October 18, 2019
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Pray that I be able

pray pray pray that I'll be able pray pray pray that I'll be able pray pray pray that I'll be able pray that I'll be able to stand whoa I'm down a crown hold it pray that I'll be able tell you're crying hold that pray that I'll be able tell your cry no less pray that I'll be able pray that I'll be able to say pray pray pray that I be able pray pray pray that I'll be able pray pray pray that I'll be able pray that I be able understand I'd say yeah I was thinking about when the Lord it it told me to own do this channel you know sometime just lay in my spirit you know just just justified I'll give me some praise you know and share it and so as I was thinking the day I was watching other people give God praise and I said well you know me watching you that's not the same thing as me provided my own offer that's me being a spectator instead of a participator so I'm going to read Psalm 31 I do play in the fellowship was some Saints today it says in dear Lord so I put my trust let me never be ashamed deliver me in thy righteousness but I'm down here to me deliver me speedily be thou my strong Rock it's for a house of defense to save me but thou art my rock and my fortress therefore for the name sing lead me and guide me pull me out of the net that they have laid properly for me but thou art my strength in the dine hand I commit my spirit thou has redeemed me O Lord God of truth I have hated them that my abilities but I trust in the Lord I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy but thou has considered my trouble there is no my soul in adversities and has not shut me up into the hand of the enemy that I set my feet than a large room I mercy upon me O Lord for I am in trouble man I its consumed with grief yeh man soul and my belly for my life is spit with grief and my ears were saying the strength my strength faileth because of mine iniquity and my bones are consumed I was a reproach among all my enemies but especially I'm all my neighbors and I fear to mine acquaintances they that did see me without Flair from me I'm forgotten like a dead man out of man I'm like a broken vessel you know and this is one thing you know when your truck in trouble and people could send you to be afflicted honey they were scattered like ghosts you won't have nobody what about a return your call and everything you go straight to their voicemail because they feel like you're only losing here but you like thank God that when people begin to show me and slander me I thank God God was faithful see you know their dislike if you marry to somebody and you lose your beingness or you lose your health or whatever like that if that person walk away from you then they never loved you anyway but a true or true hold my true spouse but stand by you through thick and thin UK body on you know that I either for a long haul they are investing to the same thing that you invested in then I just definite when they can get ash that's a word for somebody but it says um if I've heard the slant of many people's on every side well they took counsel together against me they devised to take away my life you know I was thinking about the woman that was caught in the very act of adultery I bought the moment to Jesus you know that's what church people do their religious it catch everybody else of fall it only examine himself hasn't gone to clean them but they fall if you're trying to sympathy some not like this person need some not like that person you're not gonna get you know poise just because you compare yourself to other people like a god and then we all got some things that we need strengthening from God no we all got something that we need to deliver from God no we were born and seen you know we were conceived in iniquity so no the part can't call the kettle black you know we all need Jesus in other words but anyway when the woman was caught in the very act of adultery who knitted foster huh huh huh gotcha now and it brought the moment of Jesus and they expected Jesus to stall her and Jesus said warmer we're not accused us cuz Jesus don't say you who is without sin cast the first stone so everybody thought stone down and now when we can't really you know George I like that cup we got some stuff we need to get straight down and so then that's when the Lord said woman we're not accusing that's a good sermon right yeah where's that accuse colony animal shop something about she kind of little glory Z's I felt that myself you know I thought about you know ones have no good Bobby judge me in judgment look at my children you know who they wanna belong to you know whatever you know and I say you know it's a crazy thing because have to fold it and give my children to I'm kid to them so you know I mean there's some genes that now you know but it's already the bloodline so mean I don't fornicator it doesn't mean we can't either way yeah so you have to kind of leave it to that find somebody knock into but anyway um is it but I trusted the Oh Lord I said no oh my god my times in down here and deliver me from the hand of mine enemies after them they persecute me make that face the shut up on that servant save me for that mercy say let me not be ashamed o Lord I've called upon thee let the wicked be ashamed and let them be sounding the gray let their land they'll be put to silence will speak Grievous things probably and contemptuously against the righteous oh how great is that goodness which dies later for them to feel thee which thou has brought for them their trust in thee before the sons of men thou shalt hide them in the secret of that presence from all someone done in the end of a hop glory Jesus how many got CC out of a whole sighs thank God note are still working I tell you I need Jesus now I need Jesus all about now it said blessed be the Lord for he F showed me his marvelous kindness in a strong City for I said in my haste I am cut off from the father now nevertheless thou heard is the voice of my supplication when I crowded z-o love the Lord hahaha glory Jesus argue his Saints for the Lord preserveth the faithful and plentifully rewarded the proud or be of good courage and he shall strengthen your heart are neither hoping the noise I paid a gobble bless the reading of the word and the word will find a place in my hardener won't be no story place you know I'm still reminded of the dream that God gave me because I I own I had this dream it is the truth I had this dream I tell you I'm going down I'm let it pass you know I mean s sad when you're going down a money pan that's not a good dream you know if you're dreaming of water and the water is clear that's good but if it muddy whoo I mean you guys will still need to get straightened out so anyway I'm going down his murder pay up in a dream and the Lord spoke to me I didn't see the law but I heard the Lord and he said you live and holding he said what you got some ways I'm not pleased with this but he told us what God told me you're a lot each fo a new bomber and you know call the gallery trees and cause they don't go too close the car they don't drink they don't smoke I don't even going to hear cramped up what I'm trying to tell you you don't have to leave a Muslim polite because jeiza okay he died that we might have life and there we may I have it more abundantly and a self-righteous print is an unhappy person absurd you through because see our ways are not like wage you know I mean you know I I of whom I thought I hate to tell it but my answer my hated me my lord I've had somebody unforgiveness in me go Bobby look at some bad I mean you know you let hate gum sharply in the whale your hair growing everything I can unroll hold on hate but anyway what I'm trying to say is I'd say out there to say dear then I love the Lord I love the Lord because he first loved me and if I get on this page and be getting a bath other folk Dean you got a problem I'll confess and by Cena confessing my fault nobody shot problems that you know because I know the goddess is a liberal he loved not only that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him you know that was a time when I was going through my crises and steal a car folk with crevel give it wrong but happened he's going out raise out the same folk on the same level of God you know if I couldn't get the I'm gonna spread through have look at this traitor a lot of times are gonna stop back and you make on the folk step back because he wants you to learn to seek Him you know because if you see God diligently and you're like okay you say you're looking for a job okay on Monday you go to one plane and they said you know and so you just so we're gonna you ain't looking for no job you look for something you looking for something but your anything for no job if you stop it the first no you know I mean you got to be persistent you have to be persistent in everything even when you're seeking God you have to be persistent for example you know when I first did this no pay I still don't ever wanna subscribe ladies I'll do it you know but God would tell me since I'd post and I said I don't know when we're all opposed to find a buddy reading me I mean everybody even watching it yeah but it began to strengthen me sometimes you're not doing it for other people sometimes is for you sometimes it's for your faith you know it's for your faithfulness you know you just be faithful over a few things God make you rule over a minute I got a page now right if it season my lawyer got late 2600 oh right so whatever 2,600 friends and stuff my god it's hard to keep up with all day sometime I guess I'm trying I did send I gotta get away I got to find me some peace I gotta look for my peace better way y'all be blessed just have a blessed day I love you in Jesus amen

Jean Kelley