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POWERFUL Interview With YWAM Missionary Mitch Metzger From The Phillippines

hey everybody it's that comfrey with public proclaimer ministries and I'm here with brother Mitch Metzger on his trip all the way across the country and brother John hey so we're gonna do just a little interview with brother Mitch and his travels he's a missionary from the Philippines from the Philippines and I was gonna ask you a a little bit about yourself you know a lot of people that are gonna be watching this don't know you as much so can you give us a bit of your backstory okay well real quick I grew up in South Dakota a restaurant business for six years all through high school the owner of the restaurant was a Pentecostal Assembly of God guy that used to witness to me sometimes it wasn't interesting then I eventually got fired from a bad attitude at age 19 and a half I joined the Marine Corps had my 20th birthday in the Marine Corps and I became a Christian in the Marine Corps when I was stationed at Memphis Tennessee that's awesome and then the military sent me to the Philippines and to Japan every year to fix airplanes so when I was in the Philippines I ran into some youth with a mission workers that ran like a rehab center or halfway house for former prostitutes discipleship home former bar girls sure so I volunteered with them fixed airplanes during the day three time at this halfway house and that's when God began to speak to me about missions and about leaving the military finishing my four year and going back yes that's what it went back to the Philippines at age 24 and stayed there I've been there 30 years now got married there and everything amen so what what type of ministry are you involved in there now as a mission what do you do in the Philippines well I'm with an organization called youth with a mission there's about 35 thousand of us full-time volunteers around the world there's about 300 of us in the Philippines Wow on and out of those 300 there's about 10 training centers in the Philippines and on these training centers is where we bring in mostly young people for six-month periods in three months classroom lecture and then three months outreach application and part of a leadership team of a training center near Manila and so we have about three of these discipleship training schools a year one school of evangelism year one school of worship every year our School of Performing Arts every year so there's about thirty three of us that live in the center mm-hmm and so training primarily is my number one thing yeah and about six months I'm away from home doing outreach with the students sure sure around the Philippines generally ham it's awesome so I understand that we know that you've been on a trip across is going across the country raising money I believe it is partially in a way you described to me about what you're doing and while we're meeting here today and what you've been up to over the last 60 days and in kind of what you're with what you're involved well when I was in high school I used to bicycle a lot around South Dakota North Dakota Minnesota area yeah even went to a bicycle course a 30 day course in Oregon where you learn how to build bikes and repair bikes I was gonna start a bike business in my hometown in South Dakota but that didn't work out because South Dakota has five months of winter or a little bicycle right right and so any home that didn't work out and I joined the military anyhow right so when I became a Christian then and then a missionary I sold all my bikes down to the last spoke wrench didn't touch a bike for 30 years in the Philippines yeah well in 2016 I was in Pennsylvania in an Amish community area looking down this this highway of Pennsylvania with these Amish barns and milk cows and looked like Kentucky yeah and as I stood on that nice black asphalt highway with the yellow line in the middle yeah I began to think you know if I'm ever gonna be able to do what I wanted to do in high school which is the bicycle across America yeah you know a dream I had and so I thought you know I don't I sold everything how can I do this you know so for two years in the Philippines 2016 17 18 and basically sat on this idea and thinking about it you know yeah you know if the Lord would return it the mmm the ability to do it again yeah so I begin to talk to my leaders there my mission leaders and talk to some of my key supporters that I think would be interested in this and would understand this I yeah and I got green lights from everybody so one of my doctor friends he gave me my first two and a half thousand to buy a bike and buy some of my initial equipment yeah yeah that's awesome what I did so a year ago pretty much I ordered my bike from America in Manila from a bike shop in Manila ordered it took three months to come to the Philippines and then I started riding again last December last Christmas I spent six months you know just riding in my free time around the Philippines about a thousand miles I put on and then I'm a guy in Colorado bought my airplane ticket from Manila to Portland and some church friends in Portland picked me up yeah and brought me to the starting line when I started Astoria Oregon is the official starting line or finish line of the Transamerica bicycle trail yeah here in America started 1976 by some guys out of Missoula so as I've been traveling this is day 66 for me I've been giving also away to New Testaments every day so every 10 days I have a care package that I'm sending to myself from myself yeah in Portland and I pick it up general delivery at post office yeah yeah at the designated place and in the boxes 20 fresh New Testaments for reloading you know yeah and so I've been every day I'm looking for two divine appointments basically someone to give my New Testaments to yes yeah that's the most basic basic basic evangelism that I've been doing on this trip yes I'm almost done I've got a maybe twenty days I'll be able