Jean Kelley



  1. maria binu Posted on May 21, 2019 at 10:39 am

    please prayer for my father,he has surgery for hernia but now got infection on operation site,doctor advised for re opening,please prayer his cure with out resugery.

  2. Mary Sindhy Posted on May 21, 2019 at 10:39 am

    Praise the Lord