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People Who Took Pop Culture Way Too Seriously…

Here at Toptenz we’ve never been ones to
shy away from admitting our faults, and we know that in the past we’ve been guilty
of over-analyzing pop culture perhaps a little too much. That said, we always did so with a tongue
planted firmly in our cheek. Today we’re here to talk about 10 aspects
of pop culture people took more seriously than we ever imagined. For example, consider the absolute mess that
has arose as a result of people arguing about … 10. The pronunciation of the word GIF We’re not going to insult anyone reading
this by trying to suggest that some of you may not know what GIFs are, but for those
of you who don’t, they’re the ubiquitous moving images you see everywhere online. They can be used to show anything from a movie
clip to a ninja octopus and everything in between, and they’re a staple of the internet
ecosystem and a massive part of current popular culture. The word GIF itself stands for Graphics Interchange
Format, which was created by a guy named Steve Wilhite back in 1987. Now according to Wilhite, GIF should be pronounced
with a soft “G” sound like in the word giraffe, meaning the word should be pronounced,
“Jif”. The internet however, disagrees, stating that
it should be pronounced with a hard “G” like the kind you’d find in the word golf
because the G in GIF stands for “graphic” which is also pronounced with a hard G. This argument has been going back and forth
without a clear victor emerging since the 90’s. In fact, the arguments about how to pronounce
GIF are so fierce that the Oxford freaking dictionary simply accepts both pronunciations
because it’s easier than having people write in to complain (because you know they would). Seriously, go to the comment section of any
article talking about this and you will see literally hundreds of people trying to tear
each other’s throats out over how to properly pronounce a three letter word that even the
dictionary agrees can be pronounced either way. The fact this argument has been going on for
over a decade when the creator of the format itself has already given an incredibly blunt
answer to the question is a testament to the lengths people will go to prove a point. Speaking of which… 9. The argument about Game of Thrones that ended
with someone (nearly) being thrown through a window. One of the things that makes the Game of Thrones
series so engaging is the fact that nobody is safe from being killed off, maimed or otherwise
removed from the show in the most bloody and brutal way possible. Now we don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun,
so we’re not going to spoil any part of the show for people who haven’t seen it
with this entry – all we’re going to say is that something happened in the show that
really annoyed this Florida resident. According to police reports, the man, identified
as Michael Podniestrzanski, got into a heated argument with his cousin over an event in
the show’s second episode (the exact cause of the argument isn’t known). When it dawned on Podniestrzanski that words
weren’t going to sway his pigheaded cousin’s opinion on the matter, he calmly and politely,
punched him in the face and tried to throw him through a window. No charges were filed for the incident, presumably
because both men wanted to see what happened in the third episode. Because hey, it’s not like anyone got shot
or anything, right? 8. The guy who shot his girlfriend over an argument
about The Walking Dead. Like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead is
a show that has a very devoted fan base. If you’ve managed to venture online this
long without ever encountering it, or the comic series it’s based on, the show basically
follows the day-to-day adventures of a group of people trying to survive after a zombie
apocalypse. The reason we bring up the premise of the
show is because the cause of actual zombie outbreak, which is the entire crux of series,
is something that has never been elaborated upon. In fact, the creator of the original comic
book has openly stated that he’ll probably never explain how the outbreak began because
it’s not important to the story he wants to tell. In other words, it’s supposed to be intentionally
vague to add to the mystery of the show. Jared Gurman however, didn’t want to accept
that and was insistent that a “military mishap” of some kind could potentially cause
an identical situation. Gurman’s girlfriend, Jessica, didn’t accept
this theory, which lead to an argument so explosive she went to stay at her parents’
house. That in itself is kind of ridiculous, but
Gurman didn’t stop there. Even after his girlfriend had left the house
(the universal signal for “it’s time to stop arguing numb-nuts”), he continued to
send her abusive and threatening text messages because how could he be wrong? Showing more patience than her boyfriend deserved,
Jessica went back to her house to calm her boyfriend down. Ten minutes later, he’d shot her through
the back with a rifle which is a perfectly reasonable response if you’re totally insane. Luckily, Gurman was as bad at shooting as
he was at arguing and Jessica survived the ordeal. Gurman was later arrested and it was discovered
that he was “passionate about weapons” because of course he was. 7. The people arguing about whether or not libraries
should stock Harry Potter. Whether you like the Harry Potter series or
not, there is one fact about the books that you absolutely can’t argue with – that
it got a ton of kids into reading. That fact alone should be more than enough
to warrant the books’ inclusion in any respectable library or place of learning. However, some people disagree, not because
the books aren’t proper literature or because they’re chock-full of plot holes, but because
they promote witchcraft. Before you go ahead and think that this is
probably due to a small minority of over protective parents yelling loud enough to make it into
the local news, we should point out that Harry Potter is literally one of the most challenged
books of all time. Challenged in this context meaning that people
have formally complained about the book appearing in public and school libraries. Now the author of this article is no stranger
to picking holes in the Harry Potter universe, but this is on another level. Just let it soak in that one of the single
most popular children’s books of all time, a book that got millions of children to read
and spawned a characters more popular than some
real-life celebrities, is constantly having to justify its place in libraries. 6. The guys who got into a fist fight, over a
martial arts game. Because you’re going to see video games
rearing their head a few more times over the course of this article, we should stress that
we’re not under the impression that video games, or indeed any kind of media, causes
violent behavior. We’re well aware that almost all of the
arguments and acts of violence we’ll be covering today were caused by stupid people,
not the media they consumed. That said, video games seem to attract a disproportionate
amount of people with a propensity to do something that makes you shake your head in disbelief. Case in point, in October of 2012, two Chinese
teenagers got into an actual fist-fight over an argument about which fictional martial
art was the best in the Jet Li MMO (yes, that’s a real thing) they were both playing in a
local internet cafe. Before the two men came to blows, they’d
been having a passionate argument about whose virtual kung fu could kick the most ass, and
when the owner of the cafe asked the teenagers to shut they hell up, they instead agreed
they should take the argument outside. Long story short, a few minutes later, the
police we called to drag the two bloodied teenagers off of each other and they were