to finish this off and you'll be finishing where Yorktown Virginia so you started where and finish what a story Oregon and I finish in Yorktown Virginia so it's ten states all of it's about four thousand two hundred and thirty miles ten states all of Oregon Idaho Montana Wyoming Colorado Kansas Missouri Illinois and then Kentucky and then Virginia almost done yeah yeah my goal is July 30th because my flight leaves back to Manila on August 2 yeah out of Norfolk Virginia and July 30th is my son's first year birthday so that's pretty cool okay nine year old I think I I think I'll make it by the 25th actually yeah yeah yeah I'm doing good and I did 72 miles I think today yeah but I only need to do 35 a day now yeah I have a lot of mile credits yeah you put some working so the more so the more I work I the more I can the quicker I'll get there and the more time I can take off either on the way or if once I'm there now I do have a question I kind of jumped ahead and I just want to bring it back just a quick second so you you got involved with the missions work started preaching was you always involved in open air ministry can you tell me about how you got brought into the open air ministry world because I know that you preach open air in the Philippines and and things like that so a lot of people are drawn to your ministry knowing you do that so how did you get involved in open air evangelistic well when I was a Marine there was a Navy guy who had been exposed to brother Jed and Cindy and sister Pat and he was quite evangelistic and he discipled me for about two years and he's the one that introduced me to brother Jed's book and tapes matter of fact Jed used to sell 60 cassettes yeah with all of his different sermons on there and I remember ordering them and we ordered a lot of stuff from last days ministries and we used it in our Bible study in the baricza's on Mondays that's awesome stuff in the barracks wait a Bible study on Mondays Wednesday church Friday evangelism Saturday follow-up Sunday church again and then Monday Bible study so I was quite involved and mostly because of the snake guy that discipled me and about seven other guys yeah and then then it went from there that's when I met roll call and of course I said Jed the Cindy and Jim gillies and who else do they meet in those earlier days other guys that honestly aren't even preaching anymore some that are backslidden unfortunately yeah but that was all in the 80s when I met these guys so I was reading their books and materials as well sure and just going out going out on the weekends around the military bases of North Carolina generally when I was stationed in the Philippines fixing airplanes I'd go out and preach by the bar areas yeah Philippines the bar areas of Japan when I was in Guam preaching on C Street also wow that's pretty cool so you've been all over the world doing this twenty-eight countries now and then I've been in and I've preached I've done evangelism in all 50 states as well yeah that might even be just like a trach in an earbud so on a track at a rest stop you know in main and then turn around and come out of the stadium to save touch yeah you checked it yeah I've got a video on youtube of my celebration at a at a rest stop in Vermont which was my last state yeah and so I'm on the video I'm telling my story how I I now officially finished all 50 states you know yeah Jim Weber calls an old state preacher he's another preacher in Las Vegas yeah yeah matter of fact Jim Weber was the first guy that gave me my first evangelism shirt Jesus Jesus Saves Pinter parish was on the back and on the front was um Jesus Saves from hell I guess help with the flames yeah yeah that was my very first shirt that second hand shirt that Weber gave me and he gave me 50 of these yellow trust Jesus signs 50 of 50 of them Wow when he was producing them out of Corvette org and he had a production machine they're just crazy yeah so I took the signs because it's only printed on one side and I put fear God on the other side yeah trust Jesus on one side her faith and fear God on the other side said when you hold it you get the sign double trouble signs are effective yeah you hold up a sign and people wonder so it's called signs and wonders you man I want to give Jim credit for you know getting he helped me with my first sandwich boards you know yeah and Ruben Israel he gave me a big sign once yeah that goes in a holster and then he hold it up and I started making a bunch of them in the Philippines mm-hmm so in the Philippines I've got enough signs and boards for groups of about a hundred and ten people now that's pretty soft we can you can cover a whole stream yeah yeah so with the organization I'm with there's always a lot of students or a lot of a church youth and stuff yeah thirty people going out is basic forty people going out on Friday basic you don't know only twenty-six signs you know yeah writing that's pretty normal everybody gets a sign that's awesome so I guess one last question what is it like to do evangelism in the Philippines is it different from America if you were to go and open air preach in America then you compare that to the Philippines is there much of a difference oh yeah what's the dip some things you can point out well I think the differences the Philippines is eighty percent Catholic if a name only 10% born-again evangelical ten percent Muslim but because of the huge Catholic background there's a natural respect or interest or curiosity for religious stuff they like religious stuff yeah yeah preaching open-air literature dis or any kind of a religious activity you know they they respect that they they're curious about that so drawing a crowd is is quite easy hecklers very seldom physical abuse although I've had some black eye before and I have been pushed around before those were by other cult type members yes normal religious people yeah you know cult members yes yeah that attacked me but yeah it's it's it's I don't want to say it's much easier but it's much more their hearts are softer yeah the audience is is there a nice audience yeah yeah I took a good beating by some middle schoolers the other day so I so it's interesting one of the one of the things I miss in the Philippines that I get here is you know a good heckler someone that will challenge you a little bit and say why you know such a you know you know what proof do you have that the Bible is real or right right what's your proof you will seldom get that from a Filipino in the audience so you have to really really work hard at trying to get them to engage so we we have different gimmicks or things that do work like you know does anyone have a question anyone you know don't be shy go ahead any question or you can give your question to one of our team members and they'll come and tell me yeah yeah or one of our team members is passing out some paper right now if you have a question to write your question on that paper give it back to the girl in the group of blue shirt and she'll bring it to me yeah yeah okay for question why is praying to Mary wrong okay the question is look at Mauna Lani see Maria I'm Ali why prett is praying to Mary wrong uh-huh and so that's quite effective you can go for a few hours doing that type of a technique sure and others will say well they're really working give me paper also yeah you know then you're loaded with quest so that that's been helpful um so I'm sure you've seen a lot of fruit I've started a four churches in the Philippines started four treasures you can start a church in about ten men praise God you can if you if you're intentional and focused what does that mean when you say that intentional that means um okay this six block region here we're gonna start a church yeah and we've got ten days to do it ready go that's what I mean by intentional meaning focusing on an area of village of community that that means intentional your target audience yeah yeah okay maybe it's a village of 2,000 people yeah and just ten days every every day every house every home it can be open airs in the morning it can be house-to-house in the afternoons like wouldn't it like what Jehovah's and Mormons do yes literally house-to-house you know which is really easy and normal in Asia because that's the culture house the house they like house to house okay they like the company you take your shoes off and you come in and it's very snacks will come out and remember they like talking about religion generally so so house to house open airs maybe film showing in the evening or sports in the weekend you know like Saturday um games for the kids sports um tag races snacks and preaching yeah uh-huh Sunday service I mean Sunday service so the whole week or advertised sunday sunday sunday sunday is coming everybody invited Sunday you know Sunday Sunday 9 o'clock Sunday 9 right yeah so everything is build up build up build up for Sunday yeah and then you start your first service the on the seven or de six or whatever Sunday comes up you know if you start on a Wednesday then Sundays gonna come sooner right yes so you start your first service on your first Sunday not you know first service ten months from now you started four days from now yes welcome to our first Sunday morning service II yeah yeah and then just continue continue continue we have to partner with local Christian someone that's going to be there after we leave yes what do you thinks the biggest hindrance to people being Christians in the Philippines is it theological misconceptions is it influences from the cults is it just not hearing the gospel like what is the biggest hindrance issue for them for them to becoming Christians or being Christians what snags them I think surrender just the general same problems we have here surrendering the same exactly when it comes you know yielding one's life come to church fine everyone can come to church right horse you have to really surrender your boyfriend or surrender your habit or surrender your the sin whatever it is that you know you're doing that God's not happy with yes where the rubber meets the road and they have to decide okay am I really willing to give this up the exact same thing here is in America seems like exact same almost nearly identical the surrendering expanding it could be maybe not pursuing college it could be but I wanted to really focus on getting a job this summer but you're inviting me to Bible study so just considering the cost that they have to pay to follow Jesus is we also have another difficulty and that's in Filipino culture it's quite well the parents raised the children and then they will support the parents later on so it's the social security is the children taking care of the parents at a later age so this is a big challenge for us for challenging low-battery this is a challenge challenge for us because a lot of the young people are under a lot of pressure to do what mom and dad want them to do you know finish college get a good job right right because if you don't this isn't gonna work so well that's right yeah very culture it's big that's an Asian thing that's all across Asia whether it's Thailand Laos Cambodia Vietnam Philippines Indonesia Malaysia Miramar that's Asian we call it hot weather cultures yeah this this type of a thing so when we challenge young people to follow Jesus get discipleship or become a missionary they're always thinking family family family right unlike in the West independent culture do what you want to do you know yeah yeah yeah yeah so we're you're setting out now what is your vision for the future and what God may have you doing is that something you would be willing to speak on do you have a do you see where God may be taking you or doing with Y amor or what is your perspective of their future I've been with youth with the mission now for 30 years in the Philippines yeah so I'm like a general and missions you know if I would have stayed 30 years in the Marines I'd be a sergeant major already yeah I would be like seven stripes so just to continually mobilize and multiply leaders and disciples and we do that primarily through the mediums of our two six-month discipleship training school and our six-month school evangelism this also include the planting of the churches is like a sideline in other words that is something that has done through our students as we as we have these you know we have 200 students a year going through our schools yeah so we need stuff for them to do right yes what should we do well let's start some churches let's do you know evangelist yes so the schools are primary for accomplishing the other ministry goals etc so I've runs I've already run 13 schools of evangelism when I've led for discipleship transfers but I'm part of a leadership team of a training center that has staff that lead these like right now we have a school going on right now while I'm here bicycling across America yeah cool going on with 12 students I think there's eight guys in the school nine ten eleven twelve and four girls yeah and the staff or when I get back I'm gonna be teaching in their school yeah and teaching in another school and teaching so about eight weeks a year I'm teaching in these discipleship training schools around the Philippines yes earlier I said there's ten training centers in the Philippines all of them have to have at least one week of repentance clear conscience type teaching restitution one week of evangelism teaching and one week of relationships are relating to the opposite sex teaching so crucial for you that's been conditional so I'm the itinerant teacher for those topics so I've got four weeks of teaching I when I get back August is full already August September souls I have my own school starting September 22 yes evangelism I've got one other staff a lady in myself maybe four students will have and then so that's it multiplying mobilizing the sampling disciples yeah I don't want to go too long with this but I have a really important question I like to ask spiritual leaders what are some spiritual disciplines you daily maintain to be able to do what you do in your mission work or in just your daily Christian life how do you maintain your Christian character and discipline what is it reading the word when you first get up praying old what is your typical day look like for Mitch Metzger live a holy life when I was a new believer I ran into a group called The Navigators yeah very generic group started by Dawson Trotman and I'll never forget but our life is like a Christian Wheel Christ must be the center of our life obviously and there's four spokes of our life like a wheel and the spokes have to be equal in order for the wheel to roll properly but the first spoke is the word scriptures Horsham yeah doesn't need to necessarily be two chapters a day or whatever but some kind of you know food all scriptures inspired begun to teach us rebuke us practice and train us for right living that we might be perfect thoroughly equipped unto good works and then prayer of course hey when you're bicycling on eight or twelve hours a lot of time for prayer right no problem and then fellowship with other believers and evangelism share your faith so this is our vertical life with God God's Word prayer and our horizontal life is fellowship with others and witnessing yes come follow me and I'll make you fishers of men Matthew 4:19 sure and everything has to be surrounded by obedience yet yeah of course in obedience he that hath my commands and keepeth them as the one that loves me he that loves me will be loved by my father on 14 and I too will love him and show or manifest or make myself known unto Him yea so we must obey yeah simple as that so that never changes that never changes whether you're a 30 year Christian 50 year Christian or five day Christian price must be the center the word prayer fellowship witnessing yes we're having fellowship here you drove two hours for fellowship right I drew six miles today yeah 72 miles up yeah like this in 93 degree weather yeah that's one of my favorite questions to ask people because knowing how someone lives out there Christian walk to me is the most critical aspect to I want to know because when you look up to someone spiritually you want to know how do you do it you know what I mean and so a lot of times to think even people may super over complicate it what do you think and and and and sometimes they under complicated in the sense that I don't know it seems it's just something really important for me to ask people so is there anything else you want to add before we kind of close this up what do you have on your heart is there something in there well nothing other than I'm gonna finish this trip in about 20 days or so sure back in the Philippines starting off August 2 so you can just um follow me there on Facebook Mitch Metzger M e TZ ger or my website is Mitch tor.com or go Mitch to calm just type in brother Mitch on Google and you'll find me like the first four pages are all yeah my links you know right and we'll be back back on duty there yeah yeah yeah this is not my official frugal my official forum will be next year 2020 that's when I come to America with my wife yeah and we will borrow a car from a friend and start Dakota and then we'll hit about 40 states doing visiting about 30 Church's teaching preachings evangelism visiting all of our supporters yes we stay in like 65 homeless in four months so we average a different city every three days and every city increase just people we know like – right you know it might include evangelism like tonight it might include a immense breakfast group tomorrow yeah or a Sunday service on Sunday yes yeah yeah well Mitch see you in 2020 yes god bless you all look don't work with you in the future – I'm excited really appreciate what you do your ministry is blameless and and it's an honor to get a knee – that's a so god bless you and everyone pray for his ministry and his trip amen

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