both given a stern warning to not do it again. We’d end on a snarky comment, but the cafe
owner already beat us to it with this quote: “I’ve never met such losers in my life,
fighting over literally nothing.” 5. The music fans who harassed Lorde, over a
quote she never said. If you’re one of those annoying hipster
types who claims to be able to avoid any and all popular music just so that you can look
cool and aloof at parties, this is Lorde. Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s
talk about her boyfriend, James Lowe. A photographer by trade, Lowe was thrust into
the media spotlight when his relationship with Lorde was made public. For the most part this wasn’t a big deal,
until One Direction fans suddenly decided that they hated Lorde. This resulted in a deluge of racist, insulting
and poorly spelled messages being hurled at Lowe. According to various sources, fans of One
Direction and Justin Bieber, who are widely known for their placid temperaments and ability
to take criticism, out of nowhere decided that Lorde had called their musical idols
ugly. For the record, there is no known record of
Lorde ever saying anything like this. She did however call them overrated, a sentiment
echoed by about 90% of the online world. But arguing about why the music you like is
culturally relevant is difficult and requires the use of long words, so fans of both acts
decided it was just easier to send Lorde and her boyfriend (whom is of Asian descent) racist
messages. Because, there’s no way saying awfully offensive
things online at a young age is ever going to come back and bite you in the ass in an
age where it takes seconds to screenshot that junk and have it preserved forever. 4. The fans who threatened the creators of a
game, over millisecond changes Like we said a few paragraphs ago, there are
a lot of entries about video games in the article because they seem to be the medium
that attracts the most people willing to immediately resort to offensive language when things don’t
go exactly their way. Something we’d like to dub the FIFA effect,
because that game is probably the king of broken controllers and friendships. Moving away from that, we’d like to discuss
what happened when the creators of popular shooting game Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 released
a patch that literally changed the way some guns fired by a fraction of a second. In short, they went batpoop crazy. As we’ve mentioned before, in response to
a patch that was released with the express intention of making the game more balanced,
or in other words, better for everyone except the small fraction of players abusing bugs
that were never meant to be in the game, people sent one of the people who worked on the game
real-life death threats. In case the full stupidity of that sentence
isn’t sinking in, we’ll reiterate what we said: the people sending these threats
took time out of killing people in a virtual world, to threaten to kill a man in our world,
virtually. That’s some next level stupidity right there. 3. The beer pong stabber. We’re just going to jump right into this
one because it’s so absurd we didn’t actually believe it happened until we found a CBS article
confirming its legitimacy, that a guy was stabbed over an argument about beer pong. Like many of you are probably doing now, we
assumed that someone was stabbed during a game of beer pong and the news just got carried
away, but no, police reports seem to totally confirm that the argument was caused, or at
least exacerbated by a simple game of beer pong. Wait, isn’t the whole point of that game
is that it’s supposed to be all about drinking and having fun? Since when did knives become fun and when
is the best time to pull them out at a party? 2. People really wanted Frozen merchandise For everyone reading this who doesn’t have
a girlfriend, sister, female friends or a Tumblr account, Frozen is a recent Disney
movie that seems to have really struck a chord with big chunk of the population, in particular,
young girls and boys. As you’d expect from a Disney movie, Frozen
has of course spawned a slew of related merchandise. However, the bigwigs at Disney seemingly underestimated
the potential popularity of the film, which resulted in merchandise selling faster than
the company could restock shelves. This left parents with excitable children
suffering from Frozen-mania with two choices, calmly explaining to their children that they
can’t always get what they want and that they’d have to get something else, or go
absolutely insane and start punching cashiers until Frozen merchandise magicked itself into
existence. Understandably, a lot of parents chose the
latter option. According to workers in the biggest Disney
store in New York, customers didn’t react well to being told that they were sold out
of Frozen merchandise. While some customers reacted with the tried
and true method of attacking cashiers who were clearly hoarding merchandise for themselves,
others resorted to trying to guilt employees into supplying them stock that literally didn’t
exist by claiming their children were sick, dying, or worse, a tactic that’s also common
amongst parents with no souls who want to get into Disney land for free. For parents who didn’t want to take the
“my child is dying, give me free stuff” route, the only other option was to spend
thousands of dollars buying the merchandise online, which is exactly what some parents
did, because $1200 is a perfectly reasonable amount of money to spend on a 9 inch tall
doll that normally retails for $16.95. That’s a 7000% mark-up. This whole series of events echoes several
toy fads from history, in particular the Beanie Baby craze, which saw parent’s snatching
toys from the hands of children, dressing up in different outfits to try and by-pass
a three Beanie per person limit at certain stores and buying dozens of happy meals and
throwing them away just to get the free Beanie Baby’s they contained. But hey, lying about your kid having a terminal
disease, stealing from infants and straight-up assault are perfectly acceptable responses
to your child really liking a Disney movie, right? 1. The awful “fans” ruining cosplay for everyone. Cosplay is the act of dressing like a fictional
character from a movie, TV show, video game or Anime for fun. Though it was once a niche past-time enjoyed
by a select few super-fans, thanks to a recent explosion of interest in all things nerdy,
it has become a far more commonplace aspect of pop culture, which is awesome. One of the best things about Cosplay is that
there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Want to painstakingly recreate your favorite
character right down to the shade of blue on their jock strap? Go for it! Want to gender-bend a well-known and established
character? Ballin! Want to cover yourself in red paper and tape
and say that you’re Iron Man? We’d be mad if you didn’t. Despite the fact that cosplaying is something
99% of people do for fun, an increasingly common and depressing trend in the world of
cosplay is bullying, with many cosplayers of both genders reporting abuse and general
unpleasantness from the very people who call themselves fans of the things they’re trying
to celebrate. Complaints from cosplayers range from being
told they’re too unattractive to portray a certain character to their ownership of
a penis being unacceptable. And of course, there’s also a healthy amount
of sexism and harassment, because it’s not a party without those guys. We were going to end this article on a positive
note, but instead we’re just going to say that if you’re the kind of person who feels
like you should be able to tell people not to dress up like a kick-ass wizard or Batman,
you’re the one with the problem, not them.

Jean Kelley



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  87. Tarbosh von Weinerschnitzel Posted on December 17, 2019 at 12:32 am

    I always love hearing about these idiotic parents going absolutely freaking insane over trying to get their hands on these ridiculous toys that their whiny, entitled little hellspawn won't give S**T ONE about a month later. I guess dropping $1000 on that singing Elsa oven mitt makes sense to these dingbats.

  88. PHANT0M WOLF Posted on December 17, 2019 at 9:19 pm

    It's pronounced gif, not gif.

  89. ferociousgumby Posted on December 22, 2019 at 8:04 am

    GIFF me the answer! Noooooo, just jiff me the answer.

  90. Jers Eydevil Posted on December 22, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    i dont think a male should dress like an anime girl

  91. billyc call Posted on December 23, 2019 at 3:04 am

    Long island seems to be a hot spot

  92. Lola Campbell Posted on January 1, 2020 at 7:42 pm

    I don't like Harry Potter but not cause of the witch craft i just got tired of it but it's not a bad book it's no different than a tolken novel or c.s. Lewis or even.peter s.beagles books i.actually was apart of a summer literacy program at my local umc and they had their own kids library in the youth room and Harry Potter was on the shelves and yes even Tom Sawyer lighten up ppl it's just a.story..and pop culture is fun.but don't make it your life or insane over it …as usual Simon great video and fun as always..happy new year..

  93. Karen Bowler Posted on January 3, 2020 at 6:53 pm

    It's actually an initalism, you can just say G. I. F. to avoid any trouble

  94. Anthony Martino Posted on January 5, 2020 at 11:00 am

    I am a proud florida man

  95. Ginger Cat Posted on January 5, 2020 at 2:27 pm

    I am a hippie who avoids all popular music. That is why I dont understand your references.

    Not because I only listen it disney songs and Skillet…..

  96. Guy VanArsdall Posted on January 6, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    Although I love listening to Simon rattle off amazing historical facts , there is a part of me that gets a real kick out of him being snarky sometimes.

  97. Vic T Posted on January 7, 2020 at 12:02 am

    Couple of those reminded me of the recent Wolfenstein game. People got so pissy about shooting nazis that they bitched online, to Bethesda, and tried tanking the score before and after release. Imagine being that upset because a game has you killing nazis